New Release From Dvsx: Gothsend 2


Gothsend 2

Directed by Guy Capo

Starring: Katrina Kraven, Victoria Sin, Avy Lee Roth, Rachel Rotten, Vandalia, Shayna Knight, Deja

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From static industrial settings to the blackest landscapes of sexuality. From ropes to cages, with all the costuming and painted faces, GOTHSEND II expands the boundaries where the original left off. A stellar cast of amazing Americans and true goth gash straight from Spain, Germany, and France deliver one splooge splashing performance after another. Guy Capo boils the genre down to its basics, as he cuts to the chase in refreshing new ways. Visually captivating and deliberately scored, GOTHSEND II is a must-own follow up to the first.

Katrina Kraven
Victoria Sin
Avy Lee Roth
Rachel Rotten
Shayna Knight

Dear Adult Press and Fans:

Bite me! Vampires in history have been the perfect sexual drug since 1000ad for mortals & non-mortals alike. The Goth scène and its drop dead gorgeous creatures of the night have never looked so appetizingly wicked and if given half the chance, they would gladly pull your heart out and feed it to their young.

Director Guy Capo has something better in mind. Gonzo is long overdue and exacerbated itself by the rural concepts of average porn and in not having more of an outlet for the beautifully strange and unusual. Each venomous scene radiates a sexual torque straight from the depths of hell. Gothsend 2, surceases a lethal dose of cum in just 2, twisted hours & 6, sadomasochist scenes.

Offering 1, Deja Daire is a pretty hate machine who is about to be excommunicated by the sacrificial church of cock. The bone-lord fills her gaping shaved lily with 3-fingers then finally going in for the kill with his monster cock full throttle into her ass!

Offering 3, High above the ceiling a dark winged angel descends in the air. Tied & bound in complete darkness this breather is powerless as a pulley hoists her up to her fate with her face covered by a black-cloaked hood. Below a couple immersed in each other’s 69 feeding turns into an intense bump & grind in this disturbing display of sexual power.

Offering 4, two cold-blooded vixens display the sins of their forbidden fruit with one another. These sisters of the dark realm entangle themselves in the giving & receiving of pussy-head. This scene reminds us that happiness is warm kitty. At midnight, a covenant is shared between the two whores of Babylon with a double-headed serpent with one head in the ass of the first whore and the other head in the cunt of the second!

Offering 6, we have Goth’s own super diva “Rachel Rotten” a raven-haired beauty in a birdcage. Rachel has cum to play with LA straight from San Francisco’s own under ground Goth scene to bring you the ultimate deviant sacrifice. Watch her display of contortion moves as she gets her freak on between the bars!

Director Guy Capo’s “Gothsend” series is a definite Pre-nom candidate for the 2005 AVN Awards, it-received editor’s choice last months AVN issue. Gothsend 2 is Guy Capo’s latest possession of the unclean souls in a full body sexorscism in its pure medieval mayhem.

You are cordially invited to get indignant with of the sexually damned!
Jennifer Main

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