Mamasans Knock You Out



Mamasans Knock You Out


159 Mins.

Vouyer Media


THEMES: Asian Women, Cougars


STARS: Max Mikita, Beti Hana, Jessica Bangkok, Kaiya Lynn, Lucky Starr,


This is the latest movie from new director Zander. The last one I saw also featured hot Asian girls so we may have a pattern developing. This time around the women are cougars and ready to fuck. The formula is pretty simple with tease, interview and sex for each scene. The first two stages are nicely shot and interesting, but the sex is what makes this movie. Every woman in the flick is attractive, energetic and ready to impress. Beti Hana is new, ready for something big and totally hot in this movie. Kaiya Lynn is back and at the top of her game. Jessica Bangkok gives her usual great scene. She’s always fun to watch. Max Mikita has a tight body and is always ready to play. Lucky Starr is a new performer who looks a whole lot younger than she is. She’s a great cock sucker and a hot fuck. Every scene is worth watching just for the sheer energy. If you happen to be looking for slightly more experienced Asian women all the better. These are some red hot mamasans waiting to love us all long time.

Beti Hana & Sascha

The tease before this scene is really nice looking. It has a slight gloss to it and the camera lingers on Beti‘s sweet curves and sexy tan lines. As soon as she is done showing off her body, this Hawaiian cougar lets us know that she’s thirty. She is very new to the business with fewer that a dozen scenes under her belt. Apparently Beti likes funny older guys who can make her laugh. She also must like big dicks because she is really impressed with what Sascha brings to the table and it has nothing to do with his age or sense of humor. Beti giggles quite a big while sucking because she is easily distracted by the witty banter from behind the camera. New or not, this girl is very good with her mouth and takes quite a bit before she has to stop. He pulls her into his lap and lets her show off her while she pumps up and down on his dick. The doggy shots are really good because she’s got such great legs and her pussy looks really good from this angle. The harder he pounds her, the more she likes it. Sascha gives it to her as hard and deep as she wants and then shoots all over her face. This girl is super hot from her head to her toes.

Kaiya Lynn & Mark Wood

I haven’t seen Kaiya in a new scene in quite some time. She has always been one of my faves so this is a really nice surprise. The tease is good and the interview is short enough to keeps us interested. Mark steps up to the plate and Kaiya rubs his cock through her jeans. Once it pops out of his pants, she fills her mouth with his meat. Nice semi-POV shots looking down as she sucks his balls and rubs his dick on her pretty face. Kaiya‘s body looks really good these days. She spreads those legs and lets him pump deep for a bit before sucking her juices off of him. That warm up gets them going, but once she gets on top. Kaiya just lets loose. Great ass shots and a lot of hot talk along the way. The big cock just lights her up and she shows us once again that her energy is as hot as her body. Mark tries hard to knock her out with hard deep strokes, but Kaiya is ready to take his load, wear it with a smile and swallow the rest. I am really glad to see this sexy woman again.

Jessica Bangkok & Marco Banderas

Jessica does her tease out by the pool, shaking her sexy ass by the pool as she strips down, rubs her nipples and gets us all ready to see her go nuts. Sitting down for the interview, she pulls out her big tits and just can’t wait to get down on her knees. Great eye contact as she sucks his balls and jerks that dick off for a while. As always, Jessica gives a very sloppy BJ and takes quite a bit of meat into her. Climbing up on top, she wiggles her ass as she slides up and down. I love her energy and the visual here are enough to make this really hot. When Jessica turns around we get a good look at her interestingly groomed pussy. (An arrow?) She likes it deep and when she is done fucking, she gets back on her knees and lets him pump her pretty face. If you like hot girls who love to verbalize, then Jessica is the sort of woman who will really turn you on. She is back on her knees again for the cumshot. Marco shoots is all over her face and into her wide open mouth. Jessica is just fun to watch, all of the time.

Lucky Starr & Marco Banderas

Lucky goes with the red silk dress as she shows off her body during a hot little dance. During her interview she seems really, really enthusi
astic. She’s thirty-six years old and doesn’t look even close to that age. Wow. During the interview we find out that she’s big on eating ass and likes to drive men wild with her tongue. Marco is definitely a lucky guy today. Before she does any ass licking, Lucky takes cock in her mouth and gives one hell of a hot blowjob. Experience matters, that’s for sure. Lucky has obviously been practicing and has his cock all shiny before riding it. (She also licks Marco’s ass just for fun.) Not at all shy about vocalizing, she rides his dick and talks dirty until it is time to clean him off with her mouth. I swear she doesn’t look a day over 25 and is so fucking cute that I have to hope we see a lot more from her. She looks really good with her legs spread wide and that big cock pounding into her tight pussy. Yes folks I seem to be falling in lust with Lucky at an alarming rate. He’s got a huge load for her face and sprays Lucky down nicely. She has a great smile and I can’t’ wait to see more from her.

Max Mikita & Mark Ashley

Cover girl Max Mikita gives us some super sexy tease, showing off a body that is in perfect shape for any age. My only problem here is that the tease is so good that I don’t want to break for the interview. I want her to get right to the good stuff. During the interview she tells us that at 36 she prefers anal to vaginal sex. Mark gets to have both with this sexy woman and that suits them both just fine. That big dick stretches her lips, but she sucks it like she has found something really special. Nice close up shots ass he jerks and sucks it. More eye contact would be nice, but we’re still looking at one of the hottest BJS of the movie even before she looks into the camera. After a short ride with his dick in her pussy, Max bends over and takes it right up the ass. She’s got a great butt that swallows cock very well. Mark loves the way her ass squeezes him and she loves the way he pumps her hard and strong. Great anal sex here with hot energy and a big facial finish for this super sexy babe. Sucking the last few drops from his dick Max stares into the camera and savors the flavor.

Bonus: Trailers, Hardcore Pics, Cutting Room Floor & Bonus scene starring Mika Tan with Jack Napier.

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