Never Say Never


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Never Say Never


228 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong

THEMES: Asian Girls, Office Sex, Three-Ways


STARS: Kaylani Lei, Tory Lane, Angelina Valeinte, Alexis Texas, Jenna Presley, Tommy Gunn, Eric Masterson, Marcus London, Danny Mountain, Deep Threat, Derrick Pierce & Brad Armstrong


You know, this is a pretty cool theme for a movie. It’s all of the things we are told to “never” do rolled into one. Of course the main reason many of you have picked up this DVD is the promise of Kaylani‘s first on-screen anal. Got your attention now don’t I? You Kaylani fans have even more reason to love this movie. She’s in nearly every scene plus a bonus. So if you are a fan, go ahead and mark this down as a must own. When Kaylani is not in the scene, the action is still pretty good. Alexis and Angelina are pretty good, though Alexis‘ ass kind of steals the show. Jenna Presley’s scene is really hot. Her body looks amazing in this scene. That’s it for the other girls. Let’s get to Kaylani all right? She shines in all of her scenes. Even when the lighting is dim and the sex is tame, Kaylani is gorgeous and totally hot. Her first scene with Danny is romantic and sweet, but with a nice dose of sexual energy. In a three-way with Brad Armstrong and Tory Lane, Kaylani proves that office sex can be both eye candy and strokeably hot. Watch this one twice, it’s really very well done. Her BJ with Brad is short, but hot. Adding the phone conversation was just enough kink to really push it over the top. The interracial with Deep Threat was good, but the dim lighting really hurt it. No such problems when she fucks Tommy and Marcus in the gym. That one was blistering hot and is another to watch a second time. And the anal? It’s short and sweet, but it is Kaylani getting her tight butt banged. It doesn’t get much hotter than that. The movie teaches us to never say never, but I will say that a Kaylani fan should NEVER miss out on this great collection of new scenes from one of the hottest women in the business.

Kaylani Lei & Danny Mountain

Should you ever fuck your friend’s ex? Probably not. It doesn’t make for a good friendship, but it makes for a good porn scene. Kaylani is sharing a glass of wine and an intimate moment with Danny. We can assume that he’s her friend’s ex and go from there. The soft lighting and softer music set the stage as she puts her amazing mouth to work on his dick. As she devours him, Danny reaches back to finger Kaylani under her panties. They slide into 69 and he gets a taste of that tight box while she continues to eat his meat. As soon as she gets on top of his dick, the sexy little Asian doll pumps as hard as she can and proves that eye candy can be sexually hot. She must have heard good things about Danny and just wants to use his cock because she’s going crazy for his dick. Great looking doggy here and a bit of dirty talk as they get closer to climax. She spins around while he takes off his rubber and the load ends up on her face as well as her chest. Bad idea, but a great scene.

Kaylani Lei, Tory Lane & Brad Armstrong

How about mixing business with pleasure? Of course you shouldn’t, but these three should. The set is very pretty here with a stark white background and glass desk for Kaylani to sit behind while Tory and Brad grope at her sweet flesh. The lighting is brighter here so we get to really see how pretty Kaylani is as she alternates her mouth between Brad’s cock and kissing Tory. The business attire adds a lot to the mix here and of course we have the ever present eye candy factor provided by Kaylani. They move away from the desk and take turns riding his cock. Tory is happy to take it out of Kaylani and lick it clean and keeps her tongue right in there the whole time like a good girl. The girls share a nice load of cream. This is a really good looking bit of sex at work.

Jenna Presley & Eric Masterson

Crossing the street without looking might get you killed. Or it might just put you face to face with an ex who is dating someone super hot. That image may haunt Kaylani, but it gives us another slide of hot porno pie. Jenna is a nice busty girl who gives good eye contact as she sucks his balls. She slides onto his dick and works her hips in circles to make sure she can take it nice and deep. Jenna gets bent over for some nice underneath shots of the penetration. There are also plenty of great tit shots because this girl has a great rack. She takes a facial at the end and sucks the last few drops out with a smile.

Kaylani Lei & Tommy Gunn and Marcus London

Never let them see you sweat, except in the gym. Kaylani likes the way Tommy sweats and decides to give his cock a work out. Marcus gets a good look and decides to join the fun. Soon she has a cock in her mouth and tongue in her pussy. From the looks of things, she’s plenty happy. The double blowjob footage is fantastic. Kaylani looks so sexy and sporty and really goes after the dick like she’s hungry. The guys fuck her hard in reverse cowgirl and then in standing doggy. Everything looks great here, but the guys seem ready to cum in seconds. They both put loads on her face though giving us a double glazed look at Kaylani as she smiles at the end of her work out.

Kaylani Lei & Brad Armstrong

Never talk with your mouth full….of dick. As Kaylani starts sucking, she gets a phone call and never misses a beat. OK, that’s dirty and it’s totally hot. Once the call is over she is able to totally focus on the cock between her lips and she finishes him off in no time, taking the load on her lips and playing with it. Hot little BJ only scene.

Angelina Valeinte, Alexis Texas & Derrick Pierce

Never take rides from strangers is an adage that Kaylani follows. Angelina and Alexis don’t and end up getting fucked for it. OK so they don’t get fucked in a bad way. As they share his dick we get some great shots of Alexis from behind. I never get tired of looking at her lovely ass. It is so good that even Angelina has to stop sucking cock to get a taste. The sex is a little stiff, but any time you have Alexis in the mix she can bring things up to speed. All she has to do is drop that ass and everything looks too good to turn away. The girls share a load at the end. This one is good because of Angelina‘s deep throat and Alexis‘ ass, but it isn’t one of the stronger scenes in the movie.

Kaylani Lei & Deep Threat

Who says never date outside of your race? (Insert quip about feature companies and contract girls here.) Kaylani is told not to do it though and she can’t spread her legs fast enough. DT gets his tongue up in there and drives her so crazy that can’t think straight. Good thing she doesn’t need to think in order to suck cock. The blowjob is good, but too short for its own good. She gets into reverse cowgirl and pumps up and down on his lap nicely though. He bends her over and does her hard from behind. The dim lighting in this scene definitely hurts because all we can see in the action zone is the light shining off of the condom. Things are easier to see when she rolls over and he cums all over her belly.

Kaylani Lei & Brad Armstrong

Kaylani said she would never do anal on camera and she breaks that rule just for us. Brad picks up where he left off during the blowjob and works her ass while she rubs her clit like crazy. It’s a one position fuck, but we get to see that tight little butthole grip his dick on every stroke as she gets off on him. He pulls out and shoots all over her ass. Kind of a short little anal debut, but it works.

Bonus: Promo Reel, Trailers, Photo Gallery & Bonus scene between Rocco Reed and Kaylani Lei)

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