POV Perv


POV Perv


135 Mins.

Combat Zone







STARS: Samilla Hall, Vanessa Hill, Angel Long, Simony Diamond, Luscious Lopez


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This is a funny little POV movie. Chris Charming is the guy behind the camera, but his dick does all of the talking. There are actually some funny lines here as the dick tries to get a word in when Chris is trying to pick up chicks. Not really sure what the dick is complaining about though. Every time Chris talks to a girl she is ready to fuck him. No worries there. It’s your basic pick up movie with POV action. The girls are very hot and offer a nice variety. Angel Long hasn’t been around for a while, but her scene in this movie is great. Those long legs are hard to miss and her ass gets blasted. Luscious gives a great scene as well. The POV angles don’t always show off her ass the way we might like, but her energy makes up for that. The pretty girls and good anal POV action make this work. The sarcastic dick dialog adds some humor and the overall result is a pretty good stroke flick.

Simony Diamond

The scene opens with Simony squatting in front of Chris as her lips work over the head of his dick. She is still dressed and delivers a nice looking BJ outside. They move too quickly inside where she continues to polish his knob with her skilled mouth. The blowjob action is great and when he is wet enough she slips her pussy around his meat and takes a hard ride. Leaning back she spreads her thighs and rubs her clit. There is some good looking POV fucking as he gives her short strokes. In this position he makes his way to anal, popping his dick into her ass. Simony has to work her hips pretty hard to get much going on here. Once they get going, things pick up. She bends over for some nice deep strokes. Offering up some A2M, she shows that she doesn’t mind the taste of her own ass. (Good or bad thing in a girl I wonder.) Simony also likes the taste of cum and that’s a good thing. He fills her mouth at the end and sends her on her way.

Vanessa Hill

With just a quick hello and a “can I get a blowjob” Chris gets friendly Vanessa right down on her knees. They move inside where she plays with her pussy for a while and finally invites him. This girl is really good looking and that definitely helps the action a great deal. Somehow the dick fits into her ass, giving us some really nice looking doggy footage as he plugs that back door. The best footage in this scene comes with Vanessa on her back and her legs up. He works that asshole hard. He blows a big load all over her tummy. Not a bad scene, but not quite as good as the opener.

Samilla Hall

Chris comes all the way to LA just to find a hot German girl who wants to fuck. Samilla comes on hard, inviting him back to her place and stripping off her top immediately. Dropping right to the floor, she delivers a pretty hot BJ with nice eye contact. She squats over the big dick and slides it right into her pussy. I always like cowgirl for POV scenes because it gives such a great view of the woman’s body. I also like the fact that they don’t go to anal right away. We get to enjoy some vag as she bounces on his dick. Don’t worry though, he splits her cheeks pretty hard with some good anal in doggy. Her anal cowgirl is really good and leads to a hot facial. German girls are sexy and apparently they love eating sperm.

Luscious Lopez

Chris runs into Luscious on the street. He’s lost and looking for Hollywood. She thinks he is cute and invites him back to her place for dinner. Dinner, in porn speak means “I want your big fat cock in my big fat ass.” She fishes his cock out of his pants and locks her eyes on the camera. Luscious turns around and shimmies right out of her shorts, showing off her best asset in a big way. Back to sucking she goes before climbing up and riding it. The energy here is really great, but POV movies can’t quite shoot Luscious’ ass the way it should be shot. That robs her of a lot of her natural appeal. They try with some reverse cowgirl, but it just isn’t the same. There are some nice doggy shots when he finally gets up into her ass. I’ve never been a huge Luscious fan, but she provides more than enough energy here to make her fun to watch. She jerks him off into her mouth at the end. You have to love a horny girl.

Angel Long

Sexy Angel shows off her long legs under a skirt. She meets Chris at a bus stop and can’t wait to get her lips around his cock. Always a great talker, Angel makes the scene work even before she stuffs the head between her lips and feeds. As we saw with Luscious’ ass, Angel’s legs don’t get the sort of attention they would get from a non-POV scene. When she isn’t fucking that big dick, Angel is busy talking to the camera, making sure that we all get to enjoy her hot accent as she says the filthiest things. When the meat goes into her ass, she takes every inch like a pro. Her anal cowgirl is great. Angel does all the work, jerking his dick off in her ass and spinning a web of filthy talk that should have everyone stroking. Doggy gives us a good view of her ass, but also of that huge tat she has on her right cheek. Hard to beat the anal action here and fans of A2M will love the way this filthy British blonde uses her mouth in between positions. She uses two hands to jerk the load into her mouth. This underrated babe always delivers a hot, dirty scene.

Bonus: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Web Access & 2 non-POV bonus scenes.


Read the Review of www.CombatZone.net

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