Nightmare on Black Street 2


Nightmare on Black Street 2


93 Mins.

Combat Zone

THEMES: Interracial Sex


STARS: Giggles, Tatiana Kush

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This is a stripped down two-scene interracial movie. That is both its biggest strength and greatest liability. The two scenes feature nice looking girls taking on small groups of black dudes. If that idea appeals to you in general then you start out in good shape. Giggles is a cute girl with great natural boobs. Tatiana is also very easy on the eyes and fun to watch. If you aren’t totally into the genre things can start to unravel. Though both cute, neither of these girls is setting the world on fire with sexual energy. The scenes run too long and the girls kind of peter out. The guys don’t help either. They are rather lifeless and don’t help pick up the energy. The stranger aspect is not played up very much, but it is there so I suppose that is something to like. Technically the movie isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. Basically if you like watching white girls fucked by black dicks, you might like it. I’d like to see more energy from the girls and really want to see what Giggles can do in a better production.


No wasting of time here. Giggles is asleep in her room when some masked black men come in and start poking around under her dress. She barely stirs until they pull out her lovely natural tits and then the smiling brunette just strips down and offers herself to the strangers. The guys mumble quite a bit, but there really isn’t much going on here other than a girl in pigtails sucking on some black dick. The lighting is a little suspect, but Giggles is pretty easy on the eyes. She stays nicely focused on the task at hand, but offers little in the way of interaction beyond the sometimes impenetrable wall of dudes. The guys are really low energy and fuck like they are bored. That really doesn’t help matters much and leaves Giggles kind of on her own to carry the scene. She does a pretty good job of that for the most part, but by the time the cum starts flowing, it’s time for the scene to be over. Her awesome tits are on display as she gets them covered in hot stranger cream.

Tatiana Kush

The guys come into Tatiana‘s while she is awake. She doesn’t seem worried and quite open to whatever they want. They have her strip down and enjoy the sight of her sweet pale flesh. Tatiana kneels and sucks while the other guys sit around jerking off watching her. After a very slow start, things pick up when the guys stand around her and keep her busy. She licks her way around this circle of chocolate cock and even pulls off some decent deep throat. With her mouth full of cock Tatiana can’t really say much so most of the sound comes from the guys as they chatter away. Tatiana shows good energy while riding the big black dicks and there are some really good ass shots as she arches her back take them deep. They keep her busy two at a time with two more always waiting in the wings. Bent way over, she takes a big dick in her tight little ass. They pump two in her at once for some DP. This is really kind of flat. No music, no real editing or camera movements to speak of. Tatiana looks good and she takes the cocks well. I guess if you aren’t just really into the interracial angle there is not a whole lot to look talk about. The facials are pretty good, but the whole thing just feels too sleepy to really recommend.

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