Superhero Sex Therapist



Kagney Linn Karter: Superhero Sex Therapist


146 Mins.

3rd Degree

THEMES: Comedy, Cougars

DIRECTOR: Mike Quasar


STARS: Kagney Linn Karter, Jackie Daniels, Raquel Devine, Sara Sloane (Vandella), Ashley Orion, Lexi Stone, Taylor Vixen, Randy Spears, James Deen, Anthony Rosano, Rocco Reed,


If you think the title of this movie is funny, just check out the premise. Beautiful Kagney is not only a top notch porn slut, but also a relationship expert. She can fix any problem and does so in this movie. It’s a funny concept made even funnier by Kagney whose personality really takes center stage in this movie. She helps couples get over age issues, dead fuck issues and just about anything else you can come up with. Along the way the sex is pretty damn good and Kagney pops into the action just to make it fun. The opening scene features Ashley Orion learning how to be a good fuck. I have a feeling she was already pretty good, but the lesson is fun to watch. Jackie Daniels and Raquel Devine play women on opposite sides of two age-imbalanced relationships. The best scene features Sara Sloane (Formerly Vendella) who is a porn star looking to have her boyfriend fuck her like a stud. Great looking action here. There is a g/g scene after that one that comes off a little flat by comparison. Scene order is a small problem in an otherwise solid movie.

Ashley Orion & Rocco Reed

Rocco and Ashley need some help. He says she is the worst lay he has ever had and often just jerks off in his socks rather than fuck her. Kagney is brought in to help. First lesson is the blowjob. Kagney walks Ashley through a nice web blowjob step by step. Picking up quickly the cute brunette stops hurting her man and begins pleasing him. All it takes is a good teacher to make things fun for everyone. Next she helps them get over the pussy eating problem. Apparently it feels too good and Ashley doesn’t know how to properly respond to having her box licked. Kagney tests his fucking skills and discovers that he isn’t half bad. Teaching her about doggy, Kagney wildly fucks Rocco, slapping her own ass and putting on a great show. Ashley gets the chance to fuck again and she rides him harder than ever before. Kagney has her turn around from doggy and take the big load right in her mouth. They seem to be cured.

Jackie Daniels & Randy Spears

Randy has a rough time with the age difference between he and his young girlfriend. Kagney suggests and these two meet halfway. She needs to make him feel not so old and he needs to make her less stupid. Jackie doesn’t really look stupid. In fact she looks like she doesn’t need any help at all. Kagney gets a taste anyway before turning Randy back over to his girl. Nice eye candy here as they get into spoon and shows off her awesome legs. This is a pretty straight forward scene until she puts both of her legs behind her head as she gets fucked. That always turns the head and she looks really good taking it deep and then waiting on her knees for his seed on her pretty face. Another couple saved by Kagney.

Raquel Devine & James Deen

This couple has the exact opposite problem. Cougar Raquel treats James like a kid. Kagney encourages him to take charge and be “real man.” He does and it turns out to be a great move on his part. Guiding her head with his hands he fucks her mouth until his dick is rock hard and ready to slide in from behind. He starts fucking her hard enough to ensure the never treats him like a kid again. Ka
likes what she sees and hops on in there for a good hard ride in reverse cowgirl. They finish up this solid fuck with Racquel getting drilled and then sprayed with hot cream. This one is pretty simple with a little Kagney right in the middle for fun.

Sara Sloane & Anthony Rosao

Sara is a porn star and Anthony is a fan. They are struggling with their dynamic and Kagney helps out. She gives him a porn stud name and he starts feeling like he can finally give her the dick she deserves. Sara responds by grabbing his cock and treating it just like the porno dick she gets on set. Kagney is so impressed that she gets down next to Sara and they share the meat for a while. When Sara mounts up she shows off her great big ass, bouning it and talking dirty while putting on a great show. There just aren’t too many women in this industry who look this good during a scene. He pounds into her and puts his lovely girlfriend on her knees on the couch. Hey, if you’re going to date a porn chick you might as well get to fuck her like one. She takes it perfectly and then holds her mouth wide open for a big shot of cream all over her tongue. This is a great scene and probably should have been the last one of the movie. End on a high note and there aren’t any higher than Sara.

Lexi Stone & Taylor Vixen

Kagney‘s final project is a lesbian couple in need of help. One is a little unsure around the pussy since she only recently dropped the cock. Cute set up and the girls are nice looking, but after the last scene this one is bound to fall a little flat. Kagney starts the lesson, but after a short jumpstart, the girls are happy to do what girls in love do. Kissing is always good and there is plenty of that here. There certainly doesn’t seem to be any hesitiation on the part of either girl when it comes to knowing their way around the pussy. The toy play brings out the very best in these women and helps show off their tight, shaved pussies. It’s good, but it just doesn’t leave us with the feeling that they saved the best for last.

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