Black in My Ho 2


Black in My Ho 2


168 Mins.

Combat Zone< DIRECTOR: David Luger THEMES: Interracial Sex CONDOMS: None 2008 2/08 STARS: Samantha Marie, Kate, Summer Verona, Casey Love, Allison Lane, Jon Jon, Brian Pumper, J Strokes, Vadim, Jane & Jochim Kessef

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David Luger has a knack for shooting good low-budget porn the strikes at the heart of or horny-bone. (OK horny-bone is a reach.) This time around he’s got white chicks (and a sista) taking black dicks (And one scary white dude with creepy facial hair) in a straight forward stroke flick. There are some set ups, including the ever popular “you’re fucking my mom and I want some” from sexy little Allison. They try for some set up appeal with Casey Love fucking the delivery guy. The other scenes are just straight up fuck and suck efforts. Every scene has good energy and good sex, but each one is just a bit longer than it should be. This is the sort of flick that would really benefit from some editing to trim the fat and give us the very best. It is still a good movie for people who like the genre and you can always fast forward when things slow down. Kate and Jane are super hot chicks, but the white dude with the uber-chops makes the scene tough to sit through. . Overall it is worth a look, especially to watch Summer Verona get drilled.

Samantha Marie & Jon Jon

Sweet little Samantha has been shopping at the mall and wants to know what Jon Jon thinks of her sexy little outfit. She also picked up a new vibrator and wants him to watch her use it. Taking over quickly, Jon Jon shows her how much fun that little toy can be. Even more fun is the toy he’s got hiding in his pants. Samantha does a really nice job with her mouth and rubs the tip of his cock on her lips to get a taste. She climbs on top and starts moving her hips in big circles to let his meat slide in. Though her legs are tiny, Sam has a nice little butt that she shows off while riding. The energy here is pretty good and when she gets into doggy, the eye candy is quite nice. She has a big smile on her face as Jon Jon works his long cock up into her from all angles. This girl really puts on a great show and we can be thankful for that. The scene probably goes on a little longer than it should, but it ends with a great facial. Very hot opening scene.

Summer Verona & Brian Pumper

No tease here unless you count watching Summer put on her lipstick to be tease. She and Brian talk about what he can do to her “pink pussy” and that is pretty hot. It is even hotter when they stop talking about it and get started. Brian bends her over and tongue fucks that tight pussy from behind. She likes that, but is in a big hurry to turn around and get her young lips around his long pole. The head fits nicely into her mouth and she works the shaft with her hand. With the second hand, she works his balls and makes sure that Brian feels loved and appreciated by her hungry mouth. polish his knob with her skilled mouth. The blowjob action is great and when he is wet enough she slips her pussy around his meat and takes a hard ride. She is all wound up and ready to fuck when he slides between her thighs and starts fucking. Summer cranks up the energy level and is nearly screaming as she rides hard on that big dick. If you like energetic, good looking sex, then take a long look at this scene. The doggy is great looking and she sings like he’s hitting places no one has ever hit before. Like the first scene, this one runs a little longer than it should, but Summer begs for cum in the mouth and that is just what he gives her.

Jane & Kate

This scene starts with a bit of tease as the girls shake their asses. That leads directly to some standing doggy. No time to waste I guess. In a movie that has taken its time so far, this scene just gets right to the anal action. These two brunettes take turns for a while, but eventually they each get a dick of their own to play with. This is a strange scene in that it features a black dude and a white one. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good scene. It is. There is some great pussy slamming and plenty of good anal action. The black guy slams the hell out of the girls, but the white dude…seriously brother what the fuck? He looks like Wolverine from X-Men. How does he not scare chicks away with those freaking chops? I know it shouldn’t matter, but it’s just so damn distracting. Once again the scene lasts a long time with some great highlights and a couple of nice facials.

Casey Love

When the delivery guy shows up with a package, Casey tries to sign for it. She tells him that she’s old enough and he leaves the box of porn in her hot little hands. I guess she starts fantasizing about the delivery guy. She is in reverse cowgirl pounding her teen pussy down around his meat. That big dick lights her up for a while, but she seems to tune out a bit during the doggy. At least we have her hot ass to enjoy. They find a rhythm again and the smile returns to her face. This delivery guy has the real package she wants and Casey gives him the sort of tip every UPS guy dreams of. Though this isn’t a great scene by any stretch of the imagination, Casey is a cute girl to watch for in other scenes.

Allison Lane

Allison has the hots for her mom’s boyfriend. She hears them getting it on and it makes her little pussy wet. She is also troubled because the boys at school laugh at her because her body is funny. He teaches her walk sexy and then gives her a few pointers that I’m sure will make her quite popular with all of the guys on campus. She spreads her legs and lets him lick her little pussy. Of course the real lesson here is how to suck cock. If Allison opens her mouth at school she is bound to make plenty of friends. It may be too big for her to swallow, but she works the head pretty well. Bending Allison over, he gives her a full helping of what makes her mama scream so much. It takes her a while to get used to it, but on her back she is able to manage his deep strokes. Allison will probably be quite popular at school, but he might be spoiling her for guys her age. By the time she gets on top, this little nymph starts pumping as hard as she can, jerking him off with her whole body. They finish up in mish again, but it takes him forever to bust a nut all over her pussy. This scene needs a bit of editing to make it tighter.

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