Evalutionary (Blu-Ray)


Evalutionary (Blu-Ray)


Elegant Angel


DIRECTOR: William H.



STARS: Eva Angelina, Kristina Rose, Rachel Starr, Manuel Ferrara, Mark Ashley, LT, Mick Blue



All right Eva fans. Get ready for something special. Eva stars in this film from start to finish. She gives us some things we don’t see very often from this super-hot mega star. If you are an Eva fan, feel free to order this DVD now and read the review for details. She looks fantastic during the tease and provides the sort of energy that has her at the top of the gonzo talent pool. The movie opens with a hot scene between Eva and Manuel. With a hot start, this DVD only gets hotter. Rachel Starr joins Eva for oily bikini tease that is followed by a very hot three-way between the two women and James Deen. Ramping up the heat, Eva joins Kristina Rose and Mark Ashley for a three-way that includes some fantastic anal action from Ms. A. If this scene doesn’t get you going then stick around because there is plenty more. Eva and LT hook up for some fun that will scratch your IR itch. The finale features Eva getting DP’d. This DVD is beautifully shot with fantastic tease, great sex and a little something for everyone. Want to see Eva in her trademark glasses? Check? Want to see her take a cock up that tight ass? Check. Want to see her sucking black dick? Got it. How about a DP? Yup, that too. This is a great movie from start to finish and should be a strong contender for all-sex DVD of the year. It certainly keeps Eva in the mix for Performer of the Year.

Eva Angelina & Manuel Ferrara

Nice tease to start this scene. Eva is in a bra and panties masturbating by a fountain. She moves inside where she gives some solo action that is cute a bit too short. WE but back to the house where Manuel is ready to give her what she craves. He takes her right on the couch and eats that pussy long enough to get the juices flowing. From there he just sticks his big cock into her and has Eva lit up like her pussy is on fire. Great energy here and her body looks so good that every position is perfect eye candy. He bends her over some stairs for some of the best looking footage of the scene. She gets fucked hard in her pussy and clearly loves every inch. The facial finish is just perfect and Eva sucks every last drop of jizz from his cock like the perfect star she is.

Eva Angelina & Rachel Starr and James Deen

Rachel joins Eva for some hot poolside tease. If you like bikinis and oiled up bodies then you will definitely have fun here. The girls cool off inside with some wicked veggie sex. With Eva attacking that pussy like she is in love, Rachel barely has a chance to catch her breath. Putting these two women into a 69 for the play is a pretty good idea because it has their bodies on display nicely. Just when they have taken things as far as they can alone, the girls are joined by James. He shoves his cock right into Eva and chokes her while he gets her ready. Rachel is jealous and wants to feel his meat in her pussy. She also gets choked as she rides and eats pussy at the same time. Despite the focus on hands on throats, this is still a great looking scene. I don’t know if I have ever seen Rachel more energetic. It’s nice to see her fuck hard an she even holds her own with Eva as they take turns in spoon on the couch. If you liked watching these oiled up bikini girls tease then you will love watching their shining bodies and tight holes get violated every which way until he finally pulls out and feeds them a big load to share.

Eva Angelina & Kristina Rose and Mark Ashley

Once again we get some girl on girl action before the guy comes in. Kristina Rose takes care of Eva this time. The tease is beautiful and soft, just like Kristina‘s body and bountiful booty. The girls kiss and lick, but save the hard core action for later when they have Mark to play with. Sharing that big cock, these two lusty ladies pass it back and forth as they take him deep into their throats. Excellent bikini blowjob footage here. As a SoCal guy I have a soft spot in my heart for chicks in bikinis. That makes this scene the best so far because Eva and Kristina both look so hot in their tiny suits. Enough about the attire, the action is fantastic here. When the girls start riding his cock we naturally get plenty of shots of Kristina‘s ass. It is a thing to behold, but Eva is still the star of this show. She licks her friend’s pussy while being slammed hard and that is probably the only thing keeping her from screaming even louder. Now for the real fun. Mark rolls Eva into piledriver and slips his cock up her ass. This isn’t her first anal, but backdoor Eva action is still rare enough to make it extra special. Kristina helps out with some dirty talk and eye candy, but Eva‘s ass steals the show. She is nice enough to let Kristina have some cock before they wear Mark out though. RCA looks easy for Ms. Rose who pumps her hips and jerks that dick off in her tight backdoor while Eva watches and masturbates. The girls share a big creamy load and kiss each other to seal the deal. Hot, super fucking hot.

Eva Angelina & LT

Eva is waiting in a hotel, smoking a cigarette and making out with herself in a mirror. Strange tease here, but the peek a boo with the curtains works nicely. She sits back in a chair and drives a dildo into her pussy. I guess when you look this good you have no choice to fuck yourself every chance you get. That is just the warm up though because LT is not far behind. He gives her a real cock to suck and she does so with great pleasure. With her dress and glasses still on, Eva looks fantastic and takes that cock to the back of her throat with plenty of energy to spare. He doesn’t even bother to take her dress off before bending her over and fucking that pussy from behind. Eva turns back around and slips her glasses down her nose so she can peek over them as she sucks him again. Her dress now gone she mounts up and rides him. This is a good time to point out just how fucking awesome the picture quality is. You can see her tight lips stretching around his cock as she pumps up and down. Fantastic detail here that you don’t get even in standard def DVDs. I love the way she looks in reverse cowgirl with her feet on his thighs. Their energy is really good in spoon and every time she gets a chance Eva stops to taste herself on his cock. They finish with a really hot facial the will thrill the glasses fans.

Eva Angelina, Mick Blue & Marco Banderas

Another great round of bikini tease sets up this hot three way. It starts in the pool with Eva kneeling in the water as she sucks these two hard cocks. The guys have her all warmed up and take her quickly into the house. With one dick pounding her from behind Eva focuses on sucking the one in her face. I have already said this many times in this review, but her body is just fucking slamming and you have to love the way she fucks. Eva takes all of their energy and gives it right back. The guys keep her busy at both ends, but eventually we know that she is going to need two at once down there. Hot DP here. As before, anal with Eva is rare enough to make you take notice. She lies on her back and spreads wide open to get fucked good and hard. Even after the DP, she gives us some great RCA while waiting for the guys to cover her beautiful smile with two big thick loads of ball batter. Damn I’m exhausted just watching this movie.

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