Cream Plosions 3


Cream Plosions 3


160 Mins.


THEMES: Cream Pies



STARS: Dakoda Brookes, Audrey Elson, Jaclyn Case, Kirra Lynne, Nicole Ray, Nikki Sexx, Aline, Tony T, Sascha, John Strong, CJ Wright & Steven French


Though the whole creampie genre is not my favorite, there have been some really good internal releases of late. Since Ivan makes good movies in general it should come as no surprise that is one of them. The girls are cute and the sex is good. Yes, the internal popshots are there to keep the core audience happy, but raincoaters in general will love the way this flick is put together. The sex is really good and that carries a lot of weight. Nikki Sexx is a whole lot of fun. This big-assed babe shows great enthusiasm and takes two pops in her creamy pie. Dakoda is just cute as hell and once again shines in an Anabolic movie. Nicole Ray is also quite cute and a nasty little thing to boot. This is a great cream pie movie that will work for people who may not always like that kind of finish. After all, who among us wouldn’t want to drop a load inside of Nikki, Dakoda, Nicole or one of the other hotties on display here.

Dakoda Brookes & John Strong

From the moment Dakoda takes her place in front of the camera, she seizes all control. She is back to work with John who helped her with her first double vag scene. They cut the interview short so that she can get her mouth on his hard meat. John holds her head and she easily downs every inch of his dick. That shaved little pussy is already wet, but John licks it anyway. Her tight little box swallows his cock as John pushes her leg up over her and pumps away. You have to love watching a girl like this fuck this way. She just rides that meat like she’s scratching an itch deep inside. The reverse cowgirl is great because it shows off her tight little pussy and sexy legs as she puts on a great show. John pumps her hot hole full of cream and then watches as she squeezes it out. I’m not big on the creampie finishes, but this scene is really fucking hot.

Nicole Ray & Tony T

Nicole is really cute and seems like a sweet young thing. She can’t wait to let Tony fill her young mouth with meat. When he moves around behind Nicole, Tony starts fucking as hard as he can and she just turns to the camera with a big smile on her pretty face. Nicole shows a lot of energy, but any time she gets half a second she turns to the camera and smiles. She may be fresh faced and young, but this girl knows exactly what she wants to do when she’s on top of that prick. Tony fills her pussy and then Nicole struggles to push it out. She does the best she can and finally manages to a little bit. Her first creampie went pretty well and Nicole shows a whole lot of potential.

Audrey Elson & Sascha

Wow Audrey is a big tall drink of water. This girl was an athlete before blowing out her knees and now gets to try porn. She drops to her knees where she isn’t quite so tall, but is still very talented. After letting her suck for a while Sascha helps by keeping her hair out of her face. Ain’t that romantic? This is a very enthusiastic blowjob and Audrey is begging for a finger in her ass as she rides his dick with her pussy. He keeps fucking that hole, flipping her onto her back and banging away. I love the energy she shows during piledriver and her little pussy is really nice looking. No wonder guys want to nut in something that sweet and tight looking. She keeps her ass high in the air so he can finish off with a big wad deep inside of her pussy. Audrey squats and pushes it out onto the floor.

Kirra Lynn & John Strong and Steven French

This preacher’s daughter has come all the way from Kentucky to get freaky for the camera. In addition to sex, she is also a jock and was the first female football player in her district. Today she is going to a workout from John and Steven. She handles their cocks easily, sucking from one to the other and keeping both guys quite happy. Kirra looks really good bent over with a dick in her from behind as she continues to bob her pretty head. That’s a really nice body at work there and she fucks like she means it. The energy level is really good here and we get to see one hell of a fine ass as she bounces hard. Both guys bust nuts in her in succession and then she pushes them both out at once.

Nikki Sexxx & Sascha and Steven French

I interviewed this hot girl in Vegas and she was a lot of fun. Today she will take two creampies for the first time. Watching her open her mouth and take meat to the back of her throat with great skill. Once the dicks are nice and wet the guys split off and take turns in her pussy. With one long leg thrown up on a shoulder, she invites them into that tight hole while keeping her mouth busy. We don’t get a lot of ass shots which is too bad because this girl has a great, big ass. She also swallows quite a bit of meat. Nikki gets very into the action, asking for her hair to be pulled and her mouth stuffed as she cums all over the big dick in her pussy. We do finally get to see that great ass when she gets on top to ride for a while. They roll her over and fill that pussy with hot cream. The second load follows the first and leaves this sexy blonde smiling and out of breath.

Jaclyn Case, Aline & Tony T

Tony is going to have to cream two pies, but not until after the girls play with each other. They do some ass licking and clearly enjoy one another. Tony gets in there and the girls turn their attention to his dick. One takes the balls while the other works the shaft and they make him disappear between hungry wet lips. Aline gets fucked right in the ass while her face is buried between Jaclyn’s thighs. He has her gaping in no time. When you have two girls working together in a scene it definitely helps when they are so clearly into one another. Jaclyn stays in close while Tony shoots a load right up Aline’s asshole. When it drips out she starts licking it up and then the girls swap seed. Aline helps get Jaclyn’s pussy all warmed up for some serious dick action with her tongue. She gets up on top and fucked while Aline waits nearby. The RCA this time is great. Aline pulls her knees up tight to her chest for really hot footage. They finish up with Tony fucking Jaclyn from behind and pumping her full of cream. The girls do some serious sperm swapping and finish the flick on a very high note.

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