Roller Dollz



Roller Dollz


245 Mins.

Zero Tolerance & Adam & Eve


DIRECTOR: Mike Quasar

THEMES: Roller Girls, Fantasies

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Bree Olson, Alektra Blue, Kayden Kross, Courtney Cummz, Ava Rose, Sunny Lane, Penny Flame, Teagan, Mia Pressley, Eva Angelina, Camryn Kiss



This is one of the first big releases I have reviewed this award season. It is a joint effort between Zero Tolerance and Adam & Eve. That means we get to see the A&E contract girls in a movie with ZT sex scenes. At least that is what we can hope. It doesn’t always work that way. The story here is interesting as hell and gives us some good stuff to watch in between sex scenes. It’s about a couple of roller derby rivals played by Bree Olson and Sunny Lane. They hate each other, but we know that is only to mask the sexual tension. These girls will stop at nothing to win and to humiliate the other. Surrounded by other hotties like Ava Rose, Courtney Cummz, Penny Flame and Teagan, the girls keep busy. Some of the sex scenes come out a bit flat. Kayden Kross gets stuck in a glossy dream scene that doesn’t show off her skills very well. On the other hand, Teagan‘s scene fucking rocks. Locker room sex with this girl is just perfect. Sunny Lane and Penny Flame also turn in great gonzo scenes. The finale is great and fits with the tone of the movie. We could use a bit more Bree in this movie, but overall this is one blockbuster that works well as a feature and proves that gonzo sex in a scripted movie really, really works.

Ava Rose, Camryn Kiss & Tommy Gunn

Contentious banter nearly leads to steamy lesbian shower sex. Ava doesn’t want to let Camryn out of the shower without making sure that the inside of her tangy twat is licked completely clean. Tommy Gunn comes in to break up the fight and ends up between the two girls in the most pleasant of ways. They spread out on the floor of the shower and get down to business. There is plenty of room to move around and plenty of good stuff to watch. The girls stand side by side with one leg up and intertwined as Tommy moves from pussy to pussy. (A lot of effort, but it sure looks good.) This is a nice opening scene with Ava stealing the show and taking the load all over her pussy.

Bree Olson & Kayden Kross

Unwinding after a hard fought match, these two girls know how to kiss the pain away. Putting two totally hot chicks naked in a bed together is pretty much always a good idea. Bree was hurt during the match, but shows no signs of letting her wounds slow her down when it comes time to eating box. She fingers Kayden’s pussy until she nearly wiggles right off the bed. The toy play is pretty good here, but mostly this is a great chance to see Bree naked and naughty.

Alektra Blue & James Deen

Out on a cock hunt, the girls find a few good men. Alektra takes James home and doesn’t waste any time beating around the bush. Hard and fast is how she wants it and that is how he’s going to give it to her. Ramming that big dick to the back of her throat, James proves that he has exactly what she was looking for. The hard fucking continues when he bends her over. This scene has good energy, but I’m still waiting for one of the big stars to blow us away. Alektra wants to taste her pussy and he gives her that chance, shoving his dick back into her mouth until it is all clean. This scene has nice energy and a good facial, but we still have a ways to go.

Courtney Cummz, Alektra Blue & Mia Pressley

After a well shot action sequence we go into the locker room for yet another lesbian scene. This time Courtney is around to spice things up, but we are well into this movie without a highlight reel scene yet. Locker room sex with Courtney Cummz is fun, but there isn’t anything here we haven’t already seen. Great toy play, hot girls, but still something is missing.

Kayden Kross & Erik Everhard

We get to watch people fuck in Bree‘s dreams, just not Bree herself. She watches as Erik and Kayden hook up. It’s a bit frustrating, but it’s supposed to be. It is also dreamy and slow like it’s supposed to be. Erik bends her over and fucks her hard from behind. This scene looks more like an Adam & Eve effort and it lacks the heat we got from Alektra. (Too bad they couldn’t swap girls for these scenes.) This isn’t bad for the kind of scene it is, but it also isn’t as good as we might have hoped for. On the other hand Kayden looks good even through layers and layers of gloss. The facial is nice, but this is not exactly the dream sequence I was hoping for.

