Flexible Positions 2


Flexible Positions 2


160 Mins.

Digital Sin


THEMES: Asian Girls



STARS: Memphis Monroe, Amy Reid, Britney Amber, Kenzi Marie,



I know that this DVD is made up of scenes from www.FlexiblePositions.com, but I swear it might as well be called “Hot Chicks Who Work Out.” There are some nice flexible shots, but the main appeal here is gym sex. Oh yeah and big tits. Wow. The four girls in this movie all have really nice tits. Three of them are enhanced and one glorious set is all natural baby. Let’s get to those later. Kinzie and Britney both give very solid scenes. They show off flexibility and good energy. If you judge a movie by the weakest scenes, then this is a good solid effort. Even these two are pretty good. (The scenes, the girls are better than pretty good.) Good, but not great. Great would be the first and last scenes on the DVD. Amy and her natural boobs open the movie and they are a sight to behold. She is gorgeous with a body built for serious sin. Her energy level isn’t the greatest, but it is pretty good for Amy so that’s a plus. Good flexible shots and great tits make her scene totally strokable. Memphis also has massive mams, but she had some help getting hers. Her energy is a little better than Amy‘s making the finale just as much fun as the opener. If you like girls working out, big tits or chicks who stretch to fuck then you will love this collection and probably want to check out the web site as well.

Amy Reid

Amy Reid has a smoking hot body with a set of tits that just seem to keep getting bigger every time we see her. (Still natural folks.) She shows them off during an interview she gives while on the stair master. The interview heats up considerably when she loses the top and works out with her massive tits swaying back and forth. Watching Amy work up a sweat is really great tease footage. Damn her tits are banging and the ass isn’t far behind. When she finally gets a workout partner, Amy turns her attention to some oral skills. The camera moves below her tits for a long time. I usually hate this view, but with massive tits looking us right in the face it is hard not to love what she brings to the table. Amy looks great with a dick in her mouth and bends over for her first flexible position. She reaches back and pulls her foot forward for a calf and thigh stretch. There is a lot of low angle footage throughout the scene and while it still isn’t my favorite way to look at the action it still shows off Amy‘s fantastic funbags really well. There are also some great close up shots of her tight shaved pussy getting slammed. Amy‘s energy doesn’t match her body, but the latter is so fucking hot the any problems with the enthusiasm can be overlooked. They finish off with a shot on her face. I love the action is shot here. Amy is very hot and her tits are fucking amazing.

Britney Amber

Busty blonde Britney works out in silence, staring at the camera as she works her upper body in the gym. The action kicks right off when the meat puppet shows up. He stuffs his meat in her mouth and she moans around it like it tastes very good. She reaches around and pulls her feet up to her ass to stretch out her thighs a bit. Her lips are getting the most work though. Her legs get pushed back over her head in mish, giving us the sort of action the title promises. Those long legs and that tight shaved pussy make for some really hot footage and Brit is a pretty good fuck as well. This scene is hot, but she seems to have less personality on screen than Amy and that isn’t good. While she rides his dick, Britney gets a finger up her tight ass. In addition to the hot leg shots we get to watch her ass bounce up and down as she rides his lap. She leans her head backwards over the table tot take a load on her face and then sucks his balls to make sure they are empty.

Kenzie Marie

Kenzie looks pretty good on the stair machine. Her tits pop out and instantly she is attacked by a meat puppet. The work out footage is good, but not as good as the blowjob. She looks really good with her mouth full and even the low impact sexual action is just fine. They break out a big exercise ball and she literally bends over backwards to take his dick into her throat. He turns her over on the ball and fucks her pussy from behind. Great gym sex here as she gets slammed. After her pussy gets plugged hard she sucks him clean and then stuffs him back into her waiting hole. She throws her feet back over her head for a final round of mish with some help from the bar. They finish with a great facial shot on her tongue. Very hot scene.

Memphis Monroe

OK huge titty alert. Memphis can barely contain those great big funbags as she works out. They are popping out of her top as she talks about how much she loves to suck cock. That’s all the foreplay I need folks. As she lets them out, she continues to step and that is going to make tit lovers lose a load for sure. There is some low angle tease as well looking up at her thick legs. Wow, this is hot. The tits stay in the picture when the scene starts as Memphis and her co-star each take a nipple for some serious sucking. Speaking of sucking, she opens up and takes his dick deep into her throat. That’s the sort of flexibility we all love to see. Tit fucking follows the excellent blowjob and it is clear that this will be a nut buster. She lies on her belly on the bench and grabs her ankles while he pumps her face and feeds her his balls. The ball comes in for some more stretch shots. Memphis is upside-down and still ready to suck. They stay on the ball for mish and her tits go crazy as he bangs her hard. To keep up the flexible action she uses the bar and puts her feet behind her head. While she gets drilled, Memphis sucks on her own tits. This is just pure stroker gold from every angle. Love the doggy here as well thanks to her big swaying hoo
ters. The ass shots are as good as the tits shots as Memphis shows that she has looks, curves and great energy. Finishing up on her knees, she tit fucks him and lets him bust all over her rack. Sure to get her protein, Memphis licks them clean. Yeah I have found my dream workout partner. Come on over Ms. Monroe and let’s work up a sweat.


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