SYNOPSIS: is the latest fetish site from the folks who brought you and As the title would indicate the site features hot women in latex. There is all sorts of action on the site, boy/girl, girl/girl, solo, water play, bondage action and all of it focuses on the shiny rubber clothes that the core audience are looking for. Riding crops, thigh high boots and hoods are featured as hot women hook up with horny men. There is great star quality on this site as well. Women like Stephanie Swift, Jana Cova, Faye Regan and Hanna Hilton fill the latex very nicely. Obviously this is a site that caters to people who love latex, but the sex is really hot as well. So it is not without appeal to people who aren’t looking for shiny garments and bondage themes. The videos are really high quality so you do have to wait a while for streaming or download, but the quality makes them worth the wait. If you like latex and want to see high quality video featuring really beautiful women all decked out the slick and shiny stuff then you won’t find a better site than


Home: The main page is very simple to use and appealing to the eyes. The top banner features a slideshow previewing some of the action. It’s nice looking and doesn’t get in the way. Below that is a tool bar that takes you any place you need to go and further down are all of the recent updates laid out nicely with high quality thumbnails. The design is slick and simple so nothing gets in your way when you want to check out your favorite scene.

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Stories: This section is still being built so it is a coming soon. When completed it will feature sex stories involving latex.

Video/Picture Updates: As of today (1/20/10) there are 37 updates on Updates are added frequently and consist of both video and still photos. Each individual scene page offers streaming video at three different sizes, full text description of the action, multiple video download options, zipped photos and a complete photo gallery.

Scenes stream in three sizes or may be downloaded as high (WMV or MPEG 4) or low (WMV) quality files. There are also partial downloads where the scenes are divided into thirds. This makes for much quicker viewing especially on slower connections. The files are big, over 400 mb in some cases so it can take a while. Even the streaming took a bit of time on my connection, but the quality is fantastic. Since people interested in this site are going to want to see the latex in stunning detail, the high quality video files add a great deal to the overall experience. Quick, poorly done scenes kind of defeat the purpose.

One of the recent scenes features Katy Caro as a latex-clad mistress in “My Chocolate Toys.” She doms and plays with her two black slaves, Aislan and Kid Jamaica. She has on a short black latex dress, shoulder-length gloves, stockings and heels. Using her whip like a leash, she drags the men around the bedroom until she is ready to undress them. Dropping to her knees she takes their fat cocks into her gloved hands and sucks each one with loving care. They enjoy the oral action and then turn their attention to her beautiful natural boobs. (That are sticking out over the top of her dress.) They know just how to please their mistress, filling her shaved pink pussy with hard dick while she shouts at them to fuck her harder. Her stockings stay on as she climbs into RCA and takes a big black dick right up her ass. This is a good example of scene that has the latex appeal, but also brings us great eye candy and high sexual heat. Katy looks fantastic and fucks those cocks like she is dying for more. They double up on her in both holes and spank her sexy ass. Katy takes her loads all over her pussy and then spends a long time playing with the cum and licking it from her latex gloves. Great scene with a ton of fetish appea;

All of the scenes offer high quality picture and great latex clothing. These people know what they are doing and have the details down quite well. Sexually it is a mixed bag and with 37 scenes you get a nice variety. The girl/girl scenes are fun and usually have a hint of D/S play as well as the latex. Watching the beautiful Faye Regan being dominated by a cruel mistress is going to be hot no matter what she’s wearing. The solo stuff is a little strange at times, but features beautiful women so that works. Busty Merilyn Sekova will thrill boob lovers no matter how fetishy the action gets. The b/g action is hot so it should appeal to hard core latex fetish audiences and have enough cross over appeal to make it work for people with just a slight bend towards the slick and shiny.

The photo galleries are very nice. High quality pictures and an auto-loading slide show feature make it easy to browse through these stunning images.

There is a very hot scene featuring Vivid’s Hanna Hilton in black latex. She has her head covered with a hood, but her face is uncovered and the suit offers a great view of her amazing cleavage. The black latex makes a nice contrast against the white background as she sits on a sink and rubs her pussy with a big glass dildo. Freeing her tits completely she works the toy in and wiggles enough to make the boobs dance. After getting herself off Hanna hits the shower and washes off her shiny dress. There are really good close up shots as she directs the spray of water right onto her sexy little pussy. The water on her body and the latex add a lot of fetish appeal to a scene that is already plenty hot. When she is done, Hanna slowly strips off her clean latex and reveals her stunning naked body.

COST: There are five membership options for this site.

-One Month Recurring: $14.95.

-One Month Non Recurring: $18.95.

-2 Months Recurring: $24.95.

-3 Months Recurring: $29.95.

-6 Months Non Recurring: $54.95.


Models: 18 of 20 (Very Sexy)

Quality of Content: 18 of 20 (Excellent Quality, Fetish Specific)

Quantity of Content: 15 of 20 (Frequent Updates)

Ease of Use: 13 of 20 (Solid Design Slow Video.)

Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Great Looking Latex Action)

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