Marina Heat


Marina Heat


80 Mins.

Cal Vista


THEMES: Classic Porn

STARS: Amber Lynn, Nikki Charm, Gina Carrerra, Summer Rose, Herschel Savage, Billy Dee, Buck Adams & Tracey Adams


It’s time to take another trip back to the 80’s. This movie has a Miami Vice looking box, but has nothing to do with cocaine, cops or pastel t-shirts. Instead it features a pair of reporters, Buck Adams and Amber Lynn who want to uncover the dirty down at the marina. How do the rich fuck and suck? That is what they set to find out. There are some decent scenes here. Nikki Charm pops in and is super hot. She teases during the dialog and then fucks like a girl who truly loves cock in her body. Amber Lynn is used only slightly in the movie but she is hot when she shows up. Billy Dee fucks her early and Amber joins Tracey Adams for a three way. Gina Carrera is fun to watch in this movie, but Summer Rose ends up on screen more than any girl in the movie. That’s not a good thing because she is the least appealing woman in the cast. The story really never goes anywhere and is a bit of a distraction. If you want to watch Amber looking great, pick this up. If you want the best reason though, it’s Nikki Charm. She looks great with her clothes on and even better with a big dick in her mouth. This isn’t a bad movie even though it’s a bit dated.

Amber Lynn & Billy Dee

Once she picks up her spending cash, Amber does what any good reporter should do. She thanks her editor with some private time on the desk. Of course we jump to the marina where Buck picks up Nikki. By the time we get back Amber is bent over the desk and being fucked hard from behind. It’s just a one-position boff that ends with a load all over her fine ass. Hot I guess, but it really feels incomplete.

Tracey Adams & Herschel Savage

Amber finds Herschel at the marina and ends up interviewing him with his wife doing all the talking. She controls things sexually and talks us through the action. Right in the middle we cut to Nikki and Buck on the boat. The scenes jump back and forth which is just too distracting. Amber gets up close while Tracey is sucking and eventually takes over for a few strokes. With Amber and Tracey taking turns Herschel is treated to a pair of hot wet pussies. No wonder he’s such a happy hubby. Amber pulls the dick out of Tracey’s pussy and jerks it towards her face.

Nikki Charm & Buck Adams

Buck picks up Nikki at the marina and ends up out at sea with her. It is a lovely day for sun, but she slips into the cabin and out of her clothes. When the sex scene starts (After Tracey and Herschel get going) Nikki is sucking cock. This little blonde is so cute that it’s a shame when we cut away again. When we pop back Buck is sliding a finger past her furry bush and into her sweet pink. He gets wet enough to slide that big dick right on in. The quarters are as tight as her box, but as always Nikki is super easy on the eyes. Buck has a huge load that covers her chest and stomach. This would have been much hotter without the cutting back and forth.

Summer Rose & Gina Carrerra

Gina likes to watch and fantasize. When Summer comes by and sees her friend masturbating she dives right in. Interesting contrast here. Gina is one of the most underrated porn girls of her era. She was gorgeous, had a hot body and was a good fuck. Summer on the other hand was an add-on chick who worked when they needed something nasty. The women enjoy one another though and that makes the scene work on some level. It isn’t a bad scene, but we can hope for another scene from Gina later.

Billy Dee & Summer Rose

Instead we get another scene from Summer. She is telling Buck a story so the scene is choppy and short. Mostly it has Summer getting fucked in doggy and reaching back to kiss him. Of all the girls in the cast to get thrown into an extra scene, Summer is probably the only one worth skipping.

Summer Rose & Buck Adams

And here we go again. Summer takes Buck to Gina’s and tells him that she likes to watch. That sets us up with yet another Summer fuck. It feels like I’m picking on her, but honestly there just isn’t much here. Buck shoves his dick in her, but Gina putting on make up has more sex appeal for me. Gina eventually joins the party and that instantly makes things better. Buck seems to agree because his attention shifts drastically towards Gina. She slides into her in spoon and works her whiles she rolls her hips. With Summer out of the way Buck delivers a solid fuck with Gina, dropping the hammer until he explodes all over her stomach.

Bonus: Four Bonus Scenes: (From Trinity Brown, Here Cums the Bride, Joy of Fooling Around and Pleasure Palace) Box Art, Photos, Peep Shows (Trailers) & Web Trailer

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