Cum-Spoiled Sluts


Cum Spoiled Sluts


258 Mins.

Jules Jordan Video

DIRECTOR: Jenna Haze




STARS: Jenna Haze, Bobbi Starr, Riley Evans, Nikki Rhodes, Alyssa Hall, Scott Nails, James Deen, Mick Blue, Jerry


Jenna Haze has established herself as one of the biggest porn stars of her generation. (Or Jenneration perhaps.) She is behind the camera for the first time with this movie. Fear not fans, Jenna is also in front of the camera, assuring that at least some of the scenes will be fantastic. To be honest I was a little worried about this movie. The rest of the cast is good, sometimes very good, but Jenna is always fantastic and sometimes a movie like this can leave the rest of the cast looking a little worse by in comparison. . That isn’t the case here. Not that the other girls steal Jenna‘s spotlight. They have a long way to go to be that hot. Alyssa looks really good in the tease and even better once her scene starts. Nikki’s hotter than I have ever seen her and shares the scene nicely with Jenna. I really loved that scene. Bobbi Star does what she always does, rocks the house. Riley Evans does the best of the non-Jenna scenes though. Her boob-specific tease footage is really great and her anal is even better. Before we get to the best thing about this movie let’s address the problems. The lighting is really hot and borders on washed out far too often. It seems to be more of a style decision than a technical snag. Either way it takes away from the eye candy and the heat of the action. Beyond that there is perhaps more camera movement during the good stuff than necessary, but this is still a solid, tight fuck flick with great energy and hot chicks. Speaking of hot, Jenna once again shines. She looks beautiful in her tease sequence, plays to the camera perfectly and then kicks everything into high gear when the sex starts. Her opening anal scene with James Deen is enough to make everyone want to buy the DVD. Throw in a three-way with Nikki that just rocks and you have two great reasons to add it to your Jenna collection. Need a third? OK, another scene with Nails, this time as a motivated real estate agent with the skills and body to close the deal. In short she is the perfect porn star and her first effort behind the camera is worthy of the legend she has created.

Jenna Haze & James Deen

Jenna‘s first scene opens with a good five minutes of very soft tease footage. It is beautiful, sets the mood nicely and proves that she could easily be just an “eye candy” girl if she wanted to be. As soon as her scene starts though, the Jenna we know and love comes out. James puts his tongue in her ass and she is off and running. Some finger play gets her in the mood for cock sucking. Few women give head with the sort of full body passion that Jenna puts into her blowjobs. The two fisted action is fantastic. By the time they start fucking Jenna seems ready to scream out and explode. Great connection between the performers here. They are working well together and really seem to be enjoying one another. The camera seems to be moving an awful lot, but when it settles, the action is fantastic. Jenna gets on top and pulls her knees back so that her ass can take that big cock. As is so often the case, Jenna‘s filthy talk really carries the day. On the other hand, she gets into an anal full nelson that is so hot I may actually have to stop and take a cold shower before I can continue this review. They finish up with some mutual masturbation that is pretty hot. Jenna fucks herself in the ass with a toy while rubbing her clit as James jerks off until he explodes all over her pussy. Very interesting finish to a really hot first scene.

Riley Evans & Mick Blue

Riley is a very pretty girl with fantastic boobs. The tease footage is nicely tailored to show them off. She hangs them over a glass table, shakes them back and forth and does her best to make tit lovers out of each and every one of us. Jenna interviews riley and is totally impressed by her tits. The interview is playful and sexy just like Riley herself. Eventually they head into another room where Mick is waiting to enjoy Riley’s big tits and her tight little holes. They start out with some tit fucking which is just fantastic footage. This girl is hot to watch and gets even hotter when Mick starts fingering her pussy. Riley likes having her boobs slapped and gets on top to ride Mick like she wants to break his dick off. She turns around and lowers her ass on his dick. The energy here is really good and Mick slams her bum hard enough to make her boobs really get up and dance. He bends her over for some deep anal penetration that has her all lit up and ready to go. She finally spins around and takes a big load all over her face. Riley certainly lives up to the heat we would expect from a Jenna Haze project.

