Big Titted First Timers 7



Big Titted First Timers 7

Movie Type: Straight

Mins. According to JM Productions, it’s 120, but it’s really less than 85

JM Productions

Director: Unknown

Themes: Amateurs, Old Porn

Condoms: No


Stars: Fawn, Cindy, Bunny, Valeria (none of the girls are identified)

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

Big Titted First Timers 7 starts off with a big-tit, brunette biker chick cruising down a street on a motorcycle. Not sure what her name is because none of the girls on this one are identified. JM’s website doesn’t give much in the way of info either. Anyway, there’s a dude on the sidewalk thumbing a ride. Even though the guy acts like he can’t take care of himself, she still picks him up. They’re back at her place and she throws him onto a bed. She tells him he’s “worthless” and you can’t blame her. A veteran porn stud, (whose name escapes me,) plays the role of a guy that’s totally inexperienced sexually. They start the oral off with pussy licking before she tells him off for not doing things as she sees fit. Then there’s an average blowjob, in which she brings his very limp dick to life. The sexual positions are as follows: mish, anal mish and doggy style anal. The cumshot comes after he’s fucked her tits. Overall, this is an unexciting scene and the picture is very poor. Watching this, you’d think the cameraman was an amateur, too, as he/she doesn’t always keep things in focus.

Next up, we have a nerdy dude with a dirty blonde that’s in fair shape. She’s got decent tan lines, and somewhat big boobs. Her man says they’re 36Ds. One good thing about this pairing, they actually seem like a real couple. They make out, he fondles her tits and then works his way down to her cooch, which he munches on. She gives him a deep, sensual blowjob and then it’s time for the sex, cowgirl style. They both get into a seated position and fuck that way, as well. This is an especially good position for her, as she really thrusts her hips into his cock. Then they do mish and doggy. During doggy, she seems pretty excited and takes a bite from the towel in she’s laying on. There’s a little hair yanking from her man, too. After this, they get into some of the previous positions, missionary is followed by a blowjob and then they do cowgirl. Like the last scene, he cums after fucking her tits. The difference is, this girl seems to relish his cum, lapping it up as he’s ejaculating.

And now for the worst scene. These two look like they came directly from the trailer park or homeless shelter. They’re both disgusting to look at and make me wonder what JM was thinking when they included them in this DVD. Just imagine a fat slob of a guy and an ugly, pudgy blonde to match. She doesn’t look like she’s seen the light of the sun in ages and her tits are not at all big. She gives her man a blow, which she’s more into than he is. In fact, judging by the looks on his face, he’s really not that interested in this at all. I certainly wouldn’t be. There is a lot of distracting lighting adjustments as she works his dick over. She places his dick between his tits for a bland fuck and then he licks her pussy for a bit. They do cowgirl briefly before switching to missionary. After that, we cut to a shot of him cumming over her ass. Mercifully, this one only lasts eleven minutes. Thank God JM got one thing right in keeping it short.

The last scene features the hottest girl on BTFT 7. Her tits are clearly fake, but they’re bigger than any of the other girls’. What’s more, this redhead has the best body of the four and she’s got a bit of a crazed, nasty personality. They’re out by a pool, and he puts lotion on her butt and tits before fingering and eating her pussy. She blows him, which is nothing special, but keeps things interesting by touching her cooch while sucking. They have doggy style sex before taking a little dip in a pool. After this, they do cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. They do doggy style anal, but he doesn’t put in much of an effort. When they get into missionary anal, he actually starts pumping a bit harder. They go back to vaginal doggy, she blows him afterward and then they do missionary vaginal. She gives him a blow/handjob and gets a little cum on her face.

I wouldn’t recommend this DVD to anyone. Why? After BTFT 7 comes to an end, the date of production is revealed: “on or before 7/3/95.” While I was watching this, I suspected that it was nothing but old porn. The crappy picture quality and the look of some of the girls gave it away. In my opinion, there’s no excuse for a rehash of lousy, fifteen year old porn. If it’s actually good, that’s one thing, but this is definitely not good. None of these scenes are better than average and (as mentioned) the picture quality sucks. What’s worse, JM’s website claims this is a 120 minute venture. Try 81 instead. And they’re selling this for $29.95! As for extras, there are twenty trailers on here. Maybe that accounts for the claim that this is two hours long. Funny thing is, the trailers are more exciting than the actual scenes. There’s also a backstage option which grants a view of outtakes from the first three couples. Now, there are few things in porn which I’ve found genuinely disgusting, but the girl from scene three takes the cake. The outtakes reveal that she has fake teeth, and there are seven different shots of her taking them out. And I thought she was gross before! This is a DVD to avoid at all costs.


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