Diggin’ In the Gapes


Diggin in the Gapes


162 Mins.

Vouyer Media


DIRECTOR: Van Styles





STARS: Jandi Lin, Dana DeArmond, Bobbi Starr, Harmony, Claire Dames


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I’m not sure about this title. Do we really want to be digging around inside the gapes? Maybe digging the gapes is all right. After all, a wide open colon could be fun. Think of the Riccola parodies you do with an ass that opens like Bobbi’s or Dana’s. If you are a gape fan then you’re going to love this movie. If you aren’t into the genre, this is still a great stroke flick. The girls are pretty damn hot and that makes for good porn. Dana DeArmond gives us another great scene. Two dicks at once barely even fazes this naughty girl. Claire and Harmony are somewhat hotter than usual. Bobbi is just as sexy as ever. This woman is still painfully underrated so don’t miss her. The hottest scene of the bunch comes from Jandi Lin. She’s a hot little thing who knows how to take dick really well. Gape lover or not, check this movie out. You’ll be glad you did.

Bobbi Starr

Bobbi struts around the house, showing off her great ass and looking like a million bucks. We really should be glad that this sexy woman chose gonzo over soft porn. She is certainly as stunning as any contract girl, but as filthy as…well as anyone. There is a table covered in anally oriented toys to get her ready. She bends over with her ass in the air and lets Van try anal beads and various plugs on her. All of this might bore some people, but anyone who is tuning in for the gapes will probably enjoy the pre-game show. (Think of it like one of those pre-Oscar specials, but with the anal beads instead of Melissa Rivers… a trade up in anyone’s book.) There is a disappointingly short blowjob here. Bobbi is so good with the deep throat that a longer BJ would be great. Since this is a gape movie, they move quickly the anal and it is fantastic. Her butt swallows cock even more easily than her mouth did. It gapes in no time at all, giving us a first hand look at the last few inches of her intestinal tract. Is it sexy? You decide. I can only say that it’s well shot and that bobby has more appealing body parts that her wide open colon. (But hey, as lower intestines go, she’s got some nice ones.) (Nice ones? Isn’t is nice one?) (But they are intestines?) (Is it, or it is it “it is intestines”) At any rate he pulls out and shoots all over her in piledriver. Bobbi is great and the gape action in this scene is top notch.

Harmony, Marco Banderas & Jerry

Everything looks a little washed out during Harmony’s tease. She’s pale and blonde and the stark background is kind of hard on the eyes. With two guys to pay with she has to get busy in a hurry. Marco and Jerry feed her enough cock to make her gag, though the footage is much better when she’s just sucking the cock rather than attempting to use it to bring up her lunch. Eventually she wedges one into her ass while continuing to suck the other. She gets a load on her tongue even before the gape shots start. They make her open up a bit, but then have her stuffed hard in DP. No room for gape shots here, just really hot action. This is less of a gape fest and more a hard core gonzo fuck. The guy shoot all over her tits, closing out a scene that is really solid except for the washed out look.

Claire Dames

It is tough to look at Claire and think immediately of gapes. After all she is sporting one hell of a fine rack and is not at all afraid to show it off. They do their best to put her tits out of the shot so we can focus on the anal beads being shoved into her sphincter. It opens her ass up a bit, but she is going to have to do some serious fucking to really get that sucker to gape. First her mouth gets used to make sure that everything is nice and wet. Then he goes for her ass, pounding it hard enough to make her tits shake. See here’s the problem I have with gape movies in general. You have a very enthusiastic girl in Claire. She is vocal, energetic and at least seems to enjoy fucking. She also has great tits that are bouncing everywhere during a really great anal scene and we have to cut away to get the mandatory gape shot. I guess this is a problem for any fetish driven porn. To get the money shot for the core audience you often have to cut away from what the rest of us are digging. There is some great piledriver stuff here and enough good sex to keep everyone happy. It ends with a big shot all over her tits and face. I really like this one.

Dana DeArmond, Marco Banderas & Sasha

Dana has gone from the top of the alt-porn world to the top of the gonzo porn world without missing a beat. Van has a good time playing with her ass and letting Dana show off the bigger boobies she is sporting these days. (Natural!) No one have a heart attack.) She works on Marco and Sasha with her mouth, showing that she can take a lot of meat at that end. Now for the butt. They start with a big glass toy; include some A2M and then move on to your basic anal scene. OK nothing basic about it. Dana is great looking and takes every inch of cock they can deliver. She fucks like she is doing the thing she loves the most and that is what porn is all about it. If she doesn’t like what she’s doing then she sure as hell is selling it well. It is pretty clear that the guys would wear out long before she does. There aren’t a lot of gape shots here, but we get a great scene with a big double swallow at the end. Dana is a fucking star and if she is not up for Performer of the Year in 2008 then something is seriously wrong with the system.

Jandi Lin & Sascha

Cute cover girl Jandi shows off an incredible ass before she turns her oral attentions to a big glass toy. It fits easily into her pussy during some nicely shot and very hot tease footage. She needs a little help to get it in her ass, but Van is happy to lend a hand. Jandi is fucking cute OK. At this point I don’t care what she does, I’m watching. Sascha pops in and immediately works two fingers into her ass. Jandi is trying like hell to make it gape, but dammit that thing is just so tight. Maybe I’m crazy, but that makes me want to fuck her ass more than if the thing just popped open. Sascha finds her mouth quite tight as well. He seems to enjoy that hole as Jandi does her best to take every inch to the back of her throat. He keeps a toy in her ass while fucking her pussy. That’s bound to make things really snug down there. It also makes it a little easier for him when he finally gets around to knocking on her back door. The anal action here is very good. Jandi’s great looking ass is even hotter now that it’s getting pounded. They do make that little hope gape just a bit during the scene. Mostly this is just an outstanding anal scene with a sexy little Asian girl taking a huge facial and shot in the mouth at the end.

Bonus: Cutting Room Floor (BTS), Bonus Core (Bonus Scene with Bridgette B) Hardcore Pics, Trailers, Web Access


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