Because Size Does Matter



The folks at Adam & Eve have always been concerned about size… This time, however, they are the ones “expanding!”

The latest Adam & Eve catalog is a striking departure from the 5 1/2″ x 8″ format that first put them on the map nearly 35 years ago. With a new 8″ x 11″ design, this customer-friendly format features both larger layouts and bigger type for even more, ahem, customer enjoyment all around.

“Adam & Eve’s catalog has been copied [by other adult companies] so many times, we wanted to try something new, ” explains Cindy Lutz, Marketing Director for Adam & Eve. “We test so many things every year: designs, products, you name it. We felt it was time to reformat and see what type of response we got.”

Clearly, Adam & Eve has been on the cutting edge of adult entertainment since its humble beginnings in 1970. But why this change? Why now?

“With websites, particularly adult websites, so popular, visual stimulation is a must,” says Lutz. “Plus,” she enthuses, “as America gets older, it gets harder to read the small print!”

With good standing in the American Direct Mail Association and over 4 million satisfied customers, Adam & Eve sets the standard in adult mail order companies. Time will tell how this new catalog design compares with the original format…

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