101 Positions For Lovers



101 Positions For Lovers

MOVIE TYPE: Instructional

112 Mins.

Adam & Eve

THEMES: Instructional, Outdoor Sex

DIRECTOR: Jamye Waxman


STARS: Angela, Autumn, Meg, Ethan, Rob, Mike


This is a movie directed by my good friend Jamye Waxman. She and I go way back and I really love everything she does. This is a great instructional video for couples looking to add variety to their sex life. It features three real couples, (all quite attractive by the way) shot on location demonstrating the various positions. The voice over instruction is fun, informative and keeps the action flowing. As you would expect, this isn’t your typical porn DVD. There aren’t full scenes and cumshots and all the usual bells and whistles. Instead it offers good looking people having sex in fun and new positions. I loved the voice over work and the fact that Jamye pointed out the pros and cons to each position. Add in the fact that you search for position based on need (On the main menu) and you have what is probably the best sexual position guide on DVD today.

Classic Lady Bent

Angela and Ethan demonstrate the basic missionary position. The voice over covers the pros (no strain on the body, lots of body contact, deep penetration) and cons (no direct clitoral stimulation) There are some helpful tips to make for better mish sex while the couples demonstrate.

In between position demonstrations there are interviews with the couples. It offers some insight into where they are emotionally and it breaks out what could otherwise be a long list of positions with voice over.

Life Off

This is a more advanced position that has the girl leaping into her lover’s arms for some standing face to face action. It requires a lot of strength, but can be a lot of fun.

The positions are discussed thoroughly which is really nice. Seeing them demonstrated helps, but the voice over pros and cons should help a lot of couples. If you are looking for a position to provide deep penetration, the instructional aspect will lead you to some positions that you might not have expected.

Middle Doggy

This is sort of a standing doggy with Meg bending over almost completely. It allows for deep penetration and plenty of thrust for hard pounding. Probably tough on the legs, especially if you do it as they do in the sand.

Jamye breaks in from time to time breaking down the positions into groups. She looks plenty cute and those booty shorts makes me wonder what it would take to get this girl to demonstrate some of these positions. (On camera of course.)


Full body contact is the key here as the woman lies on top of the man with no part of her body touching the ground. Looks like this could be a lot of fun for long, slow encounters.

The next round shows some more advanced positions. Did you know that you can get a serious workout while having sex? Don’t believe me? Just check out some of these and you will see just how much more fun sex can be than a trip to the gym.


With the woman supporting her body weight with her arms and the man holding her up by the hips, this is an advanced position. It looks hot and allows deep penetration but probably isn’t as much fun for long sessions as it looks.

Bonus: The bonus material cool. You can pick your positions by couple, position type, skill level and specific needs. It really breaks it down perfectly. The bonus material also includes the audition tapes, interviews and a shooting at hedonism II reel.

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