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Project Boobs


50 Mins.


THEMES: Bondage, Big Boobs, Rape, Anime





OK this one is a little odd. Most of the anime DVDs I have reviewed walk the edge between porn and things they can’t do in porn. This one rushes over that line unapologetically and delivers something truly odd, or truly hot or both I guess. It all depends on where you stand. A trio of sexy spies are sent to a secret medical facility where odd experiments are rumored to take place. They are captured, tortured, forced to have sex (We can use the R word actually.) For themes, we can throw rape, HUGE tits, anal sex and a little bit of trans-gender action. There is even a bit of non-human play hinted out. Yes folks this one gets a little odd really quickly and it never comes back. Is it good? Well, it is nicely drawn and kinky. Is it hot? For some people yes. Is it wrong on many levels? Oh hell yeah it is.

The first busty spy is captured and held down while the doctor explores her massive tits. She resists, begs to be let go and screams as he tweaks her nipples until they explode. He has some unkind things to say about how “broken in” her genitals are. The word rape is used a lot and she cries through the whole thing. That’s pretty extreme even for an anime title. Of course she cums in the end and that only makes it worse.

The second investigator is brunette, equally busty and just as ready to beg for mercy. With two assistants holding her legs, she is also raped by the doctor. The threat of an internal cumshot has her really begging. With her hands still tied over her head, one of the assistants joins in to fuck her ass. There are still an awful lot of tit shots here, but they get harder to see when the third guy fills her mouth. They cum in each hole and leave her messy and broken.

The final investigator is his main target. Years ago she helped bring down another laboratory and he wants revenge. Punishing her partners is part of the torture. She agrees to take their place and the doctor make sure to humiliate his nemesis. Apparently she is a virgin and he has fun raping her while she stares at a picture of her boyfriend. In order to avoid getting pregnant, she has to give up the booty. He cums in her asshole, but that doesn’t save her pussy from his diabolic plans.

As the second chapter begins we learn that the investigators hare now being used in the sexual experiments. They still try to fight, but now the drugs and experiments make it impossible for them to avoid the intense sexual pleasure they feel when they get mauled. As they play with her massive tits, the blonde’s pussy creams and she finally sprays milk at the moment of climax. Verbally betraying her husband, she begs for strange cock and gets fucked at both ends.

Things get even stranger when she comes face to face with the other agent. The doctors have given her a cock and she wants to use it on her former colleague. They 69 until both girls cum and then the doctor comes in to join the fun. She is too tight for DP, but they do it to her anyway. No longer a virgin, she gets cum in both holes and is left helpless and quivering as her friend continues the abuse using a dildo and her new penis.

The final outrage comes when she finds out that her lover has had his brain placed into a dog’s body. They are quite careful with the animation so that we see a guy licking and fucking her even as she is told what will happen when the dog plants its seed. That’s some pretty twisted stuff, but I guest it’s par for the course in this one.

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