Shorty’s Mac’in Your Daughter 4

Shorty’s Mac’in Your Daughter 4


128 Mins.

Combat Zone


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks



STARS: Kendall, Miss Simone, Katie Cummings, Lady Charm, Mina Lee & Shorty Mac

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Love him or hate him, Shorty Mac has a way with the ladies. Maybe it’s the way he lays the sweet talk on them in a manner that no human can understand. Maybe it’s the way he just flops down on a couch like he expects to get laid. Then again maybe it’s just that beer bottle of a cock he’s got in his pants that have women from coast to coast lining up to get Mac’ed. Five women get the Mac treatment in this movie and despite the title, there is only moderate “daddy/daughter” conversation. Interestingly enough the two black girls in the movie make no mention of when “daddy gets home” or anything like that. Lady Charm and Miss Simone just get right to the action. Both of them are good looking and handle the big dick well. Simone is a little hotter looking, but Lady cums so hard she can barely walk. Both give good scenes. There is more daddy talk with the white girls and if that adds to your pleasure then look for some highlights. Katie Cummings is usually a very reliable performer. Her scene this time is flat though. Shorty just doesn’t get anything out of her. Kendall is a cutie, but she is clearly overmatched by the monster cock. Mina is the white girls’ only hope in this movie. She does a really nice job though and is worth watching. If you know what Shorty brings to the table, good and bad then you won’t be surprised. He’s impossible to understand, doesn’t really bring out the best in his costars, but does have that big dick that has the girls ready to jump on it as soon as daddy turns his back.

Katie Cummings

Katie appears to be putting the moves on Shorty, but his mumbling replies are impossible to decipher. Her girlfriend told her that he has a big dick and the pretty young thing really wants to see it. She is very eager to suck it and basically holds her mouth open, moaning as he puts the head in. Her moans are loud, but as usual he just babbles on until all you can hear is Shorty. Katie is hot though with great tits, a nice big ass and a pretty face. She reminds me of Gia Paloma in this scene. Watching that huge dick stretch her pussy certainly has some appeal, but overall this movie is off to a slow start despite how sexy Katie is. He can’t really get much of it inside of her and the chatter just really bugs me. I definitely like Katie, especially when she is bent over showing off her ass. Shorty fucks her from behind until he shoots on her ass. I’m afraid this one isn’t as good as it should be so we can only hope that things pick up.

Lady Charm

No real set up here. Lady shakes her ass Shorty comes in and they go right at it. She’s a pretty good looking girl who makes nice eye contact as she works the first few inches of his dick into her mouth. The blowjob is pretty damngood and Shorty seems quite impressed by her enthusiastic sucking. She spreads her legs and shows off a pretty little pink pussy that greedily swallows up that big cock. He rolls her over and holds her down until her whole body is shaking as she cum. (Either a real climax or a great fake.) As he takes her in doggy, Lady actually manages to get a few words in edgewise. He takes over again at the end and talks his way to a big shot in her mouth. I liked the energy of this scene better and Lady Charm is pretty hot to look at as well.

Mina Lee

While daddy is away, Mina brings Shorty back to her house. As she comes on hard, he talks about her father over and over until it’s finally tie to start fucking. She straps down to lingerie and one would hope that her body might leave him speechless. (No such luck.) At least he can’t talk when he’s eating her pretty little pussy. Mina is in awe of he size of his dick and gives us something pretty to look at as she stares up at him. Her lips stretch around the meat and still she can only fit a few inches. He talks way too much, but she is cute enough that the scene is good anyway. She loves how big he is and there are a lot of great tight shots of the action as he slides it way into her. Mina fucks slowly, but with good energy and she definitely looks great. Hot scene that eneds with a big load all over her face. Mina is left out of breath and masturbating on the floor as he leaves.


Kendall’s father left for work and of course he owes Shorty some money. She has heard all about the big dick and wants to play with it. The reveal is great and she is as impressed as she is intimidated. Shorty stops talking long enough to get his tongue up into her pussy and that seems to make Kendall a little more ready to take on the super cock. The blowjob is pretty good here, but his dick is too much for her pussy. She slowly lowers her body onto his dick and slowly works it in. That shaved pussy looks really good, but Kendall turns around for a long cowgirl ride. She has a nice butt, but he is so big that she really just kind of sits on his cock moaning for a long time. Shorty cums on her ass to end it. Kendall is really cute, but she is just overmatched in this scene.

Miss Simone

Once again no set up. I guess the black girls don’t worry if daddy is home or not. Simone is cute and gets right down to sucking cock. The angle is bad at first, but they move quickly to correct it so we can actually see her face. Simone gives a nice blowjob and has a great face. She spreads her legs and really seems to like what Shorty does down there with his tongue. Simone loves that dick and after letting him strech her out she gets on top and works her hips hard. Her ass is great, her energy is great and if she could ball gag him, this would be a killer fuck. Turning around she shows off her tight little pussy and keeps right on riding like she is perfectly happy being stuffed silly. This girl can take the big dick better than any other girl in the movie and she gives us one hell of a great scene because of it. Shorty leaves
all of his load right on her waiting cheeks.

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