Tower of Power



Tower of Power


80 Mins.

VCX/Cal Vista

DIRECTOR: Robert McCallum

THEMES: Curvy Girls, Big Tits


STARS: Annette Haven, Angel, Harry Reems, R. Bolla, John Leslie, Janey Robbins, Herschel Savage, Sharon Kelly, Melanie Scott


This is an 80’s flick that really represents the era nicely. It’s a little soap opera story about corporate espionage, sexual blackmail and hot women willing to do whatever it take to stay on top. It features a really good collection of 1980’s porn actors and two of the most beautiful women in the industry from that era. Annette Haven and Angel are both stunning women who play two of the leads in this flick. In contrast, Janey Robbins plays the other female lead. One of the naughtiest women of the era, Janey wasn’t exactly a looker. The story is simple and thanks to a great cast, the dialog is nicely delivered. The sex scenes are a little short and shot like movies from the 80’s were. (Softer and generally less energetic than what we are used to.) Annette’s scene is cut with Janey’s so it really is kind of flat. Angel’s first scene is too short to really get going. There are some sexual highlights though. Colleen Brennan (Credited as Sharon Kelly) is a lot of fun and hot. Angel’s final scene with Bolla is better. She looks amazing and provides pretty good energy. If you like movies with a bit of a story, some drama and pretty 1980’s porn actresses, then this is one to check out. Angel is worth watching for sure, especially if you have never seen her.

Angel & John Leslie

The special board meeting has John worried, but he isn’t about to pass up a chance to relieve some stress with his gorgeous wife. He puts Angel on the bed and dives into her furry muff. Seriously take a look at that thing. He looks like he’s sporting a Tom Zupko beard while he’s down there. She is ready to beg for his cock, but he wants some head before he sticks it in. Angel is probably one of the prettiest girls to ever star in a porn flick so it is truly disappointing to get a 60 second blowjob with no sots of her gorgeous face in the mix. He pulls her on top for some nice shots of her ass and then flips her over to cum on her pussy. Not exactly a thrilling start sexually.

Colleen Brennan & Harry Reems

Harry has made someone very happy and has been given Colleen as a reward. She’s a bit of a nut though who likes to dress up and play pirates as foreplay. Once she stops sword fighting and starts sucking cock though he understands why she is so expensive. Harry gets a nice BJ and then bends the red headed working girl over to fuck her from behind. He’s missing the big board meeting, but doesn’t seem to mind very much as they slide around on rubber sheets and use some oil to have a really good time. She lets him fuck her tits and cum all over them. This is a much hotter scene than the first.

Annette Haven & Harry Reems/Janey Robbins & R Bolla

Annette is a high powered executive with a boy toy who gets a little feisty. She puts him in his place and sends him down south for a box lunch. Janey is a horny wife who tracks down her husband and forces his cock all the way down her throat. I hate these old intercut scenes for a lot of reasons. The main one is on display right here. Annette is one of porn’s prettiest women and Janey is…we she just is not. Cutting back and forth just sort of kills any heat that might be built up. Annette is pretty much being a pillow queen here, letting Herschel do all the work. It isn’t very exciting, but it sure looks good. He strokes away and shoots all over her belly. Jane strokes the load onto her man’s belly and then licks it up.

Janey Robbins & Herschel Savage

These two are step-siblings with a special relationship. Janey isn’t happy that Herschel is banging a man eater like Annette. She is also sure her husband is cheating so things just happen the way they do in porn. Janey is a bit more aggressive in this scene. Once she gets talked into sex she puts everything into it. There are actually some nice shots of the sex here and it is about as energetic as the action gets in this movie. He pulls out and shoots his load all over her.

Angel & R. Bolla

To help keep her husband’s job safe Angel meets with Bolla for a special date. She really looks stunning here. I don’t know if you could find too many women in history of this business with prettier faces than Angel has. They are a little awkward at firsts, but she settles in just fine as soon as his fingers find her pussy. This time around we get a longer BJ from Angel and get to enjoy her pretty face as she takes his prick between her lips. Angel is even a little vocal here which is a nice change. She even strokes and sucks his load all over her chest, giving us fantastic eye candy as she closes the deal.

Bonus: Photo Gallery (Nice quality for such an old movie) Bonus scenes (Expose Me. Now, Sex Wish, Practice Makes Perfect & Two at Once) Vintage Trailers (Easy, Aunt Peg, Flesh Fever & Sweet Throat) Legendary Tribute (A montage of classic scenes from

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