High Definition


High Definition


Movie Type: Feature

120 + Minutes

Production Company: Club Jenna

DIRECTOR: Bill Fisher


Production Date: 08/06/07

Reviewed by: Stefani

Cast: Lela Star, Roxy Jezel, Ruby Knox, Renna Ryann, McKenzee Miles, Kimberly Kole, Kara Tai, Tony De Sergio, Tommy Gunn, JT, J Mac, Donny Long, Colton Jag and Charles Dera

The first scene stars Ruby Knox, Lela Star and Charles Dera. The old world ambiance is evident from the moment this scene starts. The background music, the costumes, the only thing that gives any indication that this isn’t “aged” is Charles Dera’s constant use of the F word, well that and his high handedness. These three get mighty kinky when he starts demanding Lela Star that she either lick Ruby Knox pussy or he isn’t going to fuck her. Talk about a difficult task, he pounds away in her pussy yet, she is supposed to concentrate. Ha! I gotta give it to them, they do try hard to keep to task. The lighting is great, the angles are decent and these three together are yummy!

The second chapter starts with Roxy Jezel in a costume fit for the movie Moulin Rouge. You can see a nude Donny Long seated in a chair off to the side, while an equally nude JT seated on the other side as Roxy plays it up for the camera. As the men approach, Roxy tries her damnedest to swallow each of their impressive length. When she discovers she can’t do it, they all move to a vertical position and she continues the oral assault on Long while JT Tries her pussy for fit. The lights are good here but the camera seems a bit jumpy and the volume shoots through the roof! I was a little disappointed their was no anal action and obviously no dp. What the hell good does it do to have a threesome when you don’t make use of both cocks? *Sigh* Oh, well on to the next scene…

The costumes for this scene are so elaborate; I can’t even tell who the actresses are! Tony DeSergio and McKenzee Miles are the male talent but your guess is as good as mine is for the female. This is an outdoor scene and naturally, the beautiful California weather makes the lighting exceptional. The camera angles are different but not to bad. The Director that can be heard telling them to stay in character is enough to kill the mood. When they move this show inside, one lucky lady has the pleasure of enjoying both these men-alone…Unfortunately, it is over before anything good starts. Not good!

Renna Ryann is paired with Lena Star and J Mac (?) who fucks Lena first before Renna hops on for a ride. The lighting is very good but the camera seems to focus on their faces more than any of the parts I want to see in a porn flick. What the hell? There is a good deal of girl-girl action but the cameraman seems unable to focus on what he should be filming…Hmm.

This next scene is different, to say the least. Roxy, Kimberly Kole, Tony DeSergio, and Tommy Gunn all star in this the fifth scene. (Yes, I am counting) The ladies are by far play the dominant roles here and to get this party started Roxy demands to be fed Tony’s cock. As they move through the paces, I’m not all that impressed. Each couple is mirroring the other and the first wasn’t memorable to start with. The lighting is good but the camera is jumpy, the sound squeaky. I think, it is safe to recommend keeping the remote close for this foursome.

Finally, we come to Kara Tai and her scene she starts with an erotic dance that moves right on to sucking dick. Now where did he come from? Colton Jag gets a hell of a blowjob before sinking his cock into Kara. Again, this scene, like the others, isn’t anything special or memorable. I have to say, I was disappointed in this video. I would have expected it to be better quality, or at least have one scene that was worth watching…


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