Erocity 3



Erocity 3


161 Mins.


DIRECTOR: John Walton

THEMES: Eurobabes, Gonzo



STARS: Solange, Missy Nicole, Diana Doll, Monika Lion, Eva Mendes, Yulia Bright, Frank Major, Kevin King, Bobi, Neeo, Frank Gun

Reviewed by: Rudi


Solange and Frank Major

The scene takes place in an office setting. Frank Major is typing away when Solange walks in wearing a tight red dress that reveals a lot of leg. She’s got long blonde hair, small boobs and looks to be in her early twenties. She lays down in a reclining chair and starts feeling herself up through her clothes. Frank comes in and starts making out with her, then her boobs. He works his way down to her cooch and begins to eat and finger it. The time comes for Solange to start blowing and he takes over the chair. She gets down on her knees and gives a mediocre blow, never going much farther than his head. She mounts him like a cowgirl would, with her dress still on. Eventually, they get into doggy and he takes plenty of long deep strokes. Thereafter, we cut to a shot of the couple in reverse cowgirl. By this point, her dress is off. She plays with her clit quite a lot while in this position and the energy level increases slightly. She gets down on her knees for the facial and strokes his cock for a bit before he assumes control of his schlong. He shoots about a half dozen streams of cum on her cheek. Solange is a good enough looking girl, but she just doesn’t come alive in this scene.

Missy Nicole and Kevin King

A living room with a couch sets the stage. Missy’s a very thin and cute girl with small breasts and black hair. She appears to be in her early twenties. She starts by touching herself through a firm white outfit. It’s nice to see her crack a smile and she doesn’t hesitate to play to the camera or tease viewers. She’s on the couch, resting on her forearms and knees, when Kevin comes in. He kisses her ass, licks her crack and begins eating her puss and licking her butthole. She looks more than happy to have his fingers inside her. She begins sucking him and uses her hand(s) to stroke him off while doing it. Sometimes, she rubs her clit while she blows. She gets back into doggy and the fucking begins. Again, she seems into Kevin. They later get into spoon on the couch and he puts a few fingers in her mouth while stroking. The last position they assume is reverse cowgirl, where she gives him a good ride. She jerks him off for a bit before he gives her quite a sprinkling on her face. Compared to Solange, Missy is a lot more excited and into having sex.

Diana Doll and Bobi

We get back to a blonde with Diana Doll. Her hair’s long and she’s got the biggest rack of all the girls in the movie. She stands by an indoor pool in a bikini made of shiny gold material and the fondling begins. By now, you come to expect that she’ll kick things off by rubbing herself through her bikini, and she does just that. Being denied a view of her box while she does this is frustrating. Fortunately, she does take it all off after a few minutes. When the goods are finally revealed, she continues to masturbate. She’s laying on a white towel when Bobi enters and eats away at her pussy. He’s more of the tongue flick type, especially where her clit goes, but also uses a few fingers to satisfy her. She pants fairly loudly throughout all of this before giving him oral while on her knees. She doesn’t hesitate to use her hand and also spits on his dick a few times. Licking his shaft is also something she appears to get off on. They both lay down on the towel in the spoon position to start the fucking. This goes on for a while before they do it doggy-style. Reverse cowgirl is next and, once again, she pants and moans quite a lot. When it comes time for the facial, he gets four or five thick streams on her cheek. By now, things are really starting to seem processional.

Monika Lion and Neeo

We’re in another living room with Monika, a thin blonde with small, somewhat saggy boobs. She’s wearing a hot pink dress and does the same thing every girl has done up to this point – she rubs herself through her clothes. Neeo arrives on the scene, kisses her tits and gladly helps her out of her panties. As with Bobi, he’s more of a clit licker/sucker but that doesn’t stop him from putting a finger or two inside her. What Monika lacks in nice boobs is made up for by her hunger for cock. Once Neeo’s dick reveals itself, she doesn’t waste time. She grabs it and gives a fairly intense blow. There’s a lot of quick stroking, face fucking, deep throating and some ball sucking thrown in for good measure. Too bad the rest of the scene doesn’t have as much energy. She lays on the couch for a spoon-like fucking. That’s the only vaginal sex that takes place, the rest is anal. The buttfucking starts in the same position. She gapes her hole a few times and plays with her clit quite often. He takes some strokes between her pussy and ass, but only briefly, before sticking to her butt. They get into reverse cowgirl for a while and she works up a bit of a sweat in the process. Before the cumshot, there’s a good amount of ATM. Sadly, the facial can hardly be called that, as Neeo doesn’t muster up much in the way of cum.

Eva Mendes and Kevin King

Don’t get too excited. She doesn’t really look that much like Eva Mendes. She’s a brunette with small boobs and could use a bit of a workout. She’s not fat, but would probably look much better if she toned up a little. It’s nice to see a change in the way a scene starts off. She pulls up in a car outside of a house, gets out and meets Kevin on a patio. She’s wearing a really short skirt with a tight black top and seats herself on Kevin’s lap. They make out briefly before heading indoors. Once inside, they get onto a couch and make out some more. Then, he takes off her top and eats her tits. He kisses her ass and the skirt comes off shortly thereafter. We cut to a shot of her laying on the couch and getting her pussy eaten. He does plenty of fingering and eating until it comes time for the blow. She sucks slowly and without much force, but deeply. They then get into spoon on the couch. He takes out his cock, licks her butt crack and asshole, and then doggy begins. Lastly, we cut to reverse cowgirl. Eva’s a pretty quiet girl and doesn’t radiate much energy. Her eyes are closed most of the time that she’s getting fucked. We end with her sucking Kevin off and he then shoots several streams directly into her open mouth. Most of it dribbles down her chin, but the rest of it gets swallowed. She doesn’t show much emotion until the very end, when she smiles a bit and plays for the camera.

Yulia Bright and Frank

Yulia has the young, teen slut look down pat. She’s got look dark hair and really small boobs but is very cute looking. Another poolside scene but this time we’re outdoors. Yulia’s wearing a pink bikini with a floral design. She gets out of the top after a bit and, as is customary by now, she masturbates with her undies still on. She takes a seat on a beach chair and continues to finger herself, and we continue to be denied the right to see the action! Frank Gun makes his way in and munches on her tits. He sticks his hand in her panties and plays with her pussy. Yes, her bikini bottom is still on. He gently kisses his way down to her nether regions and finally gets her completely unclothed. He eats and fingers her deeply, which she clearly likes. Her blowjob gets off to a slow start but Frank forces the issue by fucking her face, which in turn gets his
cock pretty wet. She sucks his balls a bit and they get into spoon on the chair. Occasionally, she rubs his cock against her clit. Yulia has fun with the scene and seems into Frank. When they get into reverse cowgirl, he pops out more than a few times, which might spoil the rhythm for some. Things end when he strokes himself off into her mouth and splatters a bit on her cheek. She doesn’t swallow, but opts to the spit the cum back onto his dick. She smiles for those watching at home and things come to a close.

Erocity 3 features above average looking Eurobabes. They have a very young and natural appearance to them. A big problem with the movie is the lack of enthusiasm. There are highlights, but few of them. One of the strengths is Monika’s blowjob. She seems pretty fond of hot cock in her mouth. Missy and Yulia also seem to be eager to fuck, but there needs to be more energy from all of the girls, not just a couple of them. Another big issue is the lack of variety. You’re consistently exposed to the same positions over and over again. Surely, John Walton could’ve come up with more than cowgirl, doggy, reverse cowgirl, and spoon. Repetitive action is what keeps this movie from being recommended. The girls might have the looks, but they just don’t quite have the passion.








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