Dark Side of the Sun

Dark Side of the Sun


71 Mins

SunLust Pictures/Vivid




THEMES: Lesbian Sex



STARS: Sunny Leone, Penny Flame, Brea Lynn, Celeste Star, Tony Desergio, Ariel King



I was really excited about this movie. Sunny Leone is one of the most beautiful women in all of porn and I have really enjoyed her stuff lately. This is her first effort with her own company SunLust. It is a movie directed by Ariel King who is also Sunny‘s man. He is the only guy she fucks in this movie and that is just the first in a long list of things that get in the way of a good time. The style of the movie occasionally interesting but more often than not it gets in the way. The super cheap looking Sin City animation style actually works at times. It’s one of the things I liked about the style. On the other end of the scale, the editing seems to be done with ADD patients in mind. There are constant cut aways to people masturbating, dirty city scenes and all kinds of things that look like they are meant to cover some serious sexual heat issues. When you can’t keep up the energy, cut away to something that distracts the audience. The music is good, great if you like the style. I enjoyed that it was original and not very “porn” but at times it is overwhelming and I watched parts of this movie on mute. Sunny is gorgeous and really kind overdoes the sexual heat thing. She is trying to work uphill though and has to fight every element of this movie to shine through. Fans will want to check it out because there are some shinging moments here. We just have to dig too hard to find them. Sunny is too good looking and too good a performer to get buried under too much style, annoying editing and music video sensibilities. At its worst this movie is alt-porn without homoerotic undertones. At its best this is Sunny looking gorgeous and providing an occasional sexual thrill. In the end it is not half as hot as it should be while being twice as annoying as your average porn flick. Not a good combination even with Sunny‘s stunning looks to fall back on.

Sunny Leone & Ariel King

This is a dark, moody BJ in a car. It’s interesting I suppose, but doest more for the style of the movie than the sexual heat. There isn’t even a good pop shot. It just sets the stage for other scenes.

Penny Flame & Tony Desergio

This is the first full sex scene and it’s a much better effort than the opener. Penny does her usual great job with a dick in her mouth. Things get seriously aggressive when they start fucking. Penny is on top screaming at him to fuck her harder. “I’m not your girlfriend.” She says. “You never have to see me again.” Great energy here and the dirty talk coming from Penny might just wake up the whole freaking city. They finish up with Penny squatting and fingering her pussy while Tony jerks off and shoot all over her face.

Sunny Leone & Ariel King

Sunny is back with her man, this time making out with him and licking his tongue like it’s a lollipop. He bends her over and spanks her sexy ass. The quick cuts away from the action feature Sunny smoking and enough style to drain virtually all of the strokeability from the action. When we are in the room with Sunny and Ariel, the sex is pretty hot and has a definitely S&M vibe going on. Sunny looks spectacular, especially when she starts sucking dick. She easily handles his modest member and god completely ape shit the second he puts it inside of her. He bends her over and sticks a finger into her ass while fucking her pussy. The eye candy is amazing in this scene because Sunny always looks fantastic. She also pulls off decent energy though Ariel really isn’t giving her anything to work with. He eventually cums in her pussy and it drips out of her horny little hole.

Celeste Star & Sunny Leone

Celeste and Sunny take a turn at the mild bondage porn. The same hyperactive cutting and occasionally cool, mostly annoying music hamper the heat. We have eye candy to fall back on, but I could look at still pictures of Sunny at get hotter images without all the visual and auditory noise to get in the way. The girl/girl ends with Ariel shows up again. I know that they are a couple and monogamy is cool and all that. It just doesn’t make for great porn. We’ve seen her suck this dick now three times and it isn’t getting any better. Yes, she is gorgeous, yes she acts like she is being fucked by a huge tool. I think she is even screaming though the music is so loud that it is really hard to tell. I will watch Sunny do anything and find her gorgeous, but the steam is really gone from this movie. We’re just watching reshased action and waiting for it all to end.

Sunny Leone & Brea Lynn

We end with a serious music video. The song is original and not entirely annoying, but it covers a rather pedestrian scene between Sunny and Brea. I would be more inclined to check this out and be interested if the last few scenes hadn’t killed whatever desire I had to finish this mess. The way it cuts away from the scene just further causes a disconnect. I get the same feeling watching this that I do watching really bad alt-porn. It’s like it was put together by someone who doesn’t understand Sunny‘s audience or worse yet, just doesn’t care that they are more intreted in her beauty than in bolstering someone’s bad-boy image. By the time things settle down watching Sunny fuck Brea with a glass toy isn’t nearly as much fun as it should be. It just takes too long to get to the good stuff

Bonus: Masturbation Scene with Brea Lynn (2:43 of footage)

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