Porn’s Top Black Models

Porn’s Top Black Models


189 Mins.

Elegant Angel

THEMES: Black Women, Anal Sex



STARS: Naomi Banxxx, Catalina Taylor, Misty Stone, Blu Diamond, MacKenzie Sweet, Alexa, LT


While I was in Las Vegas last weekend, LT gave me a healthy amount of crap for not reviewing his all-black product. Though I have reviewed a number of his movies and always liked them, I found out that he was correct. I have reviewed a lot of black product (An inordinate amount of which is utter crap, but that’s a rant for another day) but none by LT. Until now. Porn’s Top Black Models is a great example of how good movie can be when it doesn’t try to be a niche movie. When LT put his cast together of course he took care to make sure they fit the title. After that he treats it like any other Elegant Angel title. That means great lighting, solid sets, good male talent (Himself in every scene), hot tease and good sex. Naomi Banxxx kicks it off and gets thing in high gear. She’s pretty, flexible and totally fun to watch. MacKenzie and Alexa double up on LT and share quite nicely. Catalina Taylor is really good looking and has an ass to die for. Blu Diamond looks like a model and fucks like a porn star. That leaves us with Misty Stone. She’s perfect for this movie because, well because she’s pretty much perfect in every way. The tease is beautifully shot and her body is shown off from virtually every angle. Her sexual energy is great and the facial at the end is the sort of things fantasies are made of. In short, Misty Stone is perfect for any kind of movie and is simply one of the hottest women working in this industry today. So yeah, it’s an all-black title, but most of all, it’s just a great fucking stroke flick.

Naomi Banxxx & LT

First on LT’s list of models to see is Naomi. She’s a very pretty girl who talks briefly about her pageants and mainstream modeling. There is a brief bit of tease that is just good enough to make me wish there was more. LT gets in there with though and she proves that a true top model doesn’t need clothes to be hot. Naomi shakes her ass for bit and then turns her attention to his cock. She’s got a pretty face and seems to enjoy grabbing the cock at the base while she sucks the rest. After just a few strokes in her pussy she pops him back into her mouth for a second round of oral. Once Naomi gets on top though, she is all business. She works her hips and the camera moves in tight for great shots of her bouncing ass. After showing us that ass for so long, she finally drops it down on his cock for some great looking RCA. The best footage comes near the end when she throws her legs back over her head and lets him just pound away on her tight asshole. Naomi proves to be a great fantasy fuck by rolling forward to take his load right in her mouth. She swallows before we get see much, but we can forgive her for that because she’s just so damn hot.

Misty Stone

This is LT’s first time shooting Misty Stone and that’s a crime. She looks amazing in her little red dress during the high end tease. Dude, if Misty doesn’t get your blood pumping then there is something seriously wrong. She’s just too fucking hot. The tease is longer this time and it’s flawless. We get to see Misty dressed, semi dressed, showing off her body, her legs, her ass and just generally looking like the incredibly beautiful young woman that she is. LT comes right in and finds Misty already bent over and ready. He licks her from behind and then slides the dick in. She turns around and starts sucking his cock. That’s really all we need to see. This woman is truly a top model already, but even better she is a top model who looks even better with a big dick in her pretty mouth. They move to the couch where Misty rides high and hard, reaching back to spread open her cheeks as she gets a workout. They finish up with a big load right into her mouth. The cum runs down her lips and she smiles up at the camera, still looking very much like a hot model who just happens to love making our fantasies come true.

Alexa & MacKenzie Sweet

Both Alexa and MacKenzie acknowledge that they are a little thicker than your typical model, but that doesn’t keep them from providing great eye candy during the tease footage. Not as hot as Misty gave, but that’s an unfair comparison. They both provides some serious booty footage before getting down to some hot lesbian fun. Alexa munches first, keeping things nice and slow as she treats her friends to a generous tongue bath. MacKenzie keeps the pace mellow as the girls wait for LT to sit himself down in the middle. The girls take turns sucking cock, flashing great eye contact to the camera and doubling up at one point to really make things hot. He drops the hammer pretty hard and the girls have a good time licking one another as they get pounded. Picking things up a bit, they move on to anal for Alexa while she and LT both lick MacKenzie at the same time. The girls show great energy and then come together for a really nice facial shot at the end. If they keep taking their protein this way then these babes might just make top models yet.

Catalina Taylor

Catalina is fairly new with a super pretty face and a body that looks great in clothes and really nice during some softly lit tease footage. We also get to see that she has a serious backside and some really nice natural tits. They crank up the light and have her dancing around naked for a while. If you are at all into big butts then you are going to love the stuff going on here. That big ass is the focus of LT’s desires so he goes right after it. In turn, Catalina sucks his cock like she can’t wait to get to the chewy center. She gives a nice sloppy blowjob and then bends over so he can fuck her hard from behind. This is great looking footage, but also highly energetic and should make fans out of most anyone watching. The ass shots when she is on top are just fantastic and those of you keeping lists of babes to watch will want to add Ms. Taylor to your must-sees. She works hard and gets a huge load all over her pretty face. That would be fine on its own, but the look on her face makes this scene priceless.

Blu Diamond

This pretty babe actually was a model before porn and it is very easy to see why. She struts around looking gorgeous in her dress and then turns up the heat as soon as she gets naked. Giving LT a wet, sloppy blowjob, Blu proves that she is much more than just a pretty face. She also has a great body that we get to see during some really good doggy. I love the way she throws her legs back over her head and just lets him drive his cock in deep. It is on display again during the anal. You have to love a girl who can throw her legs back this for and let a guy bang the butt like that. She keeps up that energy as she drops to her knees and licks his balls while waiting for a big load of cock cream. She gets that all over her tongue and closes out the action nicely.

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