Violation of Kylie Ireland

Violation of Kylie Ireland


87 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Toys, Big Dildos



STARS: Kylie Ireland, Bobbi Starr, Marie McCray, Nicole Ray, Sammie Rhodes, Amber Rayne, Keeani Lei, Heather Starlet & Ani Emerson


By now we all know the drill. Kylie Ireland is going to be violated. In this movie she plays a conservative housewife who doesn’t like the wild lesbians living in her neighborhood. I don’t know if Kylie looks the part, but she plays it well and is the right woman to be at the center of this sort of action. No matter what the girls dish out, she can take it. (Though Keeani does something to her that really pisses her off. Love to hear that story.) The initial sex scene is very good as well. Marie and Nicole are very cute together. Fans of this Violation series will be happy to see Kylie get royally reamed. There are no crazy toys this time. No dildos on the end of vacuums or anything. Just a lot of big dildos, tons of anal stretching, dirty talk, religious humiliation and a bunch of chicks forcing Kylie to rethink her views on sexuality while she is drowning in pussy juice. You know, the sort of wholesome fun that makes JM Production movies fun for almost everyone.

Nicole Ray & Marie McCray

The hard partying lesbians took things a bit too far and Nicole can barely get out of bed to go buy her books. In fact she assures Marie that the only way she is going to get up is if she gets a good round of tongue loving. That sets us up for some hot girl on girl action between these two little cuties. Nicole just lies back and lets her friend lick, finger and eventually use a dildo on her horny hung-over ham hammock. Nicole may not have wanted to get up, but she appreciates having her slit stuffed with a toy they call the flying pig. Now that her pussy is in full swing, Nicole decides to give some back to her cute friend. I know that the big violation scene is the main attraction here, but I really like the opening scenes. Watching the girls enjoy one another just sets the stage for the debauchery to come. Cute little Marie is happy to be fucked and Nicole works her like she knows exactly how to put a smile on a girl’s face. To really complete the fun she straps on a cock and gives us a preview of what Kylie is in for later in the movie. Nicole loves dishing it out, but this skinny little blonde really wants to be fucked by a big fake cock. The strap on fucking is really good here and Marie enjoys fucking. Great warm up sex here. It’s hard, hot, easy on the eyes and has me really hoping that Kylie can keep things this good during the bang.

Kylie Ireland Violation

The lesbians try to make nice, but Kylie just spouts off about Hell, Prop 8 and whatever else she can think of to humiliate the poor girl. When she is sent home crying this pretty blonde finds lots of friendly arms to comfort her. They end up in Kylie‘s living room gang talking her and forcing her to lick pussy. It takes all of them to hold her down as Kylie fights harder than I have seen anyone fight in one of these movies. All of the girls are screaming at once so the collective din pretty much makes it impossible to listen to. Kylie is forced to eat for a long time then is held down while Amber Rayne shoves her tongue into Kylie shaved pussy. (Yeah, the tats, implants, shave job and foul mouth don’t give Kylie away as less than Puritanical do they?) After abusing her with fingers, the girls strap on cocks and do their best to fuck Kylie into submission. They scream at her, shove toys into her mouth and make a mess of her make up. Her pussy gets fucked for a few minutes but they want to stretch her butthole with the big toys. Both holes get stretched at once as they move from DP to double anal with the massive dildos. As usual things get crazy with a massive dildo in her ass, two in her pussy and screaming angry lesbians all around. They naturally use her up and then just leave, but I have a feeling Kylie could take a whole lot more.

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