Rocco: Puppet Master 4



Rocco: Pepper Master 4


131 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Rocco Siffredi

THEMES: Euro Babes, Anal Sex


STARS: Steliana, Angelica Heart, Milka Manson, Honey Winter, Jasmine, Madison Parker, Jenna Jane, Rebecca Contreras, Juliette Shyn,


Rocco has been making great porn for so long that is it sometimes easy to forget just how fucking good he is. This movie is the latest in a long line of great stroke flicks from one of the best performers we have ever seen. The women are very hot and get down and dirty like few American babes can. Interestingly enough each scene seems to have one stand out girl who steals the thunder from whoever she is matched up with. The first scene shows us that sometimes it’s OK to get a dog from a breeder rather than from the pound. Rebecca is a pure breed that is purely filthy and I love her. The other two girls in the scene are good, but Rebecca is the star. Milka and Madison give a hot threesome with a bit of revenge at its heart. Jenna Jane and Jasmine give perhaps the best scene of the movie. Actually Jasmine gives the best scene of the movie. This woman is super hot, has a great accent and could fuck her way through a whole movie and still be interesting. I can’t wait to track this girl down and hopefully she makes her way to the States for some more great scenes like this one. This is Rocco at his best, bringing us pretty girls, filthy sex and enough smut to stroke to over and over. Great job.

Rebecca Contreras, Angelica Heart & Honey Winter

Rebecca is a cutie who is supposed to be a “dog” apparently. She is brought into the house by Angelica so that her master can show her off for his friend. The guy was looking to buy a nice little puppy for his family, but it doesn’t take a lot of convincing by Angelica to convince him that he should expand his horizons. He feeds on her shaved pussy and then sees what she can do with her mouth. This is very hot stuff, but I’m wondering what happened to Rebecca because she was so cute. Not to take attention away from Angelica because she has a lovely ass and when she starts getting fucked shows really good energy. Blonde Honey is also on hand and she slides into the mix by sucking his cock while ramming a huge toy up her ass. The toy has her all warmed up for some real dick during the RCA. This blonde chick has some serious red Frankenhooker shoes on, but that doesn’t prevent her from flailing her legs about while he batters her insides. Both girls eventually get in on the fun, but I still wonder what happened to the real cutie in this scene. He bangs the two girls for a while and finally shoots all over Angelica’s face.

When that is finished Rebecca finally gets her turn. She gets her panties pulled down and her ass eaten and whipped with her lovely long hair. After licking her ass he turns around and gives her a big kiss before feeding her his cock. This cutie keeps her glasses on as she strokes and sucks his throbbing meat. Like a good dog she gets on all fours and obediently does what her master wishes. The face fucking is good though the under the chin shots rob us of some great eye candy. Luckily that all comes back when she is on top and riding with her sexy ass on display. He turns her around and makes her put that pretty ass up in the air so he can fuck it hard from behind. Rebecca takes A2M quite easily and looks great sucking cock even with her glasses off. This is a short and filthy scene that ends with him feeding his load to the hungry girl.

Milka Manson & Madison Parker

An annoying guy tries to hard to hit on a couple of bar girls. They refuse him, get saved by the boss and then hook up together. Apparently the cute young girl has been fucking the other chick’s boyfriend and since the not as cute bitch is in charge, she sicks the lecherous dude on the pretty young brunette. She is not thrilled at first, but with fingers working her lower holes she heats up a bit and starts sucking strange cock like a champ. The boss comes back and proves how much he loves his girl by shoving his cock up her ass. He pulls it out of her ass and puts it into the pretty girl’s hungry mouth. Very hot anal sex here as he rams his girl against the wall and just blasts her colon full of meat. He leaves her rubbing her slit while she watches him nail the prettier girl from behind a few feet away. He has a lot of fun with both asses and mouths as the girls learn to get along and share his meat. It is definitely hot to see his girlfriend do her best to keep him, but even she seems to know that she can’t hold a candle to her beautiful coworker. The best she can do is stick around and share a load when he drops it on them.

Jenna Jane & Jasmine

Watching Jenna and Jasmine play hoops in their hot little outfits is enough to get just about anyone going. Jasmine’s awesome nipples poking through the tight pink top are a stop above Jenna’s exposed body art. Then again both women are hot so why not have both at once? After some athletic competition and a healthy dose of trash talk the girls decide to fight for the guys’ attention with an old fashioned fuck off. Jasmine keeps talking shit, telling Jenna to get the cocks ready for her. This sexy black girl is doing a good job of getting them ready herself thanks to some fantastic deep throat skills. The girls trade off, doing their best to one up one another. We are the real winners as the intensity picks up in a big way. In the middle of the fun, the skies open and the rain sends them inside. Jenna is gone and Jasmine wants the guys to prove to her that she is sexy by fucking her raw. She takes them all on and starts talking dirty. That accent and her cute little ass really make for something special. In the middle of all this Jenna comes in and wants her turn. Sending Jasmine to a nearby couch, the blonde sets out to equal or surpass her friend’s filthy escapades. Things heat up a lot when Jasmine comes back over and jerks a guy off right into her mouth. This girl is super hot and loves taking jizz all over her face and lips. Jenna also gets her face blasted and does a good job in the head to head competition. Jasmine is the winner though and I would love to see a lot more of her soon.

Juliette Shyn & Steliana

Time for another couple of hot chicks to suck some dick. This looks like the same place the last girls started but without the rain. It starts out as a three way with a twist. The guy is getting blown by one girl while the other watches and looks like she is ready to move in at any moment. They all three go inside where he bends one girl over and fucks her while the other stays in close. The action here is very good and both women are quite attractive. Unlike the last two scenes there is no clear winner here unless you count the guy who is certainly one lucky mother fucker. They take turns getting fucked and then stroke a load out together. Wow, a busty blonde and a thin girl with long curly hair sharing a load. Yeah, that makes this guy quite lucky in my book.

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