Dirty Shary



Dirty Shary


218 Mins.

Overboard Video


DIRECTOR: Scott Hancock

THEMES: Teens, Blowjobs



STARS: Christy Canyon, Coleen Brennan, Heather Wayne, Beverly Bliss, Bunny Bleu, Steve Drake, Dino Alexander, Billy Dee, Dan T Mann



This is a trip in the way-back machine for sure. It is also one of the movies that I have kept in my collection for over twenty years. (Finally replaced the VHS with a DVD a while back.) It’s not the best movie of the era, but it’s fun and it features Christy Canyon at her 80’s best. She plays Shary and she knows how to get her man. They call her Dirty Shary and then those men out there are facing her 44’s you know she has their full attention. (That’s the kind of great dialog you can expect.) When the boys in blue downtown need a little extra-curricular help to make a busty they call on Dirty Shary. This time it’s a white slavery ring operating out of the Ranch. Shary goes undercover with her partner to find out what’s up. Sexually Christy is the main highlight. Bunny Bleu pops in for a sexy little girl play and Heather Wayne is cute as always. Mostly though this is all about Christy. She looks great, has nice sexual energy and wears body glitter. That’s right folks, body glitter. So take a trip back to the 80’s for big hair, big fun and Christy‘s perfect big guns.

Christy Canyon & Steve Drake

Before ever getting out to the Ranch, Christy and her partner do a little warming up. She pops of her top and leaves her tits covered by a red bra as she happily slurps his cock. The blowjob is good as Christy focuses her attention on Steve’s growing cock. There is little eye contact and the longer shots don’t really show off her body like they should, but that is a product of the times. Steve flips her over and fucks that furry muff hard enough to jar one of her big tits loose from the bra. Good energy here as Christy throws a leg up onto his shoulder and tries her best to fuck him back. They stay in this one position for most of the scene, but he does finally take her tits out to suck on them. After just a few strokes in doggy he explodes a thick, sticky load all over her ass.

Beverly Bliss & Dino Alexander

Dino comes to the Ranch after his dad recommended the place. They send him to “The Dom” Beverly Bliss. Bev has a really hard looking woman who always seemed to overdo the Alice Cooper make up. She orders him to each her pussy and growls through the scene. I suppose there is some appeal if you like chick’s trash talking during a scene, but mostly this is just a time filler to get us to the cuter girls. The leather bikini, harsh make up and overall lack of eye candy make this an easy scene to skip over. It has decent heat I guess, but there just isn’t much appeal here. He pulls out and shoots all over her hairy pussy to close out the scene.

Bunny Bleu & Steve Drake

Cute as a button Bunny Bleu plays “Little Bit” a girl who does a little bit of this and a little bit of that. She also has the Cindy Brady pigtails and little girl thing going here. She leans back and lets him lick her pussy until she’s cooing like a schoolgirl with a crush. His dick gets a treat when she flicks her tongue over the head and sucks it like she’s in love. He turns her around and she pushes her little ass back to take him. Bunny always did the “hurts so good” moaning and cute dirty talk thing really well. I love watching her ride cock and then she just goes crazy in spoon, grabbing at her tits and clutching the couch. He pulls out and shoots his big load all over her furry box.

Heather Wayne & Billy Dee

Heather plays a special hooker. She’s private stock for the big boss, Billy Dee. He’s very concerned about the new girl and wonders if something might be up. She takes his mind off of work troubles by pulling him in between her thighs and feeding him a full helping of her well juiced pussy. I always thought that Heather was an underrated 80’s starlet with a pretty face and great energy. She gets his cock ready and then throws a leg up high for some good fucking. Good energy here during a quick fuck that ends with his cum in the crack of her ass.

Coleen Brennan & Dino Alexander

The college boy is worn out after The Dom, but Coleen really wants to some cock so she throws him a free one. This woman was MILF before they had a term and isn’t a bad roll for this guy. He eats that shaved pussy and then sticks it into her in spoon. There isn’t a whole lot going on here, but if you like mature redheads, shaved pussies and perky nipples I suppose you can see that as something other than just another seven minutes of filler before the next Christy scene.

Christy Canyon & Dan T Mann

Dan is “the enforcer” and he’s ready to find out the truth about the busty new girl. He shows her his cock and she is impressed, but one look at her tits (Covered in body glitter no less) and she has him right where she wants him. She strips down to some sexy white lingerie and rubs her clit while he gets naked. Christy pulls his head in and holds it in place while he licks her twat and mauls her big tits. Either he’s really doing a good job or Christy should have received an Oscar for this performance. It takes some serious effort to get his cock to full working order, but Christy sucks dutifully and doesn’t give up until he is throbbing in her mouth and sliding halfway down her throat. Love the body and hair glitter here, but I love the way Christy looks with a dick in her mouth even more. He mounts her and pumps away in missionary until her tits are shaking and her tongue is reaching out to kiss him. They go into doggy. This is one of the most memorable porn segments of my life for several reasons. It’s burned into my memory. First, Christy looks amazing here. Her tits are swaying underneath her body on every stroke. Her body loo
ks perfect here. Second, he stops in the middle and pulls out while she keeps grinding. This is his interrogation technique and it’s hilarious. And finally, this is burned into my memory because Christy ends up choking on her own spit as she moans. She covers it well, but that always made me laugh. Christy turns around just in time to get that load all over her big tits.

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