This site is a little different from your run of the mill porn stuff. It features a plethora of beautiful young women dancing, exercising and doing yoga in the nude. Some of them show off incredible flexibility while others bounce and jiggle around. Though this is not your usual hard-core site it features high quality videos and photos, gorgeous babes and very niche-specific material. If you have ever seen a cute girl at the gym stretching and sweating and wished you could watch her naked, this site shows you what it might look like. With high quality video and photo sets, lots of outdoor and genuine sports girl footage and babes that are pure fantasy material is a one of a kind niche site that many of you will love.

Sample Galleries

Sporty Blonde Exercising Naked

Naked Volleyball for Two Hotties

Naked Yoga Looks Good

Gorgeous Blonde Stretching Outside

Naked Workouts are Fun

Nude Sunbathing & Workout

High Kicking Naked Aerobics

Naked Hottie Playing with a Hula Hoop


Home: The home page is really simple to use and shows us the most recent update (including the date) as well as a date for the next update. Nice touch there. Each update offers thumbnail shots, a user rating option and easy to get to video and picture options. They also tell us how long the videos is and what size file we’re dealing with. It’s a very easy main page that gets us where we want to be quickly and without hassle.

As of today (3/11/09) there are over 150 scenes to choose from. It appears that they update the site weekly and have for a long time so you know there will be new material all the time. The descriptions are simple with the girl’s name and a single line about what you will see. We really don’t need more because there are not stories to follow or anything of that nature. “Sexy Blonde Doing Workout in the Gym” is really all you need to know. When there is a photo gallery to go along with the video, it is listed to the right with a single thumbnail above the number of shots.

The photo galleries are basic with no navigation to get us from shot to shot. The photos themselves are pretty good. We get high quality images with beautiful girls posing. The most recent gallery has shots in the 1328px Ö 2000px (scaled to 478px Ö 721px) range so they are definitely worth checking out.

You can download or stream the videos from the same page. One click streaming works just fine or you can right click to download your favorite scenes. The videos are WMV files and all of them loaded quickly for me. At 720×404 and 1.09 Mbps the videos are good quality as well. Since a major draw for this site is the beauty of the women featured, it is a really good thing to have the videos so clear and easy to view. The scenes range from around 8 minutes to well over a half an hour. Many of them are outdoors and some involve some solo play. We also get plenty of two-girl scenes for those of you want to watch chicks work out with a sexy friend. The niche-specific videos are sure to delight fans of sex naked women.

One of the recent updates features 23 year old blonde Katya doing a workout. It comes with 80 high quality still shots and 28 minutes of video. Katya comes in with tiny shorts on, but loses them right away. She does some standing toe touches and then deep knee bends. This is a very simple video, but it’s really quite hot. Who knew that watching a girl do knee bends naked could be so sexy? She breaks out a jumprope and uses it for several minutes. OK this makes sense. Bouncing boobs are always good especially when they are attached to such a cute young girl. Ditto with the hula hoop action. Katya works up a pretty good sweat during nearly thirty minutes of nude exercise.

A few weeks ago they added a similar video that featured two girls. One brunette and one blonde girl alone and naked in the gym. That is the recipe for something hot. The girls get on the stationary bikes to shows off hot bodies and to work up a sweat. This gives us a chance to see shaking breasts and young ,lean muscles at work. The girls even do a little weight lifting. Watching the blonde do bench presses is pretty damn pleasing to the eye. Hey if one naked exercising girl is good then two is bound to be even better.

For those who want a little more than just naked chicks exercising there are some solo scenes on this site. Busty brunette Vanda is feeling stiff and is in need of a good workout to loosen things up a bit. She warms up in a tight sweater making us all long to see those big funbangs unleashed. Eventually the clothes come off and she gives us a rather stunning view of a set of incredible natural boobs. After a lot of floor work that shows off her swaying boobs and her spread thighs she gets into some masturbation. Working her fingers in her pussy first, she eventually moves on to her dildo. It slides easily into her wet pussy giving us something extra special to close out her scene.

Another common themes on this site if flexible girls. We all love a babe who can put her feet behind her ears don’t we? One example of this type of action comes from a lovely brunette named Alena. With her lithe dancer’s body she is just the right girl to show off her limber form. The video begins with Alena on a black rug going through a series of dancer stretches that will have everyone watching out of breath in no time. She aches her back and raises her pelvis in a gentle thrusting motion. The leg lifts are especially sex because she just takes her leg all the way back behind her head effortlessly. The camera moves in close on her pussy as she stretching giving a perfect
view as she continues to exercise. During the 31 minute video she basically shows herself to be toned, tight and remarkable flexible. I found myself memsorized by the this girl and even though I didn’t think I would enjoy a half hour of this kind of action I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Bonus Site: VoyeurRealm: In addition to the nude sports action you get with this site, your membership also includes This site offers tons of hidden camera action, shower videos and hard core sex. I will do a full review of this site as well, but it basically doubles your membership and provides a lot of variety while sticking to the basic core niche.

COST: There are two membership options for this site as well as a trial.

-3 Day Trial: $8.95 for 3 Days

-30 Day Membership: $29.95 30 Days

-90 Day Membership: $59.95 90 Days

OVERALL: 85 of 100. This is a very unique site that fills a specific niche. I wasn’t entirely sure I would like it, but I have to admit I found it quite interesting. It features gorgeous young girls exercising, playing and playing while nude. Pretty simple when you think about it, but it works. It as a real voyeuristic feel to it, especially since most of the girls don’t really play to the camera. It really is like sitting at the gym and having X-ray vision as you stare at the gorgeous creature working out next to you. There are some solo scenes and some multi-girl scenes, but for the most part this site sticks to hot naked girls stretching, dancing and exercising.

Models: 18 of 20 (Beautiful Young Women)

Quality of Content: 17 of 20 (Excellent, Genre Specific)

Quantity of Content: 18 of 20 (Lots of Origial Content)

Ease of Use: 16 of 20 (Good Downloads)

Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Totally Unique)

Bonus +3: Additional Site, is included with your membership.

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