Hookers & Blow 2


Hookers & Blow 2: Inside Prague


JM Productions



DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron





STARS: Chantal Ferreira, Manuela, Tina Gabriel, Jenna Lovely, Carla Cox, Gia L’Orenzo, Madison Ivy, Joe Blow



Brandon Iron and Joe Blow are on their way to the Czech Republic to spend time with some hookers. For the most part Brandon holds the camera and Joe has all the fun. Don’t feel too sorry for Brandon though. He gets a couple of POV scenes here just for fun. The girls in this movie are not household names and some of them look like they could actually be Euro-hookers. Some of them fuck like hookers too and that isn’t always good. Carla and Gina are probably the best looking girls in the movie and they team up to give Joe one hell of a ride. Jenna is a cutie and she works really well with all of her holes. Overall this is a solid flick with lots of horny hookers who will do anything for money. It’s a little different for Brandon since he spends most of his time behind the camera, but we get plenty of good sex. The girls might not be beauty queens, but they get the job done and bang for the buck.


Joe tries hitting on Manuela but finds her unreceptive to his advances. One look at the cash though and she is ready to follow him anywhere. In fact she doesn’t even wait until they get to his apartment before sucking cock. Right there in the stairwell she drops to her knees and sucks him off without even getting naked. He turns her around, lifts her skirt and fucks the dark haired hooker from behind. This quick fuck is a nice warm up, but they go inside to finish off. Joe tries to convince Brandon that Manuela is his girlfriend and she tries to prove it by giving him the full treatment. With enough room to move around she can really do a nice job with her mouth. Joe is very fond of his girl and shows off her tight asshole by spreading her cheeks and exposing that tight rosebud. She doesn’t speak much English, but she knows how to look over her shoulder and smile as he fucks her from behind. They get into spoon where he can easily slip his dick into her ass. New girlfriend or cheap Euro hooker, it really doesn’t matter once the cock is in the ass. RCA opens her right up for the camera and adds a whole lot of really hot footage to an already good anal scene. Joe gives his new girl a load right on her tongue. Not exactly the typical GFE, but it seems to work just fine.

Tina Gabriel

Joe is finding it quite easy to find fresh hookers every day. He brings Tina back to the apartment has her nipples in his mouth on the ride up the elevator. They are both all warmed up by the time they get to the room. Tina doesn’t even bother to get undressed. She just lifts her skirt and lets him slam that big dick right into her from behind. As she rides the dick, Tina spreads her cheeks and shows off an ass that is just begging to be fucked. She is a little distant and actually fucks like one would imagine a hooker might. Is that a turn on? Not totally, but she has a really nice body and seems to enjoy being slammed. She pulls up a knee in spoon and lets him take a ride on the A train. The doggy is really good and he rains down a big load of cum all over her face.

Jenna Lovely

All of a sudden Joe is Captain Save-A-Ho who wants to get this blonde chick off the street. After taking her out for some sight seeing, Joe takes her home and unwraps his latest package. Jenna just gets on her knees at the edge of the bed, hikes up her skirt and lets him fuck that waiting pussy. He rolls her over and eats her pussy for a while. (Better hope she hasn’t been working too much today Joe.) After she rides him for a bit, Jenna gets off and sucks his dick clean. Then she starts it all over again. This girl is probably the best looking overall so far. She has a really nice body and a pretty face. She also shows better than average energy while being plowed. Rolling her onto her back he takes full advantage of her asshole as well. After a solid, sometimes stunning fuck Joe unloads all over her sexy ass. Ho not saved, but well used.


Brandon gets a little POV action from Manuela here. We already know what she can do so she gets right to it. Not bad here, but she could use a little more eye contact. It’s just a quick scene that ends with Brandon shooting on her tongue and Manuela not actually swallowing like she was supposed to. Bad hooker.

Carla Cox & Gia Lorenzo

The next scene is a cautionary tale. It begins with Joe on the street under a pile of trash. Flash back and we find out what brought him to this lowly state. Hookers of course. Two of them to be exact. These two hot hookers are happy to hang with Joe when the cash is flowing. They head up to his room and take turns on his cock like it’s ready to spurt pure gold. In true “living it up” style he puts them side by side on the bed with their asses up in the air. Joe puts them through their paces, doing some standing face to face fucking and really enjoying what he has paid for. We get some of the best eye candy of the movie when the girls take turns in RC. He gets some anal and then feeds them both enough cum to keep them hooker happy for weeks.

Tina Gabriel

Back for more Tina wears nothing by a few bills on her sold flesh as she presents herself four our viewing enjoyment. Brandon gets to enjoy another bonus POV with this dirty hooker. She clearly knows what she is doing and inhales his big dick while her eyes stay locked on the camera. This is a solid POV scene with a big payoff in her mouth.

Chantel Ferrara

On a hunch, Joe answers an ad for porn performers. They only want girls, but he lucks out when the male talent doesn’t show up. He gets to fuck Chantel in front of the camera. She is a very friendly girl with really big tits that shake from side to side as she works his cock into fighting shape. He even eats her pussy to make sure she is really ready to go. In doggy we get a really good look at what big natural tits are like when they hang below a chick getting fucked hard. Fans of hookers with big tits will enjoy watching her get so thoroughly fucked. Joe works her ass from behind as well and manages to get a pretty good scene from this chick. She isn’t the prettiest girl in the movie, but those tits and her well fucked ass make her worth watching. After a rather stunning ass fuck, she feeds him her tits. Not sure if this footage would have been better earlier in the scene, but it’s really hot and it leads to a nice pop shot all over her natural rack. Like a good hooker she laps up as much as she can, enjoying sperm right from her tits.

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