Cum Eating Cuckolds 7


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Cum Eating Cuckolds 7


85 Mins.

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Kick Ass has quietly become the leader in cuckold porn. They started with feet, but now seem firmly entrenched in humiliation movies featuring white dudes licking black seed from their wives’ freshly fucked pussies. The three wives in question are good looking, mean as hell when they want to be and thrilled to be fucked by big cocks. Jaelyn is very sexy and doesn’t mind fucking while her old man is asleep. As long as he wakes up in time to eat her clean. Scarlett needs help passing her class and gets really mean when her boyfriend whines about the black dick in her. Naomi is married to an old hairy dude, but gets what she needs from Sledge in the kitchen. Obviously the cum eating cuckold aspect of the movie is a main selling point. If you like that part of the movie then you are going to love the flick. If it holds you know interest for you then can still enjoy some really good IR sex.

Jaelyn Fox & Jon Jon

Jaelyn is really horny, but her husband is taking pills that make it hard for him to even stay awake let alone satisfy her sexual needs. She decides to all up a friend and have him do the work while hubby is passed out next to her. Jon Jon would rather fuck in another room, but this horny wife wants to do it right there. Lying half on him as he sleeps, she takes that big black dick in her mouth and rams it to the back of her throat. She gets it wet enough to slide into her pussy and starts rocking up and down until it is all the way in her. Her husband wakes up in the middle and must be blindfolded and gagged with a big black dildo to give them some peace. Jaelyn fucks her man in the mouth with the toy to make him shut up. About the only thing he’s good for is face riding. She does that while Jon Jon is in the bathroom, but then has her pussy ready for him again. Her dirty talk is great and so is the sex. Jon Jon lets off inside of her shaved white pussy and he doesn’t pull out until he has drained his nuts. Jaelyn orders her husband to clean her out so they don’t have any “welfare babies.” His reward for eating her full pussy is to be allowed the pleasure of jerking off on her feet. Even that load has to be licked off. This guy is full of cum before the night is done.

Scarlett Pain (Gallery Here)

Scarlett is having some trouble in school. Her professor sees her wasting her talent and is about to flunk her. She is willing to do whatever she wants and he’s not about to let that opportunity pass him by. The sexy redhead sucks his cock, happily taking it to the back of her throat. They lock up for a hot 69 and since her boyfriend is gone there is no one to get in the way. He does come back, but that doesn’t stop her from fucking him. In fact it doesn’t stop her from vocally declaring her love for his big black cock. They both talk a lot of shit in his directon and all he can do is sit and pout. Along with the solid cuck action, Scarlett provides us with a really good fuck. She’s got great tits and fantastic energy. In the middle of the fucking they order him to free style a bit. It’s very funny even though it is distracting for anyone not specifically into the cuck play. With her boyfriend begging against an internal, the professor tells him exactly what he’s going to do. Scarlett wants to feel the load inside of her, but she also wants her man to lick it up like a good bitch. She rubs her pussy on his face and then watches him jerk off all over his belly. Scarlett wipes it up with her feet and makes him lick up every drop.

Naomi Cruise

Naomi and Slege work together in a kitchen. She’s a naughty girl with a strong hunger for big cock. Though he seems bored by her, Sledge whips out his dick and lets her suck on it. Her husband shows up in mid blowjob and they aren’t about to stop just for his sake. In fact she compares their cocks and shows him exactly why she is happy on her knees for Sledge. Verbal and physical abuse are in order The more he tries to stop them, the worse they treat him. By the time Sledge starts fucking Naomi, her hubby has panties on his head and is sniveling just inches from the action. The energy is good during the first round of fucking and Naomi makes her husband lick her cum out of her pussy while she sucks Sledge some more. Hubby has to sit and watch while Sledge digs tunnels in his wife’s cunny. Along the way he gets to lick his wife’s toes and put up with her abuse. The action is good for a while, but it drags before it ends. Sledge fucks her from behind forever, stopping to write on her ass and finally unloading inside her pussy. Her man licks it up and then jerks off all over waffles that end up shoved down his throat.

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Check out Inseminated By 2 Black Men!

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