Anal Buffet 2



Anal Buffet 2


229 Mins.

Evil Angel


THEMES: Anal Sex, Gapes


STARS: Flower Tucci, Phoenix Marie, Jessica Miller, Staysy, Timor Hardy, Terra White, Aliz, Linda Brown, Kyra Black, Leslie Taylor, Jenny Baby, Lea Lexis, Mike Angela


OK this is a crazy anal movie. It is for people who really love asses, gapes and hardcore anal sex. There are serious gape shots, huge toys and a lot of energy. There is also a fair amount of tease which is nice to see. Most of the girls are European and all of them are hot. The opening scene features a couple of fantastic American asses. Flower and Phoenix team up for some great toy play. When they are finished stuffing huge toys into one another they go side by side for some big-ass tease that kicks serious ass. From there we get a mixture of lesbian scenes and three-ways. Each features hot tease, big toys and gaping anal play. I am not always into these extreme anal adventures because they often veer into sideshow sex acts. This time around we have plenty to enjoy though. The anal sex is tremendous and the intensity is tough to miss. Put this in your shopping cart if you like hot chicks who take it in the ass, big toy play or anal gapes so big they probably echo.

Flower Tucci & Phoenix Marie

These two blondes open the movie in skimpy suits and with a hearty dose of big-ass tease. They get down on the floor for some side by side butt display before they tear into each other. Flower bends Phoenix over and smiles into the camera as she slides a toy into her friend’s tight backdoor. Holding one end with her mouth, she fucks Phoenix in the butt with long slow strokes. Returning the favor Phoenix favors tongue fucking at first, burying her face between Flower‘s enormous cheeks. Both women get busy with a double-headed dildo as they slams their butts together. Building up the size of the toys, Flower works one into Phoenix that makes her gape really big after a good hard round of penetration. If you like hot anal toy play, then this part of the scene is going to make you stand up and take notice. The girls trade places and Flower shows that her ass is more than just a lust object for big-ass lovers. It swallows up that big toy for some great anal fun. After the great fuck, the girls go outside for some hot tease action that shows off these fantastic asses.

Jessica Miller, Staysy & Timor Hardy

Jessica and Staysy give us a little camouflage action. They both look really good in the skin tight shorts during the pre-scene tease. Add a riding crop and we get some really nice spanking to turn up the heat a bit. The clothes come off slowly giving us some bare-assed action. Keeping the black boots and hats on, these girls break out a huge black toy and work it into the fun. It’s big and stretches things nicely, but the girls are tough and take it deep. Timor comes in and finishes what that massive toy started. The girls get down and kiss while he smacks them in the face with his hard dick. Great double blowjob action here and the girls shine in individual rounds of cock sucking as well. The mouth is not enough for Timor though. He bends the first girl over and has her gaping in moments. Great looking anal sex here with a whole lot of energy. They use the desk well for standing doggy as well as mish and other positions that allow for hot leg shots. He has them hang their heads over the desk and lets them share a big load of cock cream. These are two gorgeous women who really have some hot, nasty fun.

Terra White & Aliz

Terra and Aliz break out the riding gear to add some hot uniform appeal to their scene. OK maybe it’s just a hat, I don’t know where fetish gear ends and porno wardrobe begins. The gape action starts right away as cheeks are pulled apart and tongues get inserted. When that isn’t enough a toy goes all the way inside the ass. (Don’t try this at home folks) It eventually comes back out in a rather amazing (or possibly horrifying) shot. The whole scene seems to revolve around one of the women in doggy while the other makes her gape and tries different big toys in the ass. Not a bad thing, but if you aren’t into this you might want to move on to disc two. The deep penetration with big toys really makes the gape come open and the expulsion of toys with licking of same may be a little too much for some people.

Lynda Brown & Kyla Black and Leslie Taylor

Time for hot girl on girl play. There is some great tit sucking footage here as massive mounds get the full treatment. From there she drools all over the other girl’s panties and makes things all sloppy. The exchange of spit gets extremely messy as the girls kiss and slobber and just kind get filthy. In the middle of the mess, Leslie pops up with a cock for the girls to play with. They pass his cock back and forth, drooling all over it as they suck. Big ass lovers will enjoy watching the cowgirl because there is a seriously big booty sliding up and down. (what is up with that oddly placed tattoo?) Great anal action as well with a whole lot of A2M and gaping to keep the fans happy. They end up sharing a big load in a hot cum swapping kiss.

Jenny Baby & Lea Lexis and Mike Angela

This one features a work out theme with the girls stretching and teasing in what could be considered workout clothes. They strip, kiss, spread their asses and wink at us from back there. The workout becomes sexual with the introduction of a huge red dildo that slides right up a willing ass. Great toy play here as the girls backs up and sits on that big thing. Once it has penetrated her ass, the blonde sucks it clean and then shares the toy with her workout buddy. The toys get bigger and include some of the biggest anal beads I have ever seen. They look like tennis balls. Mike shows up halfway through the action and gives the girls something real to play with. Great looking double BJ here with some serious ass shots as the anal begins. He bends both girls over on top of one another so he can move from one ass to the next. More than just fucking them, he stops to make them gape, checks inside and really seems to like the way they look wide open. Alternating between asses, he fucks both women and makes sure they each taste one another’s ass. They hold their tongues together and jerk him like crazy to get a load of cum to share. Just another well shot filth fest to satisfy the dirty anal pervert in all of us.

Bonus: Filmographies, Photo Galleries, Outtakes & Bonus Scene (Three on one bondage scene wit
h a tied up dude getting worked by three hot chicks.)

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