Gabriella Fox: Sexy Hot (Blu-Ray


Gabriella Fox: Sexy Hot



Digital Playground



CONDOMS: None Noted


Original Shot Date: 6/08

STARS: Gabriella Fox, Jandi Lin, Carmella Santiago, Shawna Lenee, Tommy Gunn & Erik Everhard


Time for another Celeste movie on Blu-Ray. I love the way her stuff looks on the new format. It is also four first look at Digital Playground’s new hottie Gabriella Fox. She shows up in two scenes in this movie and provides the sort of eye candy we expect. Better yet, she brings a serious dose of sexual energy to those two scenes. More on Gabriella in a while. The other girls are pretty sexy as well. Carmella Santiago and Shawna Lenee are very nice looking women who provide good sexual heat. Their scenes are fun to watch and beautiful from a technical standpoint. Back to Ms. Fox for a bit. She looks really cute with a tight body, a pretty face and a really good energy with Erik. It is still early, but I think we can say that this girl is going to be a star in a big hurry. Now let’s talk a little bit about the Jandi Lin scene. Wow. What a hot girl she is. The phone set up is just smoking hot and dirty as hell. I want to see a whole movie with this girl doing scenes just like that. Rather than wait around for that I’m just going to watch it again now.

Carmella Santiago & Tommy Gunn

Carmella opens the movie rather than Gabriella. She is handcuffed to a large column while Tommy uses a riding crop on her ass. The light bondage set is pretty hot, but he has her on her knees pretty quickly. This girl is pretty sexy with a dick in her mouth and vocal enough to be heard over the music when Tommy takes her from behind. The eye candy is very good here and even on the slow strokes Carmella is vocal and fun. There are a few close up shots of her belly that show how it changes when he goes deep. That’s an interesting shot that we don’t often see. As eye candy and for strokeable heat, this scene is very solid. It seems to peak a little early and then cruise on home to a facial for this sexy little thing. Not a bad start, but we are here to see Gabriella.

Gabriella Fox & Erik Everhard

And on cue here she comes. Naughty Gabriella looks good enough to eat in her little shorts and pigtails. Erik puts her on her stomach and licks her ass from behind. We didn’t get see much of her at the start of this scene, but the body parts we do see are pretty fantastic. She turns around and gets a taste of pro cock for the first time. Gripping the dick with both hand Gabriella shows no fear when it comes to deep sucking. Naturally the eye candy stays high as she gets fucked. Celeste shoots such beautiful looking scenes that they work even when they aren’t totally hot. Gabriella is the sort of girl who would look great even if she were a moderately hot performer. Since she brings some serious heat to the table in this effort you can imagine how great the combination is. We all want that hot girl who can fuck and it appears from the reverse cowgirl that Ms. Fox might just have what it takes. Erik plays with her ass while she rides him, but her tiny butt stays off limits. Her face however is open for business and Erik sprays it with hot cream at the end of a very fine scene.

Shawna Lenee & Tommy Gunn

Flipping the “wrapped in plastic” bondage thing a bit, Shawna has Tommy all tied up on the bed. She straddles him and teases him through the plastic before cutting him loose. Once they are both free to play the real fun starts. Sexy as always Shawna goes after his dick with her mouth. Let’s take a moment to point out that fishnet clothing is still “in” in porn and that on Blu-Ray, it stands out even more than normal. She’s got a cute little ass and I like some of the body shots, but something feels distant in this scene. We don’t get a lot of connection with Shawna because she is almost always facing away from the camera or has her hair covering her face. Tommy pulls out and shoots onto her belly. This is a good scene, but it felt a little cold.

Gabriella Fox & Johnny Sins

Sporting a sporty look, Gabriella cheers, asks for batting tips and finally sport fucks her way right into our hearts. We get a chance to see the clothes peeled slowly from body this time and that is a nice addition to her growing collection of smut. Gabriella gets a handful of dick and doesn’t let go this time. The handjob is probably better than the blowjob, but that ain’t chopped liver either. She spreads those long legs and enjoys the loving oral attention the he gives. This scene started off with great tease and features some nice oral action in the middle when she slaps his meat on her tongue. It doesn’t have quite the energy of the first scene, but features even better shots of her body and proves that Gabriella is ready to step up with the big girls. She takes another facial. Welcome to the world of porn Ms. Fox, here’s to a long career.

