Night Trips: A Dark Odyssey



Night Trips: A Dark Odyssey


63 Mins.

Studio A

DIRECTOR: Andrew Blake

THEMES: Models, Eye Candy


STARS: Paola Ray, Charlotte Stokely, Sophia Santi, Kelly Summer, Otto Bauer, Kira Kane, Eric Swiss, Natasha Nice, Essi X, Aaron Wilcox


Years ago Andrew Blake released a little movie called Night Trips. It set the porn world on its ear, introduced us to Tori Welles and set the standard for artistic adult films for years to come. Now he’s got Paola Ray taking the lead in this modern version of something that feels quite similar to the original. (It actually reminds me more of Secrets with Ashlyn Gere, but that is another story.) The movie is a series of erotica images set to haunting music. For anyone who isn’t accustomed to what Andrew Blake brings to the table, the movie will be a unique trip. It’s beyond gorgeous. He really is in a league by himself when it comes to creating movies like this. His movies aren’t always in my top ten list because they are often a little soft sexually. That of course is the intent and the strength of his work overall. For fans who have followed his vignette work on the web, this may be a welcome return to more traditional long program format. The women are stunning, especially Paola who is just gorgeous. Much of the sex takes place between women and that only adds to the eye candy factor. If you like beautiful porn, lesbian sex and something you can watch with your wife, then don’t miss this one. It is vintage Blake and solidifies his position as the master of this style.

Paula Ray

The movie has a bit of an ominous beginning as our heroine seems to be attempting suicide by taking pills and heading into the poll. Instead of dying she is rescued by a handsome young man who pulls her out of the water using a rare fingers-in-the-pussy grip. The music is incredibly haunting, but the picture quality is incredible. They stay half in the water for a slow motion battle to save her life. She keeps her pussy warm with her fingers while delivering a stunning blowjob. The water, her pretty face, the action, it all adds up to perfect eye candy and more than a bit of sexual heat. They wrap up with a shot right on her face.

Kira Kane

As Paola continues playing with herself in the back of the limo, she runs through a series of erotic images. One of them features skinny little Kira sucking cock. Kelly Summer is also in the mix, masturbating while wearing a fur coat. This is vintage Blake with the images moving back from one scene to another with a mix of beautiful shots, fetish oriented action (Fur, Stockings, Heels) and gorgeous performers. Another facial at the end of the little three way fuck.

Sophia Santi

Eye candy and veggie sex queen Sophia Santi creeps into Paulo’s masturbatory fantasies next. We flash between Paulo smoking in the tub and Sophia using her fingers to make a pretty pussy cum. The lesbian power struggle is fun to watch Sophia is just so hot that I will watch her do anything.

Charlotte Staley/Paulo Ray

Charlotte shoots Paulo and becomes quickly enamored with the gorgeous model. She makes a move, is coolly rebuffed and then has to start over. The struggle is a big disturbing at times, but eventually the horny director gets what she wants from her model. Actually what she wants is to film a guy fucking the pretty brunette from behind. The creepy factor is gone and all that we have left is a beautifully shot sex scene in slow motion. She looks great and ends up taking a load on her ass as she holds it open. Charlotte watches the footage and masturbates over what she has captured.

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