Rollin With Goldie 1



Rollin’ With Goldie 1


145 Mins.

Spearmint Rhino Films

DIRECTOR: Goldie DeWitt

THEMES: Big Asses, Sisters



STARS: Olivia O’ Lovely, Crista More, Cayden Moore, Felony, Rachel Solari


Goldie and his RV are on the road looking for hot chicks. He has plenty of friends along for the ride, most of whom don’t actually get in on the fun. The place is often full of people who end up getting on camera during countless cut-aways. The whole movie has that party bus feel to it even when the sex is more straight forward. Sisters Crista and Cayden Moore should be the main draw here. More on them in a bit. Olivia O’Lovely gives one of her final adult performances with Prince. Big cock meets big ass during this hot scene. There are a lot of cut away shots to the people watching that kill the rhythm of the scene quite a bit. That is a recurring problem that may hurt the stroke factor for a lot of people. Rachel is a big titted girl who looks really hot in her scene. Felony has been around for a long time, but she breathes new life into her career thanks to a fantastic anal fuck with Justin Long. The sisters are a lot of fun Cayden does a pretty good scene and then comes back to help her sister really turn up the heat. Alex is a lucky guy who really gets to find out what it’s like banging two hot sisters at the same time. I doubt if their parents would be proud, but it makes for good stroke material. ,

Olivia O’Lovely & Prince Yashida

The back of the RV is packed with strippers and dudes talking about blowjobs. Olivia is happy to be part of the conversation, but she would rather be sucking than talking about it. Never one to keep it gentle, she slobbers all over the dick and delivers a very sloppy BJ. Turning that big ass to his face, Olivia shakes her cheeks and backs it on up. That is one serious backside and she is plenty proud to show it off. The strippers watch in amazement as those massive cheeks roll on down and her pussy engulfs his throbbing man meat. We get some nice shots as they stand up for face to face fucking. The strippers are having fun, but we keep cutting away from the action. That adds to the party bus atmosphere, but it is bound to frustrate some strokers looking to rub one out to Olivia’s big ass and her filthy sexual energy. The heat is pretty good and Olivia always lets us know just how much she loves getting pounded by a big cock. There are some technical issues with the camerawork, but this is basically a back of the RV fuck that doesn’t have to be technically perfect. It just has to be hot and it is. The cumshot ends up all over her huge ass and one of the strippers rubs it into the cheeks.

Cayden Moore & Criss Strokes

Cayden is a make up girl talked into doing a scene or something along those lines. She isn’t being hired for her Oscar caliber acting. She’s hired to suck a big dick and she does that just fine. With her dress still on and her tits hanging out she gets down on her knees for some light face fucking. The edits leave in shots of the guys watching the scene and I’m not sure that’s such a great idea. There is less of a party feel to this scene and they are more intrusive than they might otherwise be. Cayden has a nice big ass as well and shows it off by riding in cowgirl for a really long time. Reverse cowgirl and doggy aren’t nearly as long, but are also pleasing to the eye. In the middle of the action we break away to hear Justin Long talk about getting a 1 Down tat on his neck. Fine stuff, but what about the girl getting fucked a few feet away? She is in the middle of a mish fuck that drags a bit but finally ends with a big load on her face. Now who is going to fix her make up?

Felony & Justin Long

Goldie and Felony roll up on a club and find Justin working he desk. She takes him to the RV and just has to suck that big dick. Felony gives a loud and sloppy blowjob. They keep breaking away to show the onlookers again. That’s fine, but definitely breaks the rhythm of the scene. It starts out as just a blowjob, but this girl can’t help herself. She climbs on top and starts working her hips like she is looking to break that thing off inside of her. Great hip action and a ton of sexual heat here. Just about the time things get really good we got to black and white and break the rhythm. It’s an editing choice and a style thing, but Felony going RCA on that big dick is something that shouldn’t be cut away from if you’re going for maximum strokeability. There is enough anal action here to make anyone a fan. He feeds her a load of cum and she looks thrilled to be eating it all.

Rachel Solari & Eric Swiss

Big titted Rachel takes a ride back to the RV and shows off her big rack on the way. This girl is pretty damn cute and is even hotter with a big dick in her mouth. She bends over for some 69 with her big ass on his face and his cock at the back of her throat. Swinging her legs over his hips she starts fucking. In cowgirl her ass looks a little soft, but when she turns around her big tits take over. She bounces them up and down while pulling her legs back to take his meat up into her hole. The energy is pretty good and they explore her ass a bit as she bends over for the camera. She doesn’t take the dick back there but does give another very enthusiastic blowjob before mounting back up. They finish off with a nicely captured facial shot. Rachel sucks the last few drops out and looks ready for more.

Crista Moore & Alex Gonz with Cayden Moore

Cayden’s sexy sister is on the streets with a “Will Work for Sex” sign. She has a good time in the back with Alex. Her sister is right there watching as Crista grinds on Alex’s lap. That makes it tough for her to relax, but eventually she calms down with Alex tonguing that tight twat. The naughty blonde has a great body and gives a really good on-camera blowjob. Alex turns around and lets Cayden show off her deep throat skills. They want to find out who tastes better so eats one then the other. As the action moves back to Crista she climbs up on his dick and enjoys a finger in her ass while she rides. Once she gets over her nerves, Crista is quite a hot fuck. Her body looks great and she takes a major pounding. Watching her sister makes Cayden hot enough to want to rub her pussy like crazy. Eventually they switch and Alex gets to see just which sister is tighter. After fucking them both what else could he do but bust a nut all over both pretty faces. Two hot sisters at the same time, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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