Teenage Anal Princess 9



Teenage Anal Princess 9


160 Mins.




THEMES: Teens, Anal Sex



STARS: Emma Heart, Jayden Williams, Lena Mendez, Megan Murray, Jayden Jaymes, Dakoda Brookes, Sascha, CJ Wright, John Strong, Mikey Butters, Steven French & Tony T.



This is my kind of contest. A bunch of hot girls vying for the title of Teenage Anal Princess. Ivan is the man behind the camera and he has some real cuties in contention. Unofficial Anabolic girl Dakoda Brookes is on hand and once again she offers something brand new. This time she gives us her first DP scene. Cute as ever, Dakoda shots great energy and is worth sticking around for. Her scene might be the best of the lot. Yes, I said might be because a few of the others really kick ass. Megan Murray is a cute little redhead who looks like a college freshman right off the bus. That sweet look hides a sexual animal. Her scene is incredible and any guy would be nuts not to want to fuck that pretty little ass. At the other end of the spectrum is Lena Mendez. She is a very cute girl from Miami who seems very inexperienced. That can sometimes be hot, but she fucks like she’s bored, uncomfortable and wishing she had taken that job at Hot Dog On a Stick when she had the chance. Her scene is the one lowlight in a movie that is very good otherwise. The girls are cute, the sex is well shot and the energy is really good. Check out these hot anal teens and you’ll be ready to take them to the porno prom.

Jewel Styles & Jayden James

Jewel is a sweet young thing who is going to try to earn her tiara by getting poked in the pooper with Jayden’s plastic prick. She spreads that pretty teen pussy first and lets her slide a toy right in. After working on Jayden for a bit, Jewel is ready for her anal introduction. She has a great ass that is nicely displayed as Jayden slides a purple toy right between those cheeks. Once she gets used to it, Jewel starts doing it herself while her new friend lends a helping hand and tongue. Now ready for the strap on, the young cutie throws her legs up in the air and she earns her tiara nicely. This isn’t an over the top anal scene, but it features a very cute girl who comes out of it with a smile on her pretty face.

Emma Heart & Sascha and CJ Wright

Pretty teen Emma is going to do two guys today and for the first time on camera they are both going into her ass. (Not at the same time.) CJ and Sascha strip her quickly and have her on her knees between them. She’s already got her tiara on, but I don’t know how she earned it yet. Maybe Ivan knew how quickly she would turn from sweet Indiana girl to full blown dick sleeve. The guys work her pussy and mouth at the same time, but her ass it the eventual target. John gets in there first, pushing his meat into her tight hole while she moans around CJ’s pulsing prick. They trade places and we get some great ass shots as she pushes back on black dick while swallowing John. This is a really good anal scene and she takes big loads on her smiling face. Miss Emma Heart earns her tiara and more by holding her tongue out to get a nice second wad of protein.

Megan Murray & Steven French

Megan has her degree in funeral directing. (Direction?) That’s an interesting career choice, but then again so is taking strange dick in your asshole. She’s a cute little redhead who doesn’t hesitate to take Steven’s meat in her mouth. Nice eye contact here as she licks and sucks. Megan uses her hands and tongue like she really knows how to suck cock and like she just might enjoy it. The pussy is next and she rubs her clit while he goes balls deep in there. After a nice hot ride where she shows off her ass, Megan asks is he wants to stick in her ass. Well of course he does. Who wouldn’t? She throws her legs back and he pounds on that tight little colon. Her energy and enthusiasm is really good and she makes the whole thing look like a blast. Her tiny hole gapes a little and somehow this petite thing takes everything Steven has for her. She begs for cum in her mouth and gets exactly what she wanted. I don’t see how anyone is going to beat Megan for hottest ass fuck of this movie.

Lena Mendez & Tony T

Young Lena has never done an enema before. Listen to her pre-interview conversation and cringe in horror at the things that come out of her mouth. When she starts her scene with Tony, Lena just closes her eyes and lets her lips do the work. After what we just saw, Lena’s energy is pretty low. She’s a cute girl with a nice ass, but when Tony turns her around she seems about as interested in what he’s doing as I would be a soccer symposium. There are some nice shots in spoon and she has a great looking face, but the expression just don’t scream Teenage Anal Princess. When he shoots is load all over her closed mouth, she freaks out and wants it off as quickly as possible.

Jayden Williams & John Strong

Jayden says that she has a lot of anal sex and that she really likes it. This pretty girl is all business and ready to impress. John shows up with readi-wood and Jayden makes it disappear with ease. I like her energy and that shaved pussy seems like a nice tight fit for his dick. In spoon he turns his attention to her ass and we can see how tightly it grips him on every stroke. She gets on her knees and sticks that ass out so he can pound it and slap those cheeks. They go for some RCA that proves how much experience counts when it comes to anal sex. Jayden helps stroke the load into her mouth, earning her tiara and titles as a true teenage anal princess.

Dakoda Brookes & Mikey Butders and John Strong

Time for Dakoda to try something for the first time. She seems to do that every month for Anabolic. This time around she is doing her first DP. By now Ivan has interviewed her so often that there isn’t a lot left to say. Dakoda blows bubbles and just looks so cute that any guy would want to fuck her. This pretty teen sucks two cocks at once and then gets on all fours to give one a shot at her pussy. Her fair skin goes pink quickly thanks to some light spanking, but there is nothing light about the way she gets fucked. They do no wait long to give her that DP. Great looking footage here with pretty good energy. The butt shots are nice, but when she is facing up and looking at the camera, we get really good angles on the penetration and her pretty face. The first load hits her face while she is still being fucked and Dakoda doesn’t miss a beat. Load two follows and leaves her smiling with cum dripping down her chin like a fountain. What a total hottie. She looks great, fucks great and is a total turn on to watch.

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