Nikki Rhodes, Jenna Haze & Johnny Sinz

Jenna and Nikki are bored with video games and TV. They light up a little herbal entertainment and that seems to make the day a little better. They find Nikki’s brother’s video camera and the fun begins. The girls film each other and try to be the best teases they can be. They decide to play celebrity and try to do a hot sex tape. As it turns out both girls are fucking Johnny Sinz so they call him up. He is more than happy to be the meat in this hot sandwich. The get started and pass his big cock back and forth. Nikki looks really good in this scene. So good in fact that Jenna leaves the cock for her so she can get a good taste of red snapper for a while. Of course that is just a warm up because Jenna isn’t going to let that big cock stray too far from her own steamy wet clam. Both girls are quite hot for that big dick. The lighting is a little spotty and way too hot at times. Nikki’s skin just about blinded me as she rode Johnny hard. Jenna takes over and even her skin is giving off too much reflection. Enough with the lighting, the cowgirl footage is great and the energy levels just keep getting higher in this movie. Nikki gets in there and sucks Jenna‘s cum right off the cock like a good slut. When he shoots all over Jenna‘s hip and ass, she is right there to lick that up as well.

Bobbi Star, Mick Blue & Jerry

So Bobbi shows up to clean Jenna‘s house. As it turns out she has a cleaning fetish and just works as a maid to get herself hot for sex scenes. (Someone marry this woman right now.) While Jenna is changing, Bobbi wanders the house dusting and fingering herself. Really interesting tease footage and it leads to something even more interesting when Bobbi finds the male talent for Jenna‘s scene. Jenna isn’t happy at first, but sits back to enjoy the show. Bobbi gets face fucked and performs well from her knees. The guys take turns in her mouth and pussy, showing off her big beautiful ass. Jenna steps in to make sure that the action stays hot, but I don’t think that Bobbi needs any guidance at all. As she rides Bobbi reaches around and fingers her asshole. The ass is now warmed up and ready for some serious hard pounding anal action. To prove she can take it all, Bobbi gets double fucked face down for a while before opening up for RCDP (Reverse Cowgirl Double Penetration) They finish her off by shooting on her face and in her mouth at the same time. Bobbi is one hell of a fine stand in for Jenna.

Alyssa Hall & James Deen

Disc two kicks off with Alyssa showing off in a short skirt and licking a lollipop. She has a stunning body and rubs it up and down out by the pool. By the time she does inside to find James Deen waiting I am ready to see what this babe can really do. From her knees she delivers a great looking blowjob with a lot of ball nuzzling. There is some great POV footage as she lets him hold her head and guide the action. He turns her around and works that pussy over hard. The lighting is hot again, but otherwise everything looks great. Alyssa rolls into spoon and puts a leg up to her chest to get him in deep. I really like her energy and when he pulls his dick out she deep throats him like a champ. She looks really good taking a nice load all over that pretty face.

Jenna Haze & Scott Nails

Jenna is trying hard to sell a house and we all know how tough that is in this economy. Despite the obvious charms of the property Scott still needs a little something to push him over the edge and pull the trigger. She puts her body to good use and takes the dick from his pants. Anyone who wouldn’t buy a house from her after they have felt her mouth on their cock. Jenna licks, sucks and strokes that big prick like she is falling in love by the second. She looks delicious as she spreads her thighs wide and lets him finger her clit. He bends her over and starts fucking her while she stands and takes it. Great eye candy here with heels, hose and perfect flesh on display. The ass shots come into play during cowgirl as she bounces up and down and he fingers her asshole. Rolling into spoon they get to the anal and Jenna takes everything he dishes out. This is a fantastic anal scene with a shot right in her mouth. It is just what we would expect from Jenna and definitely seals the deal on the house.

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