Jandi Lin & Tommy Gunn

This scene starts out with Jandi on the phone wither boyfriend. She describes his cock and talks dirty to him. Just when you think she might cheat on her man while he’s on the phone, Tommy shows up. He’s on the other end of the phone so they talk dirty while playing with one another. The dialog is a little tough to hear because of the music. This girl is so freaking hot and knows exactly how to mix eye candy with awesome sex. She can deep throat a cock and gets slammed from behind. Right in the middle of some white hot dirty talking doggy Jandi calls her real boyfriend to tell him she misses him. OK, that’s just hot. She gets spanked hard, screams out about what a whore she is and basically steals the show with this white-hot final fuck. She makes him call his wife and then disobeys one too many time. Tommy almost walks, but she begs him to come back and feed her some cum. They finish off by feeding her the cum she needs. What a fucking hottie.

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Shawna Lenee & Tommy Gunn and Mick Blue

Shawna starts out with a bright orange popsicle in her mouth. She teases Tommy by giving is a scintillating BJ. That sweet stick is no substitute for the real thing though. She works her mouth up and down on his pole and makes sure that it gets just as much love as her frozen dessert treat did. Mick shows up with a stick of his own that needs attention. The guys pump her from both ends, working that pussy and mouth while the sexy blonde tries hard to keep up. With a dick at each end, Shawna shows the kind of energy that we would expect in a gonzo scene and the sort of eye candy that makes this a Blu-Ray must see. Tommy creams her pussy while Mick saves his juice for her tits. I’m still looking for more Shay, but this is a nice break and a hot scene.

Shay Jordan & James Deen

A friendly game of bubbles turns sexy when Shay gets playful with James. Cute as can be Shay makes any pre-scene footage work as tease because any guy would be nuts not to want to fuck her if he’s around her long enough. You know that I’m going to complain a little about a BJ this short, but with Shay riding in reverse cowgirl I can’t bitch for long. Besides, she hops off and stuffs her beautiful face again in between positions. James bends her over and works that tight pussy from behind, leaving us with stunning leg shots and a nice view of her perfect boobs dangle beneath her on every stroke. Turning completely around she faces the camera in reverse cowgirl and rubs her pussy while James goes to town deep inside that awesome little body. She
just rides until he busts all over her pussy and then collapses to the ground. Fun, sexy and hot as hell, just like Shay.

Ruby Knox & Tommy Gunn

Break out the sweet stuff guys. Ruby has a cake for Tommy with cream, cherries and super sweet icing. They play around with the food for a while, but Ruby wants to lick all the cream from Tommy’s cock so she can get to what she really needs. This is a nice little scene, but it doesn’t quite match what we have seen before. It’s great looking, totally easy on the eyes (especially on Blu-Ray) but it doesn’t quite strike the same horny chord that the others do. Tommy ends up glazing her tits with some cream. Good, but not great.

Shay Jordan, Eva Angelina & Marco Banderas

How would you like to open your eyes to find Shay and Eva waiting to spread icing all over your body? Marco just sits there with a goofy grin on his face and lets these two first-class beauties make a big sticky mess all over his chest. I think that most of us would sit through anything these two wanted to do if the end result was to have them pass the cock back and forth like this. Shay gets on top and Marco just pounds away on her tight pussy. She looks great, but Eva isn’t about to let her monopolize the penis. Shay has to lean back and get eaten by Eva while Marco does a little doggy pounding. Watching Shay match Eva’s energy is really fun. This girl has come a long way in a short time and can’t wait to bury her face between Eva’s thighs. Eva appreciates the effort and moves her mouth in close to suck Marco’s cock as he unloads all over Shay. Revved up for round two, Marco slides his dick up into Eva and pounds her like she owes him money. The big finish comes with the girls in 69 and Marco unloading on Eva’s face. Shay comes in to share a filthy kiss with her naughty friend. As dream three-ways go, this one would rank right up there on the list.

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