Intimate Instinct

Intimate Instinct

Movie Type: Feature

90 Minutes

Production Company: Playgirl


THEMES: Fantasies

CONDOMS: Some scenes

Production Date: 12/5/2007, 1/2/2008, 6/7/2008, 6/8/2008

Cast; Charles Dera, Eric Swiss, Grant Micheals, Jay Huntington, Marco Banderas, Talon, April Blossom, Coco Velvett, Dee, Nikki Rhodes, Penny Flame, and Renea Cruz

Reviewed by: Stefani

Our Car Wash

Talon is enjoying the California sunshine, and washing his car: yet, Nikki Rhodes has a better idea. This is narrated, and heavy on the background music. In other words, there is very little sound from the couple. This is a great outdoor scene, and just the right combination of audio and visual stimulation to get everyone hot and bothered.

Sunset Sex

Sunset Sex with Coco Velvet and Eric Swiss takes us all back to our High School days when we spent more time parking than we did driving. Between the music and the narration there isn’t any noise from the couple themselves, but from the hood of the car (which is much braver than I was in High School) we get a good visual of the action. As these two explore each other’s bodies, first with their hands and mouths before moving on, they completely miss the sunset. Night engulfs them as they shift from one position to another, before an oral finally.

Executive Perks

Renae Cruz is the cleaning lady going about her business when she stumbles upon Charles Dera- the boss- taking matters into his own hands- literally. As she watches, she fingers her clit until-Shit! She drops the window cleaner and is caught. An unspoken invitation and the office supplies go sailing as they clear the desk for some relief. The music is lacking for this scene, as is the narration giving decent vocals to the frantic fucking. Talk about executive perks…

Sweet Torture

April Blossom has Jay Hunnington tied to a chair and blindfolded as she tortures him with both a riding crop and then her tongue. The torture only lasts a few moments, and slowly, piece by piece the restraints are removed allowing him free movement. This scene is dark, to match the dungeon theme: yet, the action is clearly visible. For those who enjoy a little torture, you will enjoy this sweet scene.

Romantic Getaway

Penny Flame sits alone on a bad day and reminisces about days gone by. Grant Michaels plays the roll of her lover in 1929, when Jazz was fresh and a walk on the wild side was sharing a kiss. These two are hot for each other as they share a dance before finding there way back to Penny’s starting point for a dance of a different kind. Those with a taste for feet will certainly get a kick out of these lovers, as Grant sucks on each toe before moving south. The backdrop is perfect for the romantic theme, and even the most squeamish viewer will find this a bit erotic.

Native Tongues

Dee, the imaginary daughter of an Indian Chief comes to Marco Banderas in a vision and before long these two from different worlds are making music all their own. The heavy drumbeat and Native chants remind viewers these two come from different worlds but the sex is freaken hot! Not many close ups, and the lighting is a bit dim but there is no doubt as to what they are doing.

As I have said in previous reviews, Playgirl is dedicated to the softer side of porn. Women will enjoy this video a great deal, and guys when the girls are horney and happy- you get all the benefits. Overall, that sounds like a win-win to me!

Overall rating: B

Female looks: B

Male looks: B

Sex: B

Plot/Acting: N/A

Extras: C

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