Caughty My Wife With a Gangsta

Caught My Wife With a Gangsta


127 Mins.

Combat Zone


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Cheating, Hidden Cameras


STARS: Tasha Lynn, Tiffany Taylor, Mellanne Monroe, Brittany Blaze, Angela Addison, Wesley Pipes, Prince Yashua, Cuntre
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These hidden camera movies are getting popular. This one comes to us in the form of a private investigator who has the goods on lots of cheating wives. They use some interesting angles and editing tricks to give it the look of a secretly taped fuck. That can be fun and annoying at the same time. The longer angles can be good and add to the voyeuristic nature of the action. But they can also leave us out in the cold. The interracial action is pretty good and they try to set it up. The cheating aspect just doesn’t really come through. There is an odd wrap-around scene with Tasha Lynn that is occasionally hot, but out of place. Tiffany is supposed to be a cheating wife, but ends up having non-descript (though rather hot) sex with Wes on a couch. Mellanne is an FBI Agent stuck in a semi-forced scene. Actually there is no force. By the time he starts fucking her she is begging for it. Angela Addison is pretty damn hot in the finale. I give this movie credit for trying and for milking some pretty hot action out of an average collection of women. It’s not great, but it will appeal to anyone who likes the idea of peeking in cheating wives getting black fucked.

Tasha Lynn

Tasha is supposed to be undercover helping plant cameras to catch cheating wives. Instead she puts the moves on one of the clients. When the dude sees his young wife cheating he gets turned on so she does a lap dance for him. It’s just kind of an odd little opening with no sex.

Tiffany Taylor & Wesley Pipes

Tiffany is the eighteen year old bride in question. Sam sends in Wes to see if he can sweep her off her feet. He tries getting some work done, but she is sucking on a lollipop while fucking herself with a dildo and he’s only human. Without a word she takes his cock and starts sucking it to full size. Unable to remain quiet himself Wes does his “dick dog” trick and starts babbling out something or another. Tiffany gets on top and starts fucking. She is really good looking, but this scene features moderate sexual energy and is a bit slow out of the gate. He is annoying as always but Wes dishes out the dick quite well in this scene. Tiffany loves riding it and has a hot little body. She gets the sort of deep hard fucking that her husband just can’t provide and even if it costs her her marriage, I don’t think she is going to be all that upset. He pulls out and shoots his load all over her shaved pussy. Not a bad start, but I hope it gets better.

Tasha Lynn

Tasha is getting a little more into the action now. She takes out the cock and starts stroking it. It’s kind of odd POV lap dance footage that doesn’t quite fit what’s going on here.

Mellanne Monroe & Prince

Mellanne is an FBI Agent who is hot on the trail of a jewel thief who breaks in, rapes the women and steals from them. Odd set up I guess, but it leads us to the next scene. This thick blonde comes home, puts her gun away and then hits the shower. We get plenty of footage of her soaping up her body and masturbating. Prince shows up, finds her gun and figures out that she is the agent chasing him. He walks in on her in the shower and orders her to keep masturbating for him. Having followed his exploits, she knows what comes next and gets on her knees willingly. Mellanne sucks and licks that long pole like she can’t wait to feel it inside of her. He holds her head still and fucks her mouth until she can’t take any more meat. Standing her up, he bends the blonde cop over and fucks her pussy with a vengeance. He grabs her by the hair and slaps her big ass hard on every stroke. Once she is used to the side, Mellanne climbs on and slams her body down to engulf every inch of him. Good energy here as he pounds her and then unloads a big was all over her fact. This scene is actually pretty hot.

Tasha Lynn

Continuing her wrap-around scene, Tasha slips a rubber onto the unseen guy and starts fucking him. The close quarters isn’t really conducive to good shots, but if you like tight POV then you can enjoy it.

Brittany Blaze & Cuntre

Brittany is a journalist doing a story on street thugs. She gets a taste and decides that she just can’t get enough. While waiting for one of her new friends to arrive, she bends over on the couch and uses a toy to get her juices flowing. Cuntre shows up and just gets right down to business. Brit is on her knees with a cock battering her through before she can blink. His meat gets nice and wet so that she can easily squat fuck his big hard rod. Her big ass is on display as she fucks. If you like big butts and IR sex this isn’t bad, but the energy is rather mediocre and there is not a whole lot to recommend here. The doggy is decent and he pushes her up pretty high. I like the long shots of her with both legs up in the air, but mostly this scene just falls too flat for me even with a nice big facial.

Angela Addison & Wesley Pipes

Angela is a masseuse who gives a little extra for her special clients. She does give Wes a bit of a rubdown, but quickly gets her hands into some He massages her pussy with his tongue. That gets her ready for his big cock. Wes slides is in and even with his non-stop chatter, the scene works. Angela gives good looking head and talks dirty while he goes deep into her from behind. Good energy overall, especially when she is on top dropping her full body weight down to make sure she gets every inch. By the time he empties his balls on her face, Angela acts cum starved as she drains every last drop.

Tasha Lynn

The wrap around finally ends with a POV BJ. Some occasional eye contact as she finishes him off on her tongue and jerks out the last few drops.

Bonus: Lots of cool bonus scenes here. Tasha Lynn teasing on a ladder, Brittney Blaze taking a shower and Angela Addison using a vibrator. We also get a cumshot recap.
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