The perverted minds that brought you www.BlacksOnBlondes.com; have seemingly created a niche of their very own, the single-girl black cock worship site. There are a half dozen or so of these sites, but www.SpringThomas.com; started it all. Spring is just your average teenage cutie who loves to tease and taunt white boys while worshipping big black dicks. Just a word of warning, Spring doesn’t always use the politically correct terms. In fact, if the word “nigga” bothers you, especially coming from a white girl, then you might need to turn around and go somewhere else. It’s all in good fun and will thrill fans to no end, but this girl doesn’t always play nice. (Though she doesn’t play it up as much as some of the other girls.) The site is made up of close to 180 scenes. Nearly all of them feature Spring fucking big black dicks. There are conversions, cuckolds, reality porn pick ups, role plays and Spring dropping the N-bomb enough to offend (or excite) nearly everyone.

Sample Galleries

Spring Takes on 20 Inches of Black Dick

Spring with Little Sister Katie Doing BBC

Spring Likes Converting Other Girls into BBC Sluts

Spring Takes on Mandingo and Lives

Silly Cuckold, None For You

Spring Takes on Jack Napier

Look Out! Ku Klux Kukold

Spring Services the Sistas as Well.


Home: The main page is a little busy at the top and somewhat daunting to first time users. Underneath all of the text links to their other sites is page directory that will take you to all of the Spring action. Once you’re used to the site you can just click on a number and enjoy some hot smut. There is a toolbar of sorts, allowing you to pick a page for videos, go to the newest scene, the highest rated scenes or your own highly rated scenes. The two highest rated as of 9/16/08 feature Spring getting a big black birthday present and then one where a white boy preps her for a BBC. It is very easy to customize what you like and find your favorites easily. The main page also features the most recent scenes and makes it easy to get to all of them.

Videos: Each scene or photo gallery has its own description. These really help in terms of who is in the scene with Spring and what sort of action you can expect. The site is very good at identifying the scenes that feature other girls, cuckolding and other side fetishes that they like to cover.

There are a number of options available on the videos. You can download the scenes in a dozen or so small segments even on very slow connections. This gives you a chance to have the stuff really quickly. They are also broken into three large segments for medium streams. And if you really want the good stuff, you can watch the whole thing in mid-band or broadband size. (Broadband is 640×480 1.05 mbps. All of them played pretty quickly with no lag time.

Since Spring is in every scene, let’s talk a little about her. She is a young blonde with an all natural body. Her exact age is tough to determine, but she can look sweet and innocent like a teen, but she certainly doesn’t fuck like one. She’s got a cute little ass, great legs and a great set of natural boobs. Her body is fantastic and her face is damn fine as well. What sells this site is the hook, but it works so well because Spring is the sort of girl every guy wants to fuck.


Now let’s talk about the hook. Spring is a girl who is totally addicted to black cock. More than that, she worships it, craves it and hates all non-black cock. By the way, she drops the word “nigga” constantly so if you like, replace “black” with that word from here on out. You’ll get the idea. Sometimes she takes on one, sometimes more than one. Sometimes she brings along another girl. These scenes are called “conversions” and feature Spring turning the new girls into sluts for big black cock. There are also plenty of cuckold scenes where various white boys are humiliated as she fucks black dudes in front of them. Spring is very good with the trash talking and stays in character for every scene. If you like what she has to offer, then she will deliver it every time.

Sexually this site is really great. If you can put the themes aside there is still great sex here. Spring is good looking and always gives great energy in her scenes. She handles big cocks well, does anal, eats cum and never disappoints. Obviously the IR sex, trash talk, cuckolding and blacks only intensity is what most of you will take from this site, but on a purely sexual level things are pretty damn good.

The highest rated scene on the site is called “My Birthday Present.” She gives us an update on her life and then is made to close her eyes and try to ID her gift cock without looking. She guesses correctly that is it Mandingo and then goes crazy with his cock in her mouth. It truly is a huge pole and she demonstrates the skills and love for BBC that make this site so hot. It barely fits into her pussy, but she keeps up the energy and the constant dirty talk. He has to be careful not to bury it balls-deep because he might puncture a lung. That doesn’t keep him from going really deep during doggy. This is just super hot scene and it is shot to show off her great body and capture the dirty, filthy energy. By the time they are done, she takes nearly every inch during an enthusiastic reverse cowgirl and a hard-pounding spoon. He finally shoots a big load right in her mouth. This scene doesn’t feature the N word, cuckolding, conversions or gloryholes, but it does feature great fucking sex and deserves the high rating.

COST: There are two membership options for this site.

30 Day Membership: $34.99 30 Days

90 Day Membership: $59.99 90 Days

OVERALL: 96 of 100. This is the site that started the BBC worshipping slut genre. OK maybe it didn’t start it, but Spring Thomas certainly is the biggest star this niche has ever brought us. She is cute enough to make any scene look good, brings great energy to the table and absolutely nails the BBC worship genre. She has the attitude, the lingo and somehow manages to fuck even the biggest black dicks in the land. Her site is done by the same people who brought us www.BlacksOnBlondes.com (Read Review Here), www.WifeWriting.com, www.GloryHole.com (Read Review Here) and of course the other single-girl BBC slut sites like www,KatieThomas.com, www.RuthBlackwell.com, www.BarbieCummings.com and www.CandyMonroe.com. The scenes are shot well, nicely paced and filled with some of the best big black cock action you could hope for. If you are at all interested in the genre, you will love SpringThomas.com

Models: 19 of 20 (Spring is Sexy)

Quality of Content: 20 of 20 (Excellent, Genre Specific)

Quantity of Content: 19 of 20 (180+ Scenes/Galleries)

Ease of Use: 18 of 20 (Easy to use.)

Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Best of The Genre)



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