Illicit Behavior



Illicit Behavior


149 Mins.

Black Ice



THEMES: Cops, Anal Sex




STARS: Courtney Cummz, Marley Mason, Brooke Scott, Ricki White, Trinity Post, Megan Monroe, Prince Yashua, Rock, The Icon, Jon Jon



Ever wonder what happens when black and white meets blue? That is what Black Ice tried to find out with this movie. These horny cops can’t seem to get enough sex. Whether it’s a sexy white cop out for some convict cock or a baton-wielding black cop scoring some white tail, these peace officers spend more time getting a piece. Courtney Cummz is the obvious star of the show, but you have to wait until the finale to see her take on Jon Jon. In the meantime we get to watch super thick cop Marley bust a would-be burglar and fuck him silly. Ricki White finds a perp with a not-so-concealed weapon and gets her big ass to work on him. Brooke Scott is a white trash girl who knows how to get out of trouble with the law. She just works a cock and all is forgiven. Trinity Post gets out of serious trouble with a great anal scene that sets the stage for a strong second half of the DVD. The uniform play is good here and there is plenty of “officer” oriented dirty talk. It’s a great flick if you have a thing for horny white cops fucking black studs or watching dirty white chicks getting worked by black cops. Courtney is by far the best looking girl in the movie. Some of the others are worth a look as well.

Marley Mason

It’s a very bad idea to break into other people’s houses. It is an even worse idea to fall asleep on their couch until the cops show up. Officer Mason pats this guy down and finds something really special in his pants. She agrees not to call in back up if she can have a taste of that big thing. As it turns out, the officer is carrying around a big weapon of her own. She’s got a great big booty and is not afraid to use it. He bends her over and those cheeks and thighs quaking with every deep stroke. She is very enthusiastic and loves the way he pounds into her. Big ass lovers will enjoy some booty shots during the cowgirl as she rides as hard as she can. The camera moves in really close for a tight shot of her huge ass as he unloads into her pussy. Creampie fans will get the shot they want and Officer Mason certainly got what she needed.

Brooke Scott & Icon

When the cops come looking for Brooke, she answers the door in a short mini skirt and a barely there top. He is there to serve a warrant for her arrest for back spousal support. Brooke is willing to work out things the old fashioned way. The curvy blonde drops right to her knees and starts sucking. Using both hands and her mouth, she pumps him into her mouth for a while. Apparently Brooke isn’t wearing anything under her skirt because she assumes the position against the wall and takes his big nightstick into her pussy from behind. They move inside where he parks between her chubby thighs and has a meal. When she is nice and wet, he shoves his meat into her and she cries out in delight. He pounds away and buries his dick pretty damn deep. The deep strokes and the dirty talk are good as Brooke rides him hard and then bends over for a long round of doggy. Icon pulls out and shoots all over her big white ass. I don’t think this chick will be having any trouble with the law for a while.

Ricki White

After watching Ricki shake her ass a while, we join her on a bust. She’s looking for a weapons bust and shows up dressed in a skirt so short it can’t hope to contain her big backside. The perp is in the back lying by the pool and stroking his big cock. Officer White tries to arrest him, but that throbbing black pole is too inviting for her to resist. She bends over and backs her pussy back up on his face. They stroll inside where our dirty cop gets busy rubbing her face against his balls. That big dick fills her mouth as she drools all over his meat. Once everything is all wet she wiggles her ass, shaking her cheeks all the way down on him. She even keeps up the booty shake while being fucked. After a few strokes she stands up and teases him before dropping back down to stuff her twat with throbbing pole. Staring into the camera she does some really nice deep throat. Ricki is a rather flexible girl who seems to thrive on being slammed raw by that big dick. The scene drags a little, but when Ricki bends over the bed, he drops the hammer on her so hard that she might not be able to walk straight for a week. They finally finish up with a big load of cum all over her face. The high energy fucking highlights this one.

Trinity Post & Icon

Trinity is a careless driver who runs over a family of four while putting on lipstick. That should earn her a trip to jail, but as she bends over the hood of her car in a miniskirt, the cop is enticed into giving her a break. All she has to do is offer that ass and she’s off the hook. They just go straight for the ass on the car. Trinity opens up her cheeks and lets him push his rod right into her asshole. He takes her inside and starts sucking her on her perky little titties. With more room to work he can really fuck her ass hard. Trinity strips down to just her boots, showing off that ultra pale skin as her rosebud gets reamed. This dirty little criminal really pays the price, slamming her little ass down on his big dick until she is all stretched out. She turns around and sucks him lovingly, cleaning that dick off and offering her pussy as the cherry on top. It seems like an odd way to do things, but she squat fucks for some great vag. That tight pussy squeezes him as hard as her ass did. After watching her give up the ass, this almost seems like a new scene. He finally unloads all over her face. If interracial anal turns you on, this scene is one you won’t want to miss.

Megan Monroe & Prince Yashura

Rushing to get to a set, Prince gets pulled over and recognized by Meagan. He has a warrant and she should take him in. Rather than arrest him, Megan squats and checks out the weapon in his pants. She likes what she sees and starts sucking it. Since they are in front of her house, they go inside and the pretty blonde works some serious mouth magic on that big pole. Stripping down she shows the best body we have seen so far. This rookie cop is built like a stripper and her tight pussy swallows up every inch of his cock. Riding his lap, she squats over that meat and pumps it hard, jerking it off with her pussy. They get into some serious fucking and Megan gives as well as she gets. When she turns around to face the camera we get a great close up shot of her shaved lips being stretched by his big dick. Prince fills that pussy with a big load of cream that she pushes out while rubbing her clit.

Courtney Cummz & Jon Jon

Courtney catches Jon Jon taking a leak in public. He gives her attitude so she orders him to his knees where he can lick her pussy. She quickly switches places with him and starts sucking that big dick. As usual, Courtney delivers a stunn
ing BJ, taking a lot of that thing and slobbering all over him. When they take the act inside she gets out of her uniform and turns in an even more impressive round of cock sucking. She climbs on top of him and shows off that great ass as she pushes down until he is balls-deep in that hole. Jon gets behind her and fucks that hot pussy hard and deep until she can hardly stand it. They finish up with a big shot on her face. No one should be shocked to find that this is by far the best scene of the movie. Cum sucking Courtney is the top cop on this force.

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