Brandon Iron’s Perverted Planet 4


Perverted Planet 4


166 Mins

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron

THEMES: Euro Babes



STARS: Tera Joy, Cynthia Vellons, Sarah Twain, Jenna Lovely, Ellena Peterson, Valentina Rossi,


Brandon Iron travels the world and finds hot girls to fuck and suck for the camera. For that he should be considered a saint…or something like that. OK maybe that is taking things a little far. At any rate, he scores some really hot Czech girls for this volume of Perverted Planet. We have to wait for Cover girl Jenna Lovely until the finale, but she is worth the wait. This hot girl is pretty, fucks like she means it and leaves us with a smile. The other girls are pretty hot as well. Cynthia Vellons is a very sexy blonde who pops in for a bonus POV scene. The action is simple, well shot and hot. The girls are fresh faced, mostly energetic and dirty. There are two great bonus scenes as well so you get plenty of really good sex to enjoy with this DVD.

Valentina Rossi & Elena Peterson and Joe Blow

Joe kicks off the movie by sitting between these two blonde Czech girls. The girls lose their tops and then crowd around his cock take their turns. They are both quite easy on the eyes and both do a very nice job on his long dick. Joe steps away for a bit and we get to watch as the girls play with each other for a while. When he comes back it is time to fuck and doggy seems like the logical position to start with. He takes it slowly, working one pussy and then letting the girls taste some juice as he fucks their faces. Everything here is really easy on the eyes. The girls are long and lean, toned and tight. Joe gives them plenty of meat to work with and they respond with decent sexual energy. There is some nicely shot anal sex to enjoy as the girls get slammed. If you like leggy blondes getting fucked up the ass then you are going to love this scene. Joe feeds them a big load of cock cream that they greedily slurp up like good Euro-hookers.

Cynthia Vellons & Brandon Iron

Brandon doesn’t let Joe have all the fun. He settles in for a little POV action with this hot blonde babe. She uses her feet really well, jerking him off until he is ready to shoot a big load all over her face. This is a quick scene, but it works.

Sarah Twain & Steve Holmes

Steve says that Sarah is one of the most perverted girls he knows. That’s saying a lot. He spreads her legs and starts licking her pussy while playing with her asshole. Sarah likes what he is doing, but is quick to take his big dick into her hands and go to work. She’s good with her mouth, but in a hurry to feel that big thing inside of her pussy. They move to the couch for some spoon as she pushes her hips back to swallow him up whole. This tall thin brunette shows great energy and keeps stuffing him back into her mouth in between every position. Rolling her onto her side and slips his dick between her cheeks. The anal action looks really good here. If loving a big cock in the ass makes one perverted then Sarah is indeed quite the little deviant. Hot deep strokes between her cheeks as Steve lets his balls slap against her pussy. He feeds her a big load of cum at the end of the scene. Simple, dirty and very hot.

Tera Joy & Joe Blow

Joe is still sampling the hot Euro babes. Tera is a great looking brunette with a nice big ass. On all fours she sticks her butt up and gets fingered and licked from behind. She is the sort of girl who seems right at home with a big cock in her and as she jerks it into her mouth. Great eye contact as she sucks his dick here. All amped up and ready to go, she slides her pussy down over his dick and works her hips until he is all the way in. Great looking doggy here as Joe slides himself in from behind. The anal action kicks off with some spoon and great looking anal footage. He leaves a big load in her ass and then helps to let it out with some finger play.

Cynthia Vellons

Ready for the full treatment, Cynthia gets busy. She teases herself a bit by licking the guy through his underwear. When she finally lets the meat free, it slides easily between her lips and donw her throat. She squats over his face and grinds her pussy on his tongue while playing with that throbbing dick. I love the energy in this scene and Cynthia looks really good riding that cock and shaking her natural tits. He ends up giving her a really good load that she eats with a smile. This girl is sexy and a lot of fun to watch.

Tera Joy

Back for some more fun, Tera does the POV thing with Brandon. Flashing those beautiful eyes to the camera she does everything in her power to really make it look good for us. It doesn’t take long for Brandon to feed her a big load of creamy ball batter that Tera injests quite happily.

Jenna Lovely & Joe Blow

The final girl is a pretty blonde named Jenna Lovely who really lives up to her name. Joe walks around town with her for a bit, but seems to be a lot happier when he has Jenna half naked on his knee. Face with a long hard cock, the pretty blonde licks her way up the shaft and seems quite thrilled herself. She spreads her legs wide and pumps her pussy up and down as his dick vanishes inside of her. When it has finally bottomed out, she goes back to oral, sucking and licking like she loves the taste. Into spoon they go for some great looking anal. Jenna pushes her hips back to take more of him into her. Joe works with her grabbing Jenna by the hips and rolling her around on his lap while he fucks her ass. She rolls off the bed just in time to take a load on the face and in her hungry mouth. Hot ending to another hot scene.

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