Teen Japan 4


Teen Japan 4


139 Mins.

Third World Media


THEMES: Asian Girls


STARS: Aya Seto, Rui Aikawa, Aya Jujii, Airi Naka Jima,



Third World Media has brought us a number of hot Japanese movies including 3 previous volumes in this line. This is probably the best collection I have seen from them. The girls are cute and many of them even show good energy. The guys aren’t anything to write home about, but they get the job done this time. It starts out a little slow with Aya Seto giving us the usual performance. It is hard to tell if she is having fun or counting the seconds until it’s all over. She picks up a bit during the fucking and the movie just gets better from there. Rui is semi cute with a nice and more energy than the first scene. Our second Aya is the cutest girl in the movie. Her body is perfect and her sex scene is really quite good. If you like good looking Asian girls, don’t miss this one. The finale is a nicely paced three way that follows up Aya very well. If you like this series at all, you will love this volume. If you haven’t picked it up, then this is a great place to start.

Aya Seto

Cover girl Aya leads things off. She is wearing a school uniform that we really don’t get to see because the guy is all over her right away. She is shy and rolls up into a bit of a ball as he licks the cheeks of her ass. He plays with her for a bit and finds that her pussy is really wet. Without a whole lot of enthusiasm she takes his cock into her mouth and sucks. Her blowjob is a bit dreary and at times she seems like she’s not even touching his dick with her mouth. The toy brings out something in her though. She lets him play with her for a bit, but then takes over and gets herself off with some strong vibrations. When she is in full swing he throws a condom on and puts his cock to good use in her pussy. Aya shows a lot more enthusiasm for fucking than she did for sucking. He fucks her hard enough to get her nice firm tits shaking. This is really evident in doggy as she actually pushes back for a while and makes her knockers jiggle. After such a slow start this is a really hot scene and she even holds her mouth open for the cumshot.

Rui Aikawa

This scene also starts out with a very shy girl. He reaches around her and fingers her pussy through the panties. Using a toy he bends her over and makes her squeal. The egg vibrator really does the job for her. She looks really, really happy with all of that, but they stop so that she can suck his dick. Rui doesn’t look as bored or afraid of the dick as the first girl. She even licks balls on her way to a pretty hot BJ. The long low angle stuff is kind boring and not a great visual, but overall she is skilled, attentive and even gives us some eye contact along the way. When he starts fucking her Rui throws one leg high in the air and gets louder with each passing stroke. When he bends her over we get to see a pretty round ass. Most of these girls are so tiny that they have nothing back there but she has a few curves in the butt area. She also has nice long legs that are well displayed during reverse cowgirl. He pulls out and shoots all over her chest before going back in with his fingers for a closer look at her tight pink box.

Aya Fuji

This girl is the cutest of the movie so far. The guy sits behind her and exposes her boobs, playing with her pert nipples. Starting off slowly, Aya lies back and reaches for his cock while her pussy is gently fingered. As her body is exposed, she gets even better looking. The guys dives right in and eats that furry pussy until she looks ready to cum or cry I can’t tell which. Her pretty face makes the low key blowjob fun to watch and I like the fact that the camera moves around to shoot her body a bit at the same time. Just when I start to think that eye contact would make her blowjob better, Aya flashes her pretty eyes to the camera and turns a good scene into a very hot one. He moves around behind her and fucks that tight pussy in doggy. Aya’s body is as impressive as her face. I love the reverse cowgirl as well. Aya’s thighs and ass are spectacular and she even manages a bit of energy here and that makes all the difference. Throw in a nice facial and we have the very best scene of the DVD and one of the best this series has ever brought.

Airi Naka Jima

In a nice pink dress, Airi looks ready for a dance or something. Instead she is going to get fucked on camera. Two guys help her out of her dress and focus on those tiny, rock hard nipples. They move down and spread her pussy. It is as pink inside as the egg vibe they move in to drive her nuts. After the toy play she comes back in more of a school uniform and lets the guys start over. She likes having her nipples played with the guys focus on that for a while. They take off her panties and finger her pussy, teasing her ass at the same time. Eventually she moves her body into position and starts sucking cock. Airi is good with her hands and mouth and looks into the camera from time to time. The double BJ footage is really hot thanks to her dainty hand motions and sexy eyes. They roll her onto her back and fill that teen pussy with dick. Airi responds by pulling her knees up to her chest and seeking out the second cock with her mouth. I love the way she rides cock. There is nothing shy about the way Airi jerks off one guy right into her mouth as she fucks the other. She doesn’t even stop riding as she shows us the load by rubbing it into her lips. The second shot goes in and around her pussy and this hot little teen smiles as the camera fades to black. I think she likes. It.

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