Seasoned Players 9



Seasoned Players 9


132 Mins.

Evolution Erotica


THEMES: MILFs, Legends


STARS: Chloe, Brandi Love, Mika Tan, Monique Fuentes, Sheila Marie & Tom Byron


Tom Byron started Seasoned Players as his entry into the cougar/MILF genre. Recent comebacks have turned it into a star powered series for women on their second or third time around. For volume nine Tom has the return of Chloe as the big draw. After a few years off, one of the late-90’s hottest babes is back. Before we get to Chloe there are four other seasoned players worth noting. Mika Tan has been around for twelve years and is as hot as ever. She looks great and takes Tom on a ride that looks like a whole lot of fun. I don’t remember a time when Mika didn’t give a fantastic scene. Monique Fuentes and Sheila Marie are a couple of women who are making the cougar rounds. Both are good looking with Monique getting the nod as the classic real estate agent looking babe, but Sheila has better energy. Brandi Love is an internet chick who shows she really knows how to suck cock. Look for her on her site. That leaves us with Chloe. Tom saves her for last and she is worth the wait. She looks great and fucks like she hasn’t missed a beat. The blowjob is so good that she is probably already booking BJ movies as often as her jaw can stand. Tom gives her all the cock she needs and the two turn in an anal scene that is probably award-caliber. Without question, Chloe is every bit as hot as she was last time we saw her and I’m glad to see her back.

Brandi Love

Popular on the web, Brandi Love has had some great media exposure on Howard Stern & Penn & Tellers Bullshit. She and her husband do great couples-related lifestyle stuff. Check it out and see what they are up to. She’s going to work with Tom and this is her only “mainstream” porn DVD appearance to date. So it’s a special treat to get us warmed up for the big event later. The interview is interesting, but we really want to see Brandi gets busy with Byron. They share a kiss and then she doesn’t even bother to get naked before dropping to her knees to suck his dick. She is very good with her mouth and adds just the right amount of hand action to the mix. Tom bends her over and licks her ass while she reaches back and jerks him off. She is in perfect position for him to stand up and stick it right into her from behind. Great leg shots as she stretches out and takes all Tom has to dish out. In between positions she focuses on sucking and stroking and really does an impressive job. You have to love the intensity and eye contact as she waits to mount his rod. Brandy rides that dick like she is really enjoying it. She moves her hips in reverse cowgirl in a way that is bound to get her off and also opens everything up nicely for the camera. She loves the cock and opens her mouth wide as he unloads all over her face and lets her suck every last drop out of his dick. This is a great start and should win Brandi some new fans.

Mika Tan

This awesome woman has been in the business for a dozen years already The interview between she and Byron is classic. Mika has a lot to say and even gives us some insight into her brief time in special German movies. After a great interview Mika drops right to her knees to suck dick. (Note to self, interview Mika immediately.) It does to the back of her throat with ease and she The deep throat show is impressive but Mika is a dirty girl who wants Tom bent over so she can eat some ass. Mika is a full service oral slut who really knows what she’s doing. Tom returns the favor and has Mika ready to ride him until his cock is ready to snap off. The clothes come off slowly as they fuck and Tom turns the tables a bit. He moves Mika to all fours and takes over, pounding her tight pussy from behind until his balls slap against her lips. The energy and chemistry here makes the scene fun to watch from start to finish. Mika‘s great body doesn’t hurt either as she gets rammed and then covered with his cum. Tom blasts that face perfectly and she looks quite happy with the results.

Monique Fuentes

Monique is not a net legend, a porn veteran or a returning star. She is just a hot Columbian woman The in
terview is over fairly quickly because she doesn’t have a whole lot to say. Monique really doesn’t need to say much. All she has to do is bend over and show that hot cougar ass. Tom admires that ass for a while and then turns her around so she can suck his dick. She has a very pretty face and is intense as she sucks his meat. Monique offers really nice eye contact and just a very solid BJ. Great close up shots when gets behind her and really fucks that pussy raw. The ass shots are even better when she gets on top and starts riding him. Monique is a good looking woman whose energy runs a little low by the time she is ready to take a load on the face. Good scene, but she could use a little pick me up.

Sheila Marie

Sexy Mexican MILF Sheila says she loves to do it all and loves both blowjobs and anal sex. The thick accent makes the interview tough, but all we need is to see this babe do her thing on her knees. With her big tits out on display she sucks like a pro. Apparently she was serious about how much she loved sucking. Tom enjoys the feel of her lips around his dick, but wants to go inside from behind. Sheila bends way over and takes every inch in her waiting pussy. She’s got a nice big ass as well and shakes it while she bounces up and down on his meat. The energy that Monique was missing is here in this scene with some to spare. Tom has a big load for her face and she holds her tongue out to take it all. I like this scene quite a bit.


Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Chloe has plenty to say, but the interview is something we can watch later. Now we want to see how she looks naked. Thos of us who remember Chloe remember that she was one of the hottest and nastiest girls in the business. She hasn’t lost any of her enthusiasm and still looks really good bent over with her cheeks spread. When it comes time to suck cock Chloe starts out by licking Tom’s ass. She is such a dirty girl. That’s why we love her so much. Once her mouth gets filled with cock Chloe catches fire and gives the best head of the movie. The intensity builds as she works both hands and her mouth over him. Watching this BJ I think we would all be happy if she just kept sucking, but that pussy needs cock. She throws her legs back and is screaming almost from the first stroke as he pounds her. Chloe‘s energy has always been incredible and she fucks like a woman who might just kill a dude if he isn’t careful. The doggy goes deep enough to make her eyes roll back in her head and Tom has to keep pumping hard to keep her happy. He is the perfect position to fuck her ass. Chloe has always been an anal queen and she goes nuts here. She has added some curves in the ass and thighs, but still looks amazing. This is just fantastic anal action with so much energy that you can’t help but love every second of it. They fuck like two people who love what they do and couldn’t care less about the camera. By the time Tom unloads on her face Chloe is begging, screaming and ready to take every drop. Damn she is hot. This is one of the best comeback scenes I have ever seen.

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