Teagan & Erik Everhard

Teagan may play for the wrong team, but she is the right girl to liven up the locker room. He can’t wait for her to finish practice so he pulls down her pants and fucks her right on the bench. This is more like it. A hot sex scene with no gloss to get in the way. She looks fantastic and the pants around her knees thing just enhances the sexual energy. Bent over the bench, Teagan works her hips until he looks ready to burst. She finally puts his dick in her mouth and makes short work of it. He doesn’t bust in her mouth though. Not until he gets a chance to hold her up and bounce her on his cock first. This is the sort of scene that should have filled this movie. Watching Teagan fuck with skates on is somewhat hotter than watching her fuck without them on. Either way she’s on fire, showing award-caliber energy and ready to take every drop of cum right in her gorgeous mouth. The only problem with this scene is that is it so much better than all the rest that Teagan might steal the show.

Penny Flame & Mikey Budters

Penny does some work on the ref to ensure a win. She is so great at tease that you know this scene is going to be hot. There really isn’t much time for tease though because he bends her over and fucks her right on the pool table. They move into the bedroom where she sucks his dick to make sure it’s nice and wet. Pulling her skirt up over her ass, Penny starts pumping her pussy on him like she really wants to work a few good calls from him. Mikey flips her over, throws her legs up over her head and starts fucking like crazy. This is a very hot little scene with Penny fucking hard until he is ready to explode. She hops off and jerks his load right onto her face, sucking out every last drop.

Bree Olson, Ava Rose & Mr. Pete

Another dream scene, oh boy. Pete fucks Ava in a bed of lace while Bree watches. OK Ava is hot and fucks with her skates on. There is less gloss than before and Bree is right there watching. That’s the good. The bad? I don’t know. After the last two scenes, this one falls back into the vanilla column just a bit. Ava gets on top and shows off her ass nicely during the squat fuck. She also licks his pole clean in between positions. After way too long Bree gets in on the act, feeing her perfect tits Ava while the brunette is being pummeled in spoon. We get just a few minutes of Bree fucking in reverse cowgirl before Ava takes over again. Bree sucks the load right out of his dick as soon as it pops from Ava’s pussy.

Courtney Cummz & Mikey Budters

Mikey isn’t too upset over being blackmailed. In fact he goes for a second round, this time feeding Courtney the cock. She sucks him to full mast in no time and then goes for a hot reverse cowgirl squat fuck. This is one of those scenes that makes the whole movie worth watching. Courtney is compact, ready to fuck and leaves everything she has out there. Mikey pounds her hot body and then shoots right into her mouth. Capping things off perfectly, Courtney stares into the camera as she swallows.

Sunny Lane & Mick Blue

We finally discover why Bree and Sunny hate each other so much. No shock here. It has to do with cock. Bree watches her man bone the living shit out of Sunny who just happens to be wearing her roller skates. Since we joined in mid-fuck, they go reverse cowgirl and then spoon. Someone figured out that Sunny‘s skater body is bound to look good with her legs in the air. Spinning around for 69, Sunny shows the sort of energy we love to see as she devours his dick. Some eye contact would be nice for the blowjob, but the fucking is so good that it is hard to find fault with anything in this scene. Her legs and ass make great eye candy and Mick fucks her so hard that those perky tits just won’t stay still. The facial is great with Sunny taking a huge load right on her tongue. Cheating on Bree is probably not a good idea, but at least Mick got some prime pussy out of the deal.

Bree Olson, Sunny Lane, Eva Angelina, Ava Rose

The big finals match breaks down into a sexual free for all when the girl attack the refs and each other. Bree and Sunny mend fences and pass a hard cock back and forth. Eva and Ava also find some fun in sharing. I’m usually not a big fan of moving from one group to another, but it is tough to find fault in this great action. Of course it helps when you go from Sunny doing the spits on a cock to Eva trying to break one off at the base with hard hip action. The group moves in tight so we get to see pretty much everything going on at once. That’s a good idea. We have waited a long time to see Bree get properly fucked and she certainly steals she show here. Eva gives her a run for her money though. The guys line up these lovely ladies and bend them over to move from pussy to pussy. Hard to beat Sunny‘s ass in this position, but even she is drawn to Bree‘s perfect boobs as they hang there invitingly. They all share cum at the end and everyone is plenty happy.

Bonus: Making of Roller Dollz, Bloopers, Boardwalk Practice, Interviews with the Stars, Music Videos, Photo Gallery, Trailers & Bonus Scenes (Francesca Le & Stephanie Swift from Girlvana 3, Carmen Luvana & Jerry from Lady Scarface)


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