Little Asian Cocksuckers 14

Little Asian Cocksuckers 14


94 Mins.

Third World Media

THEMES: Asian Girls, Blowjobs



STARS: Aya Fujii, Rika, Yuari, Miki, Sayori, Sakurako, Risako, Kaori, Yuko, Asuka


This movie gives us exactly what it promises. Little Asian chicks sucking dick. There are ten girls here and everyone of them is rather easy on the eyes. Obviously if you like Asian girls then you will love watching these babes in action. There is an interesting variety here as well. Some of the girls do soap massages before their blowjobs. Others do some tit fucking and even some fingers in the ass. The cum shots end up in mouths, on boobs and even on asses. I liked a lot of the girls here and some of them were playful and fun. A few of the scenes suffer from dreadful camerawork though. I don’t know what happened there. Luckily there are enough scenes here to skip over a couple of bad ones to get to the good stuff. If you love Asian blowjob movies, this series remains at the top of your most see list.

Aya Fuji

Aya is quite pretty and makes great eye contact with the camera as she runs her tongue over her partner’s nipples. She keeps staring at us while she rubs his meat through his underwear. Once his dick is out of his pants, she licks the head with short flicking motions and circles it slowly. This cute girl is quite playful and sticks his cock between her soft tits. Her energy dies a bit as the scene progresses, but she takes his load in her mouth, holds it on her tongue and plays with it for a long time before we fade to black.


Rika has her work cut out for her. She is already on her knees working her face towards an unkempt bush that might actually put her eye out if she isn’t careful. She doesn’t really make a lot of contact with the camera, but we have to forgive her. In addition to the pube problem she is trying desperately to suck a dude who just isn’t rising the occasion. He eventually shoots in her mouth and she dribbles it out with about as much enthusiasm as you would expect from a girl drinking vomit. Very low energy scene that is almost disturbing.


This scene starts out with some kissing. That’s nice to see. Yukari seems like she might be a little thick in the middle, but it is hard to tell because she is hunched over. She has big boobs that she uses the work his cock. You have to love a girl who knows how to jerk a dick off using her boobs. Her mouth is also fairly talented and she sucks a load right into her mouth for a snowball finish. That’s right guys, she spits it into the dude’s mouth at the end. That’s something you don’t see every day.


Petite Miki is in the bath soaping up the dick she has before her. He gets hard when she sticks a finger in his ass. She washes his pubes, rinses off and then flicks her tongue over the head of his dick. During the early part of the scene Miki talks a lot, but once she gets down to business this girl sucks like a pro. She uses her fingers to jerk him off into her mouth at double speed until he cums all over her boobs.


This scene starts out with some nipple play and kissing, but the camera is all over the place. It moves around so much that it is tough to tell what body part they are shooting at times. She is a little older or at least looks that way and connects well with her co-star if not with the camera. The camerawork is annoying throughout this scene. I don’t know why we are looking at her elbow while she is sucking dick. The lack of eye contact hurts as well and as she is dripping cum from her mouth into her hands the camera is on a close up of her eyebrow. Wow, that’s just bad.


This busty girl has her partner play with her boobs first. It’s good POV tit play with Sakurako shoving her nipples right against the lens. Normally I blast low angle shots, but when you are looking up big natural breasts like this, the shot makes perfect sense. When the tit play ends she gets to work on his cock. Nice POV shots here and great eye contact as she looks up and licks. Keeping her boobs in play she rubs the head on her nipples and lets him straddle her chest until he cums between her big boobs. The look on her face certainly turns sour as soon as he cums. I’m guessing she isn’t digging the feel of a million of his kids on her chest.


Things are very quiet for this couple, but Risako looks pretty great and has really nice boobs. Bad camerawork again though. It goes from being way too close to being way off the mark. Even the BJ footage is often half in frame. Between that and her lack of eye contact this scene is quite disappointing.


Another shower scene and this one features Kaori in a speed with the boobs cut out. She washes him all over including some asshole play. He seems to like that and enjoys the reach around handjob. When they rinse off she drops to her knees and gives great eye contact while sucking his dick. The swimsuit actually adds a little bit of heat to the visuals for some reason. I love the way she connects with the camera as she power strokes his cock in her mouth. The camera is little too close at the end as she works his load onto her tongue and tits, but there isn’t really much to complain about here.


It would be too easy to pick on the camerawork again but a minute into this scene we are staring are her push while she is sucking cock. Of course we move up form there to stare at the dude’s ass and hanging balls. What an absolute mess. When the camera does find Yuko she is interesting looking and seems to like sucking dick, but there just isn’t enough quality footage to really make this scene worth watching. He cums in her mouth and she lets it drip into her hands, but if you’re still watching at this point then you have got too much time on your hands.


This girl seems to be in a hotel maid’s uniform. Whatever she is wearing it’s cute and so is she. Asuka is a little shy as she wraps her boobs around his dick. Her energy really isn’t good, but at least the camerawork is decent. This is mostly a tit fuck scene with the guy exploding all over her chest.

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