Made in Brazil 4

Made in Brazil 4


180 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Nacho Vidal

THEMES: Latin Girls, Anal Sex


STARS: Bobbi Starr, Emmanuelle, Sabrina, Marcela Diesel, Tabiane Thompson,


This is one of those movies that feels really rough around the edges and kind of off as you watching. But then it’s all over you realize you have just seen a really impressive stroke flick. Every scene is hot, dirty and features good eye candy. The women are hot, they do just about everything and are ready to take as much cock as Nacho can dish out. Bobbi Starr head down to Brazil to join Nacho and some hot locals. She is beautiful as always and hot as can be. It would be tough for any of the Brazilian girls to beat Bobbi, but they do a good job of keeping up. Emmanuelle is a curvy girl with a taste for messy blowjobs and anal sex. Sabrina is a cute and hot, but her scene doesn’t quite work the way the rest of these do. The final two girls close the movie out with great scenes. Marcella is just gorgeous and she is just as willing to get dirty as the other girls. I loved her scene. Tabiane looks like a superstar and fucks like a porn star. The sex is messy, dirty and hot. The girls are good looking, anally oriented and ready to go. There are some technical issues with camera angles and a washed out look to some of the scenes, but in the end they all come together for a red hot stroke flick with plenty of great action.

Bobbi Starr

Bobbi starts off the movie and Nacho can’t help but reach out and feel her boobs for a while. After feeling her up he chokes her for a while and then fingers her pussy. All that just gets her hot enough to go after his cock. Very nice POV footage here as she takes the head into her mouth and smacks his meat against her pretty face. There are some great shots as she turns her ass to the sky and lets him bang away from behind. Bobbi loves getting fucked looks good from any angle so we have a scene here that work on pretty much every level. It’s eye candy, it’s strokeable and it’s even a little naughty. She gets fucked in the ass plenty hard, but they stop right in the middle to upstairs for a photo shoot. The other guy doesn’t bother with pictures, he just bends Bobbi over fucks her while she goes back to working Nacho’s meat with her mouth. He turns her back over to Nacho for more one on one. The scene feels a little disjointed, but the energy level is so high that it just seems right to let it flow. They move outside for some hot looking standing doggy. He ass finally takes a big load. Though often frantic, this scene works as a rough around the edges gonzo stroke scene because Bobbi is so damn hot.


While Nacho is still asleep his pal comes by to take him to the gym. Emmanuelle starts teasing and they nearly get caught when Nacho wakes up. Though he doesn’t want anyone touching his girl, Nacho aggress to let the guy watch as he bends his chick over and licks her from behind. He stands her up and fucks her pussy, slapping their bodies together while the camera guy just hangs back and captures the action. She stays pinned against the wall as she slides down and is fed his cock. It’s a messy, dirty blowjob that could be hotter with better camera work. Moving to the bed she is able to get her hands around his cock and mouth all over his balls and ass. This dirty girl throws her legs up over her head and lets him finger then this cock fill her horny pussy. Her ass is next and she seems to really enjoy the way his cock stretches her backdoor. When she moves to the edge of the bed to get fucked the picture gets a little washed out, but the anal action and filthy fucking is really what makes this scene work so well. This chick attacks cock from start to finish and finally drains his balls all over her pussy and belly.


Sabrina is posing in front of a mirror and showing off her body in a pair of white fishnets. She drops to the floor and lets him fuck her face. This girl seems a little low energy at first and just kind of lets him do what he wants to do with very little interaction. She does look good with a dick in her mouth though and her ass is pretty hot. They fuck on a chair for a while before moving to the bed where she pulls her legs back a long way to give the camera (and his probing prick) easy access. She picks things up and sucks the cum fro his cock after her nuts on her pussy, but this scene just feels a little off and incomplete in some way.

Marcela Diesel

This pretty girl is doing the pose thing that seems to be the theme of the movie. Nacho comes up behind her and she can’t wait to get her hands on his hard cock. He takes her from behind, giving us some great leg shots as the action begins. She turns around and starts sucking his cock. Marcella is a very cute girl with a naughty smile and a very talented mouth. One dick is not enough for this girl she starts sucking on two at once. Her cute like stockings make for some nice contrast, especially when the picture gets washed out again. Marcella is really cute, has a tight little body and is quite enthusiastic about getting fucked. She goes face down on the bed and spreads her ass while her pussy gets plowed. I love the shots in cowgirl with her perky tits shaking as she rides hard on that bit dick. Her pussy works a load from his cock that she eats like a good girl. The second load ends up all over her ass. This girl is really hot and work sticking around for.

Tabiane Thompson

With her long black hair and big sunglasses, Tabiane looks really hot. She loses her skirt and shows off her ass that looks totally hot in a little thong. Nacho is clearly impressed by her body from head to toe. He plays with her tits and kisses her while she strokes his dick. He bends her over and fucks her in front of the mirror. Great eye candy here, especially if you like big asses and hot, nylon-clad legs. Once she gets warmed up Tabiane is as cock starved as the tether girls and looks really good on all fours in bed sucking his cock deep into her throat. It won’t fit all the way down, but she sure gives it a good try. If you like sloppy blowjobs then you are going to just love the way her tits get covered in spit before he bends her over to fuck her again from behind. Nacho gives her ass a look and then throws Tabiane’s legs back behind her head to slam his dick home between her cheeks. When he pulls out that hole gapes like the eighteenth hole at August. Rubbing her pussy like cra
zy, she seems to be really happy to have that meat back in the backdoor. This is another great scene with a pretty girl who gets totally filthy for the big dick. That cock explodes all over her ass and she looks ready for round two.

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