Home Invasion



Home Invasion


90 Mins.

White Ghetto Films


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Gang Bang



STARS: Andi Anderson, Amber Rayne,



This is your basic IR mini-bang movie. It features two white girls getting fucked by four black dudes each. It’s a simple set up that can work really well with the right girl. The scenes start with the guys waking up the chicks in bed. There isn’t really any element of force and very little surprise. So it’s pretty much a straight fuck and fuck flick. Amber Rayne is the second girl in the movie and she handles a lot of dick with ease. The guys pound the hell out of her and if you like four on one interracial action you will love that scene. For my money the best scene of the movie is the first. Andi Anderson is a force of nature who always delivers a great scene. She takes on four guys with ease and the BJ footage is enough to make anyone fall in love with her. All of her holes swallow black meat with ease and her energy is fantastic. She looks really good getting stuffed and takes big cocks very well. Andi‘s hot mouth also spills forth a river of dirty talk that very nearly drowns out the constant guy-chatter that seems to be the order of the day. If you like interracial action and especially if you like watching Andi do her thing, check this movie out. You will be damn glad these homies picked the homes they did to invade.

Andi Anderson

Sweet little Andi is just sleeping in her bed when she is awakened by a crew of black dudes. She is surprised, but doesn’t resist when they carry her out to the couch and lay her down. “I don’t know about this” soon becomes a mouth full of dick for this awesome blonde bombshell. She sucks her way around the circle of cock, showing off her body and doing her best to be an excellent hostess. Her mouth is always full and that keeps Andi from doing as much talking as usual, but she still provides fantastic BJ footage. The guys are thrilled to have her working her mouth and hands, but they want some sweet white pussy as well. Andi rolls onto her side where she be fucked in two holes at once. Her shaved slit swallows meat while her full lips continue to work the kind of magic that has made her such a popular star. She looks really good in doggy and seems to enjoy the deep thrusts. I don’t know if these guys knew what they were getting into when they snuck into Andi‘s house. She works one of them up her ass and bounces really hard. We are used to Andi out talking everyone, but the guys really do their best to drown her right out. (Bad idea guys, really bad.) Eventually they shove a cock in all three holes and the just makes Andi the happiest little white girl you ever did see. The guys are happy as well and empty their cocks one at a time on her pretty face and big tits. This is a great little bang starring a great little babe.

Amber Rayne

Amber is scared at first, but is willing to get to know these four strangers better. She stuffs her mouth with cock and bobs her head without ever getting out of bed. I can’t lie; Amber does a whole lot less for me than Andi so I am not nearly as interested. On the other hand, she takes dick really deep and is never short on energy. After getting a sample of her mouth, the guys move Amber to the couch where she continues to suck. She kneels and takes it hard to the back of her throat with a mixture of fear and awe in her eyes. Amber happily spreads her legs and lets the guys start fucking her little pussy. The guys continue to pound her face of course and eventually throw her legs up high enough to work cocks up her tight ass. This is a good scene with some minor lighting issues and a whole lot of tight hole stretching. Once again the guys talk way too much, but Amber is too busy with a dick down her throat to say much. While she rides a cock Amber sticks out her ass and finally gets plugged until she is air tight. That doesn’t last long though. I think maybe it’s too much dick even for this naughty little hose beast. They give DP a try again later and this time she in better position to take what they dish out. The guys shoot loads onto her face and she still has that same shocked look on her face. I think that’s just Amber‘s standard look.

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