Crack Pack, The


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Crack Pack, The


228 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Joe Gallant

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Cougars, Office Sex, Doctors


STARS: Bree Olson, Alexis Texas, Louisa Lanewood, Andi Anderson, Kirra Lynne, Sara Stone, Tyler Knight, Dino Bravo, Jack Vegas & Ron Jeremy


This is really an interesting movie. Joe Gallant has some done some serious alt-porn in the past, but this one falls more into the feature category. It’s the story of a group of Vegas entertainers ever seeking their next drink, next smoke or next broad. (Not necessarily in that order.) The backdrop allows for some very interesting scenes. Most of the sex scenes are fairly standard and that’s actually a good thing. Nothing ruins a good quirky flick faster than sex scenes that focus on style of substance. Many of the scenes take place with a great soundtrack playing in the backdrop. There are times when this plays like a hipster flick. There is even a heist. The music and overall look of the movie is interesting. Sometimes it gets in its own way, but with the sex separated, Gallant has room to wander and keeps it entertaining more often than not. If he strays from the path once in a while we can forgive him because the sex is good and the story is interesting enough to make us want to see it through to the end. So how about the sex? Bree Olson has two sex scenes and you know what that means. Two really hot scenes. She and Alexis open the movie in a scene that has Bree playing submissive perfectly. She also finishes the movie with a rather hot fuck with Dino Bravo. In between the action is a little spotty. Kirra Lynn‘s scene is mostly boring and forgettable when her ass isn’t the center of attention. Sara Stone‘s scene is pretty good, especially if you love big natural boobs. Andi Anderson is hot, filthy and underused in this movie. Her accent is pretty funny during the dialog scenes, but once the sex starts she lights it on fire. She is a sexual force to be reckoned with. I liked the sex scenes more than your typical feature, especially when Andi and Bree are involved. The story was cool enough for me to like it even when it strayed off into some strange stuff and I really liked the music. This is a good movie with some memorable sex and a unique feel to it. Well worth a look.

Alexis Texas & Jack Vegas and Bree Olson

Life off stage is pretty good for Jack. He has a regular piece of ass on the side and even though she’s got a serious attitude, a guy could do a lot worse than Alexis Texas. She is a big time stripper with a shy maid who wants to be just like her. Jack gets the bright idea to bring her in on the sex and try her out. Alexis doesn’t object, but she makes snide comments as Bree strips and starts sucking his cock. While Bree has her mouth full, Alexis buries her pretty face between the maid’s thighs. When the women trade places Alexis has her ass facing the camera and Bree knows enough to grab it, spank it and jiggle it for the camera. Learning her lessons well, Bree bends over, licks pussy and gets fucked hard. They share the dick well during a nicely shots scene that has plenty of eye candy. Any time you have Alexis riding high in cowgirl with that ass on display you know you are going to get something great. The lesson continues as they share the cock for a double blowjob. Bree is taught the proper way to fuck like a good slut. Leaning to please both of them at once Bree puts her tongue on Alexis‘ clit while Jack fucks her in piledriver. Bree‘s mouth is the perfect place for him to put his cum after he pulls out of Alexis‘ pussy. Like a good girl she shares the load with her mistress. Sexy opening effort here.

Bree Solo

Bree shows up to audition for the show. She is shy and totally covered up, but gets into the music quickly. Her body is perfect for the pole and even in the cramped quarters her charms are impossible to resist. Bree ends up as part of the act and married to the big cheese, at least for a while.

Andi Anderson & Jack Vegas

Andi comes in for a tryout and blows the guys away. She beats the pants off of them in poker and then puts on a nice pole show. As good as she is dancing on that pole, Andi is a whole lot better working meat poles. I don’t know how Jack became the lucky guy to get Andi, but he has to hold on tight when she goes in for the blowjob because she plays
for keeps. He licks her pussy for a few seconds and then tries to match her energy by fucking her on the couch. The energy here is great as she bucks her hips to take his strokes and fills the air with awesome dirty talk. Andi turns around for some reverse cowgirl and shows off her body beautifully as she moves from vag to anal. As hard as Andi fucks him it is a wonder his cock doesn’t just snap off inside of her tight little asshole. He pounds away and her sweet mouth helps to push him over the edge until he pulls out and blasts a wad right onto her pretty face. Damn I love Andi.

Sara Stone & Dino Bravo

Apparently the search is still on because Dino finds a great girl with an incredible set of pipes. He shows her the ropes and we get to watch her doing jumping jacks in her bra. Sara has two very special assets that make her perfect for what Dino needs. She wraps those perfect chest pillows around his cock and bounces them up and down. The blowjob is good, but her tits steal the show as she gets on top and rides hard. I like watching Sara fuck these days. She has always been easy to look at, but lately she has really stepped up her game. Her big tits shake with every stroke giving us some fantastic rack shots along the way. Sara really bounces her tits hard during the reverse cowgirl and she takes a big load on her face. If she didn’t have the job already I think she does by the time she’s finished. Well, she would have had the part, but all she really wants is his cock. Poor guy.

Kirra Lynne & Tyler Knight

Apparently Kirra has been keeping a secret or something. I don’t know. At this point some of the dialog seems to be too cute for its own good. They end up in the bedroom with Kirra on top of Tyler for 69. He flips her over and starts fucking her. The scene isn’t bad, but it lacks spark and doesn’t have something as easy to love as Sara‘s bouncing tits. He takes a break from fucking her pussy to give her feet a try. I suppose that spices things up a bit. The scene gets a little interesting near the end when she is on her stomach with that great ass on display as Tyler fucks it. He pulls out and cums all over her ass. This isn’t a bad scene, but things are losing steam in this movie quickly

Bree Olson & Dino Bravo

When the story has run its course, there is one pairing left to see. Dino and Bree give it one for the road as she is about to take off for Europe to be a star. She drops her towel and he nearly loses his tongue by shoving it into her hole so fast. The blowjob is really quick and that’s a shame. After all the stuff we have sat through in this movie, why are shots of Bree Olson sucking cock left on the cutting room floor. She climbs up on top and has that big round booty bobbing up and down like crazy. When he turns her over, Dino fucks Bree hard enough to have her tits bouncing on every stroke. She really is the whole package with a face and body to die for and great sexual energy even in these softer features. Good doggy here with some pussy to mouth sucking. Bree is just always worth watching. She talks him to a final popshot that she takes on her tongue while squeezing out the final few drops.

Bonus: The bonus disc is pretty full. There is “More Bree” which features extra footage of Bree that was cut out of her sex scenes. Nothing great here, but some of the stuff from her threesome with Alexis is pretty sexy. Strip Joint Diary is a BTS reel from the strip joint. Extra dancing footage here as well. The Rat Pack Routine is a recreated number with Tyler, Jack and Dino doing their best to capture the magic. There is the standard BTS reel here as well. Ron Jeremy shows up for an extra scene with Ron Jeremy joining the Andi Anderson fun. We also get a photo gallery and a bonus scene from Young Hollywood that is very different from what we see in this movie, but interesting nonetheless.

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