Schoolgirl POV 7


Schoolgirl POV 7


120 Mins.

New Sensations

DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest & Eddie Powell

THEMES: Interracial Sex,


STARS: Andy San Dimas, Kita Zen, Ashlyn Rae, Asia Zo, Cherry Lane, Tommy Gunn, Alex Gonz, Ralph Long & Bonus Scene with Alexis Texas & Mike Adriano


There is something fun about this series. OK, there are lots of things fun about it. Any time you have cute girls in schoolgirl uniforms you have a good start. Add some great POV sex and things get much better. They always find some really cute girls for this series. Ashlyn Rae is one of the cutest this time around. Her scene is a little flat, but she is really hot. Cherry Lane is all right as well. Andy San Dimas opens the movie with a very hot scene. She’s quite the naughty teen who turns in a memorable POV fuck. There are two very hot Asian babes on hand here. Asia Zo is super cute, especially in her uniform. She struggles a bit during the blowjob, but picks things up with great dirty talk and spirited fucking. I’m going to be looking for this babe in everything she does. I have already seen Kita in a few things and she is very hot. Great POV action from here in this one including some enthusiastic filthy talk. Her scene is the best overall and should turn most of you into Kita fans overnight. If you like the idea of hot girls in uniforms coming to your door and fucking you then you already love this series and volume seven will give you plenty of reasons to stroke yourself silly.

Andy San Dimas

Andy comes by looking for her school. She quickly picks up on a vibe from the home owner and senses that he might like to play. Andy looks quite cute in her schoolgirl unfirom and even cuter when the top comes off. Her perky tits are nice for this sort of scene and she leaves the tie on as she takes his cock out for a BJ. Great looking POV head from this sexy young girl. She knows how to play to the camera and gets the cock wet enough to slide easily into her snug little pussy. Putting her on the couch he fucks her shaved slit while the camera focses on her face. Andy is a heavily inked girl who still has that cute look about her. She shows good energy and is quite vocal as he silently dishes out the meat. The doggy looks good and she keeps her skirt on to make sure that the schoolgirl thing stays right there at the forefront. In between positions she sucks his cock clean and then pops it right back into her pussy. Andy holds out her tongue and lets him shoot a load all over it. Hot opening scene.

Asia Zo

Asia‘s cat is lost. The stranger shows up at the door with information on the missing cat. No one is home to give him his reward so she quickly comes up with another plan. She offers to please him and is on her knees sucking before you can say “hungry pussy.” This girl is cute, but a little low energy. She can only get his head into her mouth and moans softly as she does what she can with it. Losing her panties she mounts up and fucks him on the couch. I like her ass and the way she pushes back, but Asia could still use an energy boost. I like the way she talks to the camera the whole time and her shaved little pussy is quite pretty. She works her hips to make her pussy slide up and down his cock and never stops talking about how much she loves it. By the time she turns around to take the facial Asia is talking so dirty that you wonder just how such a cute little thing learned to verbalize like this. Great facial on this one. Look out for this girl.

Cherry Lane

Cherry is really pissed off that she got an F on a test. She has never gotten an F before and wants to fix it. This girl is cute, but the dialog is clearly too much for her. She comes off like a chick doing a really bad role play, but makes up for that by being a really hot chick who looks great naked. In no time at all she is sucking his cock and is better at dirty talk than she was at setting up the scene. She keeps her skirt on and does a nice job of riding his dick while still connecting with the camera. He grabs her little ass and pulls her back against his meat. The skirt stays on so the schoolgirl fantasy stays in tact. Her energy is pretty good, but she doesn’t talk like Asia did. This isn’t a bad scene, but it doesn’t have much appeal beyond the eye candy/schoolgirl fetish play that it offers. He shoots a load on her face. Not bad, but not great.

Ashlyn Rae

They kind of do away with the set up in this scene. Ashlyn is rubbing her pussy and just wants some cock in her mouth. She is probably one of the prettiest girls in this movie, but she seems to struggle to find her rhythm as she sucks the dick. It’s hard to have a bad BJ with such a pretty girl, but I was definitely hoping for more from this great looking babe. She spreads her legs and bounces up and down on his lap. Her pale little ass looks pretty good and she is starting to come up with some decent energy. He keeps poking at her little butthole, but keeps he dick in her pussy. Her uniform is still on well into the scene
as she just fucks with her skirt pulled up. They finish with a facial, but even that can’t stop this from being the biggest disappointment of the movie.

Kita Zen

Schoolgirl Kita sneaks into a model home with her boyfriend. She’s horny, but he plays hard to get. Kita looks super cute in the uniform and listening to her beg is pretty sweet. He finally agrees to let her suck it and she makes it worth our while. As cute as can be she drops to her knees and works every inch of his meat with her tongue and lips. It’s easy on the eyes and quite energetic. Her begging and desperate nature makes it even more fun. She leans back on the couch and pulls him in. Her little pussy swallows the cock and she proves that cute little schoolgirls can talk dirty quite well. The POV action here is fantastic. Kita fills out her uniform beautifully and she fucks like someone who really, really wants to get off. She is the perfect fantasy girl with a nice little ass under that short skirt. He spreads her cheeks and shows us that tight little asshole. No play for that hole, but when she begs for his cum in her face, he obliges. She spins around and sprays her cute face with cum. I’m not totally sure, but this might be the best scene of the whole movie. It’s certainly worth watching and will show up in comps over and over. It’s that good.

Bonus: Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery, Pick Your Pleasure, Trailers and Bonus Scnee with Alexis Texas

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