Glory Hole Girlz 3



Glory Hole Girlz 3

MOVIE TYPE: Glory Hole

100 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures


THEMES: Glory Hole, Oral Sex




STARS: Toni, Jackie, Sonja, Carmen & Paris


It’s time to take a trip to the glory hole with Dirty D. He’s got a series of successful web sites and his stuff is now available on DVD through Kick Ass. This DVD is filled with girls who suck random dicks through the hole. This isn’t a slick glory hole movie. It’s pretty plain in fact. The lighting is simple, but pretty good and the girls all bring decent energy to the action. Glory Hole BJ’s aren’t the easiest to shoot and some of the scenes would be hotter with better eye contact. The girls aren’t your typical porn chicks either. We have a huge titted black girl, a teen cutie, a pregnant babe and a couple of girls you won’t see in other porn flicks. I really liked Toni. She is the sort of girl you would want on the other side of the hole. Sonja is probably more likely, but she sucks with so much energy that no one would complain. Paris has so much fun sucking you wonder if she ever left. If you’re a glory hole fan, check out this movie. It is solid, filthy and makes me want to go review their web site. (


Valentine’s Day is a special time at the glory hole. Dirty D wants to share the love of young teen Toni. She’s a cute little thing who seems right at home waiting for strange cock to appear through the hole. He gets her naked first so we can see what she looks like without those clothes. The first cock comes through and little Toni goes right down to suck it. The dark meat grows rapidly in her hand and she is able to suck the head while still stroking the shaft. He shoots in no time and she keeps stroking while it covers her lips and chin. A second guy pops his dick through and can pretty much take it all without any effort. This guy nuts off in a few seconds and she is ready for more. The guys don’t waste any time. They stick a cock through the hole and Toni sucks them off in minutes. Most of these guys aren’t all the big so she has to work really close to the wall. Give her a lot of credit for a series of jobs well done here. Toni sucks each dick until it explodes and thanks them as they finish up. It can’t be easy to keep up the energy for something like, but Toni is so cute and so naughty that you have to love her. She is a glory hole fantasy girl to be sure.


Jackie is a blonde who is ready to be nice and slutty. She wisely keeps her flip flops on as she strips down and shows off her saved beaver. As she gets busy on the first dick, Dirty D reminds her that there are a whole bunch just waiting. That seems to make her work harder. The first dick is fairly small so he sucks it easily but struggles to jerk him at the end. Dick number two is a much bigger black rod and it makes Jackie moan loudly as she works it over. As before the cumshots come pretty quickly after the first one. The guys just pop a dick in and she starts sucking. They cum quickly and Jackie devours the load. It’s simple and it’s filthy. It’s also pretty damn hot. She even stands up fucks one of them for a few strokes. In fact this girl even gives us some anal action at the hole. It’s a trick angle, but she takes it right up the butt until he busts a huge nut right into her ass.


Carmen is six months pregnant so she doesn’t want to fuck. Apparently sucking off strangers isn’t a problem though. She gets into position and goes after each cock that comes through the hole. Those of you who like the pregnant look are a bit left out because the cramped quarters don’t really allow for good belly shots. We get to see her big swollen tits as she sucks and works hard to earn her cum. With a mouth full of dick she turns to the camera to tell us that she loves sucking dick. It certainly appears that way. Each one that comes through gets licked lovingly and then sucked and stroked until it explodes in this mom-to-be’s willing mouth. She playfully begs for a final load before they lead because she is “eating for two.” That final load comes from a big black cock that she can barely get her fingers around as she pumps it onto her chin.


This girl looks rather frazzled and a bit like a hooker Dirty D might have picked up an on a slow night. She sucks like an expert though, pushing her nose through the hole to make sure she gets as much cock as possible. Sonja even reaches her fingers in to play with the guys and licks one guy who can barely get his dick through. Her energy and enthusiasm are really good and keeps things interesting to say the least. If you love the nasty thrill of a woman totally into sucking off strange cock then this scene will blow you away. Even if she isn’t the hottest girl in the movie, she is a filthy cock sucker born for this sort of activity.


Paris a busty young black girl with huge tits. The first dick pops through and it’s so big she can’t wait to taste it. She calls the mystery dick “daddy” as it explodes all over her face. Paris sucks out every drop. As the next guy steps up she pulls his balls through to make sure she can suck on those too. When she isn’t sucking, Paris is fond of talking dirty and certainly doesn’t lack self confidence. She has a great mouth on her in every sense of the word. Her energy is almost as high as Sonja’s and this fresh faced girl is much prettier. She is just a cum hungry freak and that’s totally hot.

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