Rough Sex (Vivid)


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Rough Sex


152 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Tristan Taormino

THEMES: Rough Sex, Choking, Slapping Role Playing



STARS: Sasha Grey, Adrianna Nicole. Francesca Le, Marie Luv, Satine Phoenix, Derrick Pierce, Julius Ceazeher, Christian, Danny Wylde & Marco Banderas

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Award-winning Tristan Taormino has taken on a number of different sexual fetishes. Her instructional videos set the industry standard. With this project she takes on rough sex with the same attention to deal and nod towards fun couples play. The five women in the movie have been allowed to pick their co-stars and the scenarios they want to play out. There are long interviews before each scene that address a number of aspects to rough sex play. These are all very interesting and somewhat enlightening. Because of the interviews, this basically becomes a bit like an “expert guide” to rough sex with some solid porn in between the lessons. They cover several different flavors of rough sex so we get a great variety of action. Adrianna Nicole, who can handle hard scenes about as well as anyone, gets worked over really hard and responds quite well. Francesca Le is great in any scene and she really dishes out the punishment. Marie Luv’s scene is all about hot role play sex leading to rough and tumble action. Overall this is a good movie with rough sex that is still mostly couples-friendly. It isn’t rough enough to scare people away, but defiantly pushes things a little further than you’re used to from Vivid.

Adrianna Nicole & Marco Banderas

Before the scene, Adrianna and Marco give interviews about how they each were introduced to rough sex. They discuss what they enjoy about it, what limits they have and explore the romantic, sensual side of it as well. To warm us up, Adrianna starts out in the shower, lathering up her body and enjoying the warm water. She gets herself all cleaned up and suddenly has Marco behind her with his hand over her mouth. He spins her around, kisses her roughly on the mouth and chokes her. She enjoys being choked and manhandled and dutifully drops to her knees to service his hard dick. They start with some ball sucking before he shoves his dick down hr throat. That gets her warmed up, but the hard spanking he gives really seems to get her going. Adrianna is left out of breath and with drool running down her chin. Ready to be fucked she is taken into the bedroom and gets on all fours. The fucking that follows is solid, aggressive sex like we have come to expect from Adrianna. Marco pounds her hard and leaves her out of breath long before he moves to her ass. He works her ass and grabs her by the neck to help him drive home both his point and his cock. The level of anal intensity is a whole lot higher than you expect to see from a Vivid movie and Adrianna takes it perfectly. He finishes by cumming in her hair. This is a little rough, but what we expect from Adrianna.

Satine Phoenix & Derrick Pierce

Communication is the key according to Satine and Derrick. They discuss how they explore with their partners and give us some good info here. Listen to your partner to find out what they want. Simple, but it’s key. The insight is good and the interviews are very interesting. The scene Satine has chosen has her stranded in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception. She pees on a rock (Not sure if that is part of her fantasy or not) and then hangs out until Derrick happens by. He offers to hang out and wait for the tow truck. They flirt and hit it off, but touch on the danger of the situation. They kiss and there is nothing especially rough going on. It is a forbidden encounter with a stranger, but Satine is the one taking her clothes off and sucking the cock. He doesn’t force anything into her mouth, instead letting her work her lips up and down his shaft. Derrick gets more aggressive when he bends over the hood of her car and fucks her hard from behind. Adding some elements of rough sex Derrick scratches his way up her thighs as he fucks her. He also manhandles those tits and nipples. Moving onto the hood they go for a lot of choking and nipple grabbing. Things get rougher at the end when he drags her out of the car, cums on her and leaves her in the dirt.

Francesca Le & Christian

Francesca has been around the block a few times and has tried it all. She’s very into whatever comes along. Christian can do rough sex as a top or bottom so this could be an interesting combination. For her fantasy, Francesca is married to a “corporate asshole” who steps on people all day long. She turns the tables on him and we get to watch. When Christen comes home he doesn’t stop yelling on the phone long enough to even say hello to his wife. She leaves him screaming and changed into some hot fetish clothes. When she comes out, Francesca demands that he stops working and do whatever she says. She takes command quickly verbally abusing him as she drags him to the bedroom. When he doesn’t disrobe quickly enough Francesca strips him and keeps slapping him around with her words. She sucks his cock, taking it deep and making it all wet. He gets smothered by her tits which really doesn’t seem like much of a torture. Even the whipping is coupled with more cock sucking. While she rides him, Francesca chokes him hard. This is a basic light fem-dom scene with some cum swapping at the end. Francesca is hot doing anything so watching her take control certainly has its appeal.

Marie Luv & Julius Ceazher

Marie is pretty rough during her normal sex scenes. She describes the kind of slapping she likes during her sex. The interview is short, but she sets up her scenario well. Marie wants to be caught cheating dead to rights. Since she is going to act like a slut he should just treat her like one. At first she pushes him away, but he persists and she gives in. Julius fills her mouth with dick and then slaps her pretty face with his meat. By the time Marie gets bent over and fucked she is on board with this and happy that her man is fucking instead of fighting. This becomes angry make up sex and it plays right into Marie’s super energetic style perfectly. She loves being taken hard and he scoops her up off the ground and bounces her on his big dick. They fuck hard and fast with a lot of dirty talk. This is the sort of scene that will really play nicely with couples who want high intensity sex that looks and feels like it includes a serious connection between the performers. He finally cums all over the mirror and has her lick it off. If this keeps up, she just might act like a slut more often.

Sasha Grey & Danny Wylde

Sasha Grey is always fun to watch. She can act, she can fuck and she can rock our socks off in any sort of scene. Rough sex can go either way for this beautiful brunette. After playing pool with Danny and talking about how much each might enjoy being hit, Sasha strips to her undies and lets him grab her by the throat as he fucks her mouth. She gets bent over the pool table and fucked hard from behind. This is a high energy fuck with some choking and dirty talk. It’s not over the top rough, just good and hard like she likes it. Adding to the mix, she does some rimming. He bends over and she eats his ass like it’s a banana cream pie. They
try spitting and slapping as well and along the way still manage a rather high-intensity fuck scene that is very, very easy on the eyes. They finish up by sharing spit. Sasha is fun any time and she really seems to be at home in this scene